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Here’s why The Last Alaskan was the Best Reality-show ever.

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Image of The Last Alaskan Casts

In today’s time, the world seems so fast-paced, leaving a lot of people depressed and pressured to follow the standards and flow of society. This is one of the reasons why a lot of viewers are enticed by the idea of The Last Alaskan and how they choose to live a life away from the city.

Do you want to know more about the show? Read this Wikipedia-type article further. Learn more about the casts, airing, seasons, and why it is highly appreciated by its viewers.

About the Show The Last Alaskan

Today’s technology helps people acquire whatever they want faster than ever before, which is the opposite for the casts of The Last Alaskan. When they were asked why they chose to live the way they do, the answer was that they wanted to survive.

It may be vague, but the public understood it as they followed the show since its premiere on the 25th of May in the year 2015 in Animal Planet. A year after, the Discovery Channel got its rights and aired its second season on the 12th of April year 2016.

Image of The Last Alaskan

Sources state that a total of four families are habituating the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The star of the reality show is the Korth Family, composed of Heimo, Edna, Krin, and her husband, Scott. Other casts include Bob Harte, Charlie Jagow, Tyler, Ashley Selden, and the Lewis family.

The show consists of 36 episodes with 42 minutes each that showcases the tough but peaceful life in the wilderness of Alaska. Sadly, its fourth season aired on the 25th of November in the year 2018 on the Discovery Channel.

Why The Last Alaskans are one of the Best reality-tv shows

Most reviews of the show highlight its fantastic cinematography and full-pledged experience as a hunter without disturbing the daily lives of the cast. The extremes in the area are the ingredients that make the show unique there is.

People are very accustomed to today’s technology that they are amazed how the casts managed to live almost without it. The distance between houses makes it hard for them to communicate and see each other; thus, peace is really something that is offered by the area.

They most likely rely on nature, which is why they innovate their ideas during the seasons they cannot go outside of their homes to utilize once the winter is over. Their hunting and trapping techniques are widely admired by the general public because it is something that is not usual today.

The Last Alaskan enabled the viewers to witness the primitive way of living of modern people, which helped them learn more about the part of the world that is not always featured by the media. Some reviews claim that it might not pass the standards of a typical television show, but the totality of experience it offers cannot be topped off by any reality series.

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