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Bob Harte wiki-bio: Net worth, daughter Talicia Harte, death, cancer 2022

Bob Harte from The Last Alaskans Bob

Bob Harte who was simply known too as Bob was an American reality star and tv personality. Bob is best known for starring on the tv show “The Last Alaskans” airing on Animal Planet, alongside his family: wife, daughter, and the others.

Bob’s love for adventure and risk-taking made him leave his hometown jersey and traveled to Alaska, where he lived for about 40 years in the wild.

Bob Harte daughter Talicia Harte

Bob’s daughter is Talicia Harte, the fruit of his union with Nancy, his ex-wife. Talicia Harte is all grown up, looking good and attractive and has made him a grandfather.

In the last days of Bob, what gave him joy was his grand-daughter, Carmela. He battled with cancer for a long period and even drew the sympathy of followers of his show, who showed him a lot of compassion. He also has other children, but Talicia is his only biological child that is known.

Bob Harte with his daughter Talicia Harte and grand child
Bob Harte with his daughter Talicia Harte and grandchild

Source:- Facebook

Net Worth

Unofficial sources have given estimates of his net worth, but no assurance can be accorded these claims. He has been starring on “The Last Alaskan” show for years, so his net worth increased consequently. He starred alongside other casts like Heimo Korth.

At the time of his death, Bob Harte net worth was estimated to be about $600,000, Apart from the tv show it’s not clear if he had other sources of income to add to his Net Worth.

Bob Harte's Net Worth
Caption:- Bob Harte’s Net Worth is around $600,000

 Battle with cancer and death

Cancer finally conquered Bob, and this caused many reactions from his fans. He was widely known across Alaska’s interior for surviving more deadly brushes than just about anyone in that wilderness.

During the over 40 years he made in the Alaskan wilderness, he survived plane crashes, wildlife attacks, serious wounds from a gunshot, wrecking a motorcycle, etc., but cancer took hold of him, and knocked the very courageous Bob down, everybody noticed his declining health due to his battling with cancer for a long while.

He even had to leave his beloved Alaska to go and seek medical care in a specialized cancer treatment facility leaving behind his daughter, ex-wife, grand-daughter and the rest of his family. The excellent trapper player finally succumbed to the battle with cancer on the 21 of July 2017.

Bob Harte Died with Cancer on 21 of July 2017
Caption:- Bob Harte Died of Cancer on 21 of July 2017

Source:- Facebook


Bob Harte was born on the 23 of January 1951, Jersey City, New Jersey, and his parents are Vernon Harte and Eleanor Harte. The school was not his thing, so he dropped out and at the age of twenty-one traveled across the country and landed in Alaska.

He had read about the place in books and wanted to visit it and experience things himself. The lifestyle impressed him, and he decided to settle there. For over forty years he will not leave this area except when his battles with cancer began.

His grandfather taught him trapping, for which he became very good and widely known for. He also taught him construction works and building. Bob, as a kid loved hunting, fishing, and adventure, skills which are essential in the Alaskan wilderness.

He married his ex-wife Nancy and they became parents to their only biological child Telicia Harte who is a mother to his granddaughter, Carmella. Bob was widely known as a tv personality starring on the show: “The last Alaskans.”

He did the show for two seasons till when his cancer started bringing in complications.  He died on the 21 of July 2017 due to cancer complications.

12 thoughts on “Bob Harte wiki-bio: Net worth, daughter Talicia Harte, death, cancer 2022”

  1. Condolances to Nancy & Telicia. As a retired ER nurse, I could see his decline & was hoping for a better outcome.
    He was one of the most caring & compassionet people on TV. He truley loved his famiy, & I am truly happy he got to see & interac with his grandaughter befoe he passed. As he said “you can’t ask for anything better than that.”
    The show is still the best, but there is a feeling of “something missing” in each episode. Te kindness & smile of Bob Harte. RIP Bob.

  2. Our condolences to Bob’s wife and daughter he loved to his dieing day. Rip Bob. You did it your way always and loved it. Loed you on show.

  3. Glad I got to know him from watching tv show.What will happen to his cabin(period)

  4. It becomes his daughters until she dies if she chooses to live there no one else can ever live there

  5. Bob, his accent, his positive attitude, being alone with his dog but being happy, living his life in the solitude and beauty, was amazing to watch. Always, he spoke of his daughter with such love, waiting to hear about his family on the chatter radio, it was a comfort to him and reminded us of how family and your children are so precious to a parent. I was sad to hear of his illness, but thankful he had lived out his dream. I am sure he is missed by so many. I am sure his family has many memories to carry them through. He was a unique man. He will be missed.

  6. Bob was my favorite on the show.
    Telicia is amazing also, she never gives up in spite of all odds.
    Keep your head up telicia .
    R.I.P BOB

  7. Aww, I m so sorry to hear of Bobs passing. I’m watching reruns now. May he RIP. Condolences to his family,

  8. Anthony L. Miller

    He was a caring guy for his family. An as i watch the show every week i can see his heath going down an being in the place he was in he was a lonely man but he kelp his head up an smile all dearing his shows. He will be miss an prayers for the family as well.

  9. Bob said as he was leaving his cabin that he was going Togo see and do a lot things, like going to Los Vegas, eating crawdads, and a number of other things. Staying warm sounded big on his list. Did he get to do any of the things he wanted to do before he passed? I sure hope he got to do them all.

  10. I lamented his sadness and loneliness without his beloved “Nance” as he was dying of cancer. After Bob lost his plane he never was the same again. God Rest his soul. RIP Bob.

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