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Erin Napier Reveals, Helen is Sick and Provides Health Update.

Being the hosts of your own HGTV show comes with its perks, including the opportunity to engage with fans during episode airings. “Home Town” stars Ben and Erin Napier are familiar with this, often taking to Twitter with the hashtag #HGTVHomeTown to share in the excitement. However, sometimes life intervenes, disrupting their live watch-alongs.

“we are here watching with y’all, but our big girl is under the weather so we could disappear at any time 😄 #HGTVHomeTown,” Erin tweeted on April 14 during the broadcast of a new episode titled “Some Like it Hot”.

Erin and Ben juggle their roles as hosts with parenthood, caring for their two daughters, Helen, 6, and Mae, 2.

Erin Napier Was Worried About the Heat



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Erin only posted one additional tweet during her live viewing of the latest “Home Town” episode, expressing their embarrassment over the unrelenting heat during filming. She wrote, “we were so embarrassed by our weather the week they came to town. this was a hard sell for northerners. #HGTVHomeTown.”
In an Instagram post on April 13, Erin further elaborated on the extreme conditions during filming, calling it “the absolute most brutal heat wave I can remember in my lifetime. It was just so hot. So. HOT.” The episode, now available for streaming on Max, confirmed that for two consecutive weeks, the daily high temperatures remained above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Accompanying her post was a photo of Ben cooling off in front of a sprinkler, though the water obscured his khaki shorts, creating the illusion that he was naked. One fan jokingly commented on Ben’s “natural look” before Erin clarified that he was fully clothed.
Throughout the episode, the Napiers worked tirelessly to reassure their clients, Tena and Bob from New Jersey, that Laurel, Mississippi experiences extreme heat for only a brief period each year. Despite beginning renovations without electricity, forcing them to work in scorching 105-degree weather without air conditioning, the couple ultimately purchased one of the two homes shown to them.

The homeowners were thrilled with Ben and Erin’s finished renovation, with Erin expressing particular admiration for Ben’s custom kitchen island. Furthermore, the temperature had significantly dropped to a high of 77 degrees by the time Tena and Bob returned to see their completed home, making the entire endeavor worthwhile.

Fans Reacted to Hearing Helen Was Under the Weather

Erin Napier with her beautiful daughter, Helen
Erin Napier and her daughter, Helen

Fans on Twitter showed empathy towards Erin and Ben’s potential departure during the watch-along, with many extending well wishes for Helen’s recovery.

“Praying she feels better! We enjoyed meeting Ben and getting a tour of his workshop last September. Sorry we didn’t get to meet you!” one user expressed.

“Hope she gets better soon. Also not passed around. Loved the outfits in tonight’s episode. Never would have guessed it was over 100,” another fan remarked.

“Sending prayers & enjoying the show! God bless you all! Thanks for all the fun, laughter & design ideas 💕,” shared a third fan.

Erin Napier Posted an Update: Revealed she isn’t expecting a baby, Medically not possible

After enduring a grueling weekend with one of her children battling a stomach bug, Erin Napier took to her Instagram story to share some candid thoughts. Each point reflects her exhaustion and the challenges she faced during this trying time.

1. **Bluey Ever**: Erin expressed watching the show “Bluey” three times, a testament to the repetitive nature of trying to comfort a sick child. The mention of crying their eyes out suggests the emotional toll this experience took on her and her family. The hashtag #heirloomrooms hints at a nostalgic connection, perhaps indicating that watching “Bluey” holds sentimental value or serves as a comforting tradition during tough times.

2. **Not Expecting a Baby**: Despite receiving unwanted speculation or inquiries about potential pregnancies, Erin clarified that they are not expecting another child. She emphasized that this decision is not a matter of choice but a medical reality. Her plea for others to respect their family’s completeness without adding another child indicates the pressure she may feel from societal expectations. Additionally, her mention of preferring loose clothing suggests a desire for comfort and ease amid life’s challenges. Fans have been asking if the Napier couple are planning for a boy since they have two daughters, to which, Erin Replied, “We do not need a son to be complete as a family”.

3. **Grillo’s Pickles Addiction**: Erin admitted to indulging in Grillo’s pickles excessively, acknowledging it as an addiction. Despite recognizing the need to reduce sodium intake for health reasons, she humorously downplays the severity of her craving. This admission reflects her vulnerability and willingness to share personal struggles with her audience, even if they seem trivial in comparison to other challenges.

4. **Gratitude for Support**: Erin expressed gratitude towards her husband, Ben (referred to as, acknowledging his support during the difficult weekend. By mentioning his assistance in sanitizing laundry, she highlights the practical ways in which loved ones can provide comfort and aid during stressful times. This point underscores the importance of partnership and solidarity in navigating the demands of parenthood and illness.

Overall, Erin’s Instagram story reflects the raw and honest reflections of a tired mother grappling with the challenges of caring for a sick child while managing her own well-being. Through her vulnerability and humor, she invites empathy and understanding from her audience, fostering a sense of connection and shared experience.

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