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Ben and Erin Napier are running an incredible campaign, asks fans to Help.

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Image of Ben Erin with his wife, Erin Napier

Erin and Ben Napier, hosts of HGTV Home Town, recently launched an initiative to keep kids safe from the potentially harmful environment that social media causes and involve them with outdoor activities.

On 6 July 2023, the 39-year-old woodworker shared an official video of an Osprey filmed by Casey Clingan Cinematographer as he announced their campaign with his fans on Instagram.

image of Ben and Sarah Napier's Osprey page

For this great campaign, Ben and Erin have collaborated with the University of Mississippi, and they are all set to launch Osprey at an event on the campus on 1 August 2023.

The husband-and-wife duo is organizing an event with the motive to give kids assistance that begins now until they graduate from high school.

So, Napier asked his fans to share his post on their story to raise awareness and spread it. One can get the ticket for the program through the official page of Osprey, which Ben and Erin have mentioned on their Instagram profile.

His post reads, “We are launching Osprey on August 1 at @olemiss with an event on campus! Get your tickets now for the panel and meet and greet reception with me and @erinapier at the link in my profile.”

Osprey is mainly an event that carries the motto “Old School Parents Raising Engaged Youth,” where people can have real-life conversations with panelists about the challenges of raising social media-free children.

Through his IG post, Ben also shared, “My friends parenting smart phone-free middle schoolers have had a brutal experience of seeing their child left out, even though research tells us social media is as addictive and destructive for developing brains as any drug.”

He continued: “This made me think: my kindergartener doesn’t expect to drive a car before she’s old enough. She doesn’t expect to own a house of her own before she’s old enough.”

Talking about his fantastic campaign, the TV star further penned, “If we build a culture in our home and school now where she doesn’t expect access to the entire world in her pocket until she’s much older, we can set her up for success. When the time comes, a simple phone that can just call and text will be great: in the same way she’ll ride a bicycle before she drives a car.”

Image of Erin Napier's Instagram post about the Osprey launch
Erin Napier’s Instagram post about the Osprey launch

According to him, “Forming a circle of families and friends who are in this together when your kids are little, linking arms and doing what it takes to give your kids the gift of a social media-free adolescence is the only way we change the culture.”

Following his previous post from May, he revealed that around 20,000 parents have joined the Osprey newsletter to support his goal of making the old school the new normal.

Meanwhile, Ben’s admirers appear to be positive about his campaign as there is much favorable feedback in the comment section of his posts.

One of his fans wrote, “I love this movement and I’m so glad Eleanor got to be a part of the beautiful video! She can live her best life without the influence of social media!”

While another comment read, “As the mother of two daughters, ages 26 and 24, they were the “cheese that stood alone” among their peers without a phone, much less a smartphone until they started driving and had after school obligations. They are now successful adults.”

Katherine Scott Crawford, author of Keowee Valley, also shared her parenting experience in the comment section of Ben’s post. She commented, “BEST thing we’ve done yet: Not allow our older daughter to get a phone until 8th grade, and even then it was a Pinwheel (only texting and calling phone). She was literally one of maybe one other peer who didn’t have a smartphone since 6th grade.”

One Instagram user expressed, “I am so happy you’re doing this! Kids do not need screens! They need to play outside.”

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