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Dave Marrs Reveals Unfortunate Roadblocks in 2024. Here’s what happened

Host of HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous,” Dave Marrs, may be a woodworking expert, but his automotive expertise was put to the test recently. In an Instagram post shared on January 5, Marrs showcased his truck with one tire elevated and the hood raised.

In the accompanying video on the second slide, Marrs shared with viewers, “Ever experience those days that kick off perfectly but take an unexpected turn? Well, today is one of those days. Take a look at my truck’s current state. It refused to start this morning. It’s not the batteries or a grounding issue; it’s the starter.”

Dave Marrs is Working on His Truck With Words of Encouragement From Fans

“Yes. Unfortunately, it’s just not one of those days,” Marrs elaborated in his caption. “We had snow last night, which has luckily melted, but the starter has gone out on my truck. So, instead of grabbing an excavator and clearing another lot, I’ve spent half of the day removing a bad starter. I have never changed a starter on one of my trucks, but YouTube says I can. I always tell my kids ‘don’t ever be afraid to try’. This ‘try’ just really stinks! 😬 😂”

As Marrs tinkered with his truck, an outpouring of support flooded the comment section, accumulating over 200 comments within a single day.

“Wait… is there anything Dave Marrs can’t do? Master carpentry, the husband we all wish we had, an amazing dad, and now fixing cars and trucks? Wowie,” exclaimed one fan.

“My husband is in the middle of fixing his too. While doing that, he accidentally broke the antifreeze line, so we had to get another one… YouTube is his saving grace! Just trying to save some money!” cautioned another fan, sharing a relatable experience.

“Starters aren’t too bad; you can do it! (Or just give it a whack with a hammer every time it acts up. It usually works, lol),” reassured a third fan, offering a humorous tip.

“FYI, stick the tire under the car at the front door as an extra safety precaution in case the truck comes off the jack,” suggested another fan, providing practical advice.

“I’m sure you can do it, Dave Marrs. You can fix anything!” cheered a fifth fan, expressing confidence in Marrs’ abilities.


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The Marrs Family Had a Quiet New Year

Despite encountering mechanical issues at the onset of 2024, Dave Marrs and his family welcomed the New Year in a serene manner, opting for a quiet celebration at home. Jenny Marrs, his wife and co-host of “Fixer to Fabulous,” shared glimpses of their New Year’s Day on her Instagram post dated January 1. In her post, she mentioned, “Tucked away, playing board games and reminiscing on our favorite moments of the year. I am so abundantly grateful for each and every ordinary, wonderful, adventurous, and mundane moment together last year.”

Jenny’s Instagram post featured a heartwarming compilation video, showcasing snippets of herself, Dave, and their five children throughout the year 2023. The montage included scenes of the family actively involved in “Fixer to Fabulous” projects, enjoying quiet moments at their residence, and embarking on travels across Europe, capturing a tapestry of cherished memories.

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