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Is Cory from “Good Bones” Married to wife?

HGTV’s popular series “Good Bones” follows the exciting renovation adventures of the mother-daughter duo, Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen Laine. Together, they own the Indianapolis-based renovation company, Two Chicks and a Hammer. While Karen retired in 2021, she still makes appearances on the show, making it a true family affair with Mina and her brother, Thadeus “Tad” Starsiak, contributing to the company’s success.

In addition to their own series, Mina and Karen were part of an HGTV “star team” that appeared on the 2019 special, “A Very Brady Renovation,” adding to their television legacy. However, among the tight-knit group of coworkers, there’s one member who stands out as a fan favorite – Cory Miller, the project manager.

Cory may not be related to his colleagues, but his infectious charm and dedication have endeared him to viewers. As the project manager, he plays a crucial role in overseeing the team’s endeavors, ensuring that every renovation project runs smoothly and efficiently.

With Mina and Karen’s creative vision and Cory’s adept management skills, “Good Bones” has become a beloved show with a devoted fan base. As the team works tirelessly to revitalize homes and neighborhoods, viewers can’t help but be captivated by the camaraderie and genuine passion that drives their projects.

While “Good Bones” revolves around home transformations, it’s the sense of family and teamwork among the cast that truly sets it apart. Cory’s presence adds a special touch to the series, and his contributions to the show’s success have not gone unnoticed.

As “Good Bones” continues to captivate audiences, Cory Miller remains an integral part of the team, bringing his expertise and warmth to each project. With his infectious personality and dedication, he continues to be a fan favorite, making “Good Bones” a must-watch for renovation enthusiasts and reality TV lovers alike.

Cory Miller’s wife-to-be Girlfriend  Shelby Lynn Wade

Beyond the construction site, Cory’s life is filled with love, not only for his girlfriend, Shelby Lynn Wade, but also for their furry and feathered friends. Although, Cory and Shelby aren’t married, they have been together for sometime now.

As Cory shares glimpses of his life on social media, it’s evident that his relationship with Shelby is a source of joy and support. Shelby, a dedicated nurse, shares Cory’s love for animals, and the couple’s Instagram is a delightful showcase of their adorable companions. Alongside their two pigs, the duo lovingly cares for dogs, cats, and chickens, creating a bustling and affectionate household.

What sets this dynamic duo apart is their commitment to animal welfare. The couple not only provides a loving home for their pets but also dedicates their time to fostering animals in need. By opening their hearts and home to these furry guests, Cory and Shelby play an essential role in helping these animals find their forever families. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, and their compassion has touched the lives of many, both human and animal alike.

On “Good Bones,” Cory’s genuine passion for his craft shines through as he tackles challenging renovation projects alongside his team. His enthusiasm for construction is palpable, and his dedication to creating beautiful and functional spaces for clients is commendable. What makes Cory even more endearing to viewers is his evident camaraderie with his fellow team members. It’s clear that he cherishes the people he works with, making the show not just about home transformations but also about the bonds forged on the journey.

As viewers continue to tune in to “Good Bones,” they can’t help but anticipate seeing more of Cory’s infectious smile and unwavering dedication. His authenticity and love for both his work and those around him make him a standout star on the show.

Beyond the construction site, Cory and Shelby’s love for animals and their commitment to fostering furry friends reveal a compassionate and caring side that further endears them to their fans. Whether it’s saving homes or saving lives, Cory’s heartwarming love knows no bounds.

As the future unfolds, viewers eagerly await more heartwarming moments and stunning transformations on “Good Bones.” With Cory leading the charge, the show is sure to continue capturing the hearts of audiences as he continues to inspire and uplift through his work, love for animals, and genuine passion for life.

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