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Is Austin Aynes from “Good Bones” married? Weight Loss, Biography

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Image of Austin Aynes

Austin Aynes is a professional construction coordinator who works on Mina Starsiak’s company Two Chicks and a Hammer. He also appears on TV as the cast of HGTV’s popular reality program, Good Bones where he helps the mother-daughter duo, Mina and Karen, to renovate houses in Indianapolis.

So, how did Austin get into home renovating and demolition? Let us get into his detailed biography and find out his age, early life, education, and weight loss journey. We shall also discuss if Austin Aynes is married or not.

Austin Aynes Wikipedia Biography

Austin Aynes is a native of Indianapolis born and raised in Speedway. He is yet to discuss his age and parents’ identity publicly.

However, regarding his education, Austin did his high schooling at Cardinal Ritter High School in Speedway. Moreover, he was the classmate of Good Bones’ other cast Thaddeus Starsiak.

After Cardinal Ritter, Austin joined Butler University in Indianapolis. He dreamt of pursuing a career in physical therapy.

Thus, he studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree. However, his dream to become a physical therapist remained unfulfilled.

Image of Austin Aynes

After graduating, Austin began working in the home demolition sector. On the sideline, he also applied to physical therapy schools. However, his applications were either denied or unattended.

It was then he recalled a conversation with his high schoolmate, Thaddeus Starsiak. Thad had asked him to take part in the pilot of his sister’s TV series Good Bones.

Thus, leaving everything behind, Austin joined Mina Starsiak’s construction crew and later became a member of the TV show, Good Bones.

Austin Aynes’ Weight Loss

Good Bones’ cast Austin Aynes is a man with a large body frame. He jokingly calls himself Karen Laine’s circus elephant.

His recent photos on Instagram reflect a slight decrease in his size and weight. However, Austin has made no statement about his weight loss journey.

And about his weight loss, he has been an athlete right through his high school days. He is a great sports fan and enjoys kicking football and playing basketball.

Thus, his involvement in sports may have contributed to his recent changes in weight.

Austin Aynes from “Good Bones” is not Married

Austin mostly avoids the media and likes to remain secretive about his personal life. As of September 2022, the Good Bones’ construction coordinator is unmarried and also does not seem to be involved in any romantic relationships.

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