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Chip and Joanna Gaines House: Here’s How much it Cost, Things to know.

Chip and Joanna Gaines House, Cost, Things to know

Chip and Joanna Gaines are a famous HGTV couple who fix and renovate homes for a living. Time and again, they take occasional projects for their show which are pretty interesting.

And one thing that differentiates the duo from other renovation artists on HGTV is that they let the fans book some of the properties and experience them. They have remodeled many such properties with excellent reviews from fans to date.

Do you want to stay at Chip and Joanna Gaines’ house? What is the booking cost per night and what other things should you know beforehand? Let’s find out.

The Giraffe House

The first property is ‘The Giraffe House.’ As the name suggests, the house is Giraffe-themed and combines modern elements with antique and elegant furniture. It is located in Waco, Texas.

It was primarily designed as a relaxation home with three bedrooms. The hardwood floor, concrete fireplace, and giraffe skin designs make this house a magical place to spend your vacations in.

Chip and Joanna's the Giraffe House

To stay at the Giraffe house, you must book the property from Airbnb. The average price rate for the stay is approx $400 per night.

Overall, it has fantastic user reviews. The house was sold for $65k. This price range does not include the cleaning and other service fees. And after some remodeling and renovation, the total cost came to around $150k.

Magnolia House

Texas is a famous pilgrim location. Thus, Chip and Joanna decided to craft a business plan around it. In 2016, they renovated and unveiled one of the most demanded homes in the show, the Mongolia house.

Not so surprisingly, a fan immediately booked the house for six months while numerous others waited in line for their shot.

While most of their properties are designed in Waco, this one is just outside McGregor’s town. This house is high in demand, so you have to decide and act quickly if you want to book it for the holidays.

In addition, the duo states that this one is perfect for larger groups than a small family. You can book it from this link.

Chip Joanna's Magnolia House

According to previous customers, the house is priced at $700 per night. However, you also have to pay a bit more for additional services.

You can reach the local Grocery store by a 15 minutes drive. And the duo suggests that visiting the beautiful McGregor is a must during your stay at the Magnolia house.

Hillcrest Estate

The renovated properties that the duo put up for the fans to book brought them many profits. It was not all monetary; even the show’s popularity was rising due to the properties and vice versa.

The Hillcrest Estate is one of such properties that the couple remodeled in Waco. Both Magnolia and Hillcrest are booked from the same website. And the minimum booking duration is two nights.

Chip and Joanna's Hillcrest Estate

Compared to the Magnolia House, the Hillcrest can accommodate up to 4 more people. So, if you are on vacation with about a dozen people, this can be your perfect stop.

It flaunts a historical setup and is beautifully designed. The property books for around $800 per night.

Renovators Chip and Joanna Gaines
Profession TV Personality, Home Renovators
Relationship Husband and Wife
Net Worth $20 million
TV Show Fixer Upper
Town Waco, Texas

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