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Ben and Erin Napier faces Backlashes again for recent “kitchen Design”

Ben and Erin Napier are undoubtedly one of the fan favourite HGTV Designers and have received lots of praise from viewers for their unique design and down to earth personality. But this year of Hometown Season has received a lot of controversies and viewers have questioned Napiers’ design choices.

The backlash against Ben and Erin Napier for their design choices on the latest season of “Hometown” underscores the passionate opinions viewers have when it comes to home renovation shows. In this instance, the controversy stemmed from the decision to bulldoze an unsalvageable house and build a custom new one for a newlywed couple, along with the choice of a green-and-white striped awning over a wooden arch for the front stoop.

Erin Napier addressed the criticism on Instagram, explaining that the budget constraints necessitated prioritizing certain design elements over others.

While the wooden arch would have added charm, it would have come at the expense of other details and upgrades inside the house. Despite her explanation, some fans remained unsatisfied, arguing that the awning looked cheap and criticizing the allocation of funds towards expensive kitchen appliances.

The tension between creative vision and budgetary constraints is a common theme in home renovation shows, and it’s understandable that viewers have strong opinions about how their favorite designers allocate resources.

The Reddit thread reveals a mixed reaction to the design choices made by the Napier couple on the latest episode of “Hometown.” Many users expressed disappointment over the decision to replace the arch over the front door with a green-and-white striped awning. One commenter lamented,

“I was disappointed that they took out the arch over the front door. It had so much more character than the awning.”

Another user echoed this sentiment, noting that they had expected the shutters to be painted green for a vintage look. Some users speculated that the decision to switch from the arch to the awning may have been influenced by budget constraints, as one user pointed out,

“Apparently the reason Erin switched the arched porch for the striped awning was due to costs.”

Despite differing opinions on the design, there was a consensus that the final result was impressive given the budget limitations.

Controversial Kitchen Design on Recent Episode

The recent episode of “Hometown” sparked a wave of criticism among fans regarding the design choices, particularly in the kitchen. One viewer expressed disappointment, noting,

“As much as I usually love Erin’s designs this one seemed to have lots of issues.”

They specifically called out the impracticality of placing the dishwasher across from the sink. Another user criticized the color scheme, describing the kitchen cabinets as “light bile” and questioning the inclusion of a beam display on the ceiling.

Some fans speculated that the production staff might be influencing the design direction, leading the Napier couple astray. However, others pointed out that while they may not have agreed with certain choices, such as the rod above the stove, it ultimately comes down to the homeowner’s preferences.

Here are some comments from viewers,

I dunno. The homeowner seemed to really dig the “caramel” kitchen. I didn’t, but it’s not my kitchen, lol. I totally didn’t get the rod going across the top of the stove. I get Erin’s point about cups just taking up space in cabinets, and don’t mind it on the one side that would hold the coffee cups, but I’d never hang anything OVER the stove. Hello grease and grime. But, again, the homeowner liked it. I liked Ben’s “sofa table”, but I wish it had been longer, like theirs is on their farm — the entire length of the sofa. But she thought it was cool. I’m not sure overall that it was “English cottage,” but the homeowner seemed super excited about it and that’s ultimately what matters.

Another Viewer wrote about the Rod over the Stove,

That rod over the stove was so impractical and unsuitable.

I also hated that it looked like the sofa was right up against that beam. The beam was oddly placed. It looked like it should have divided the living room from the foyer, but it was in the middle of the room.

Did anyone think the homeowner picked the wrong house?

Another Viewers has something to say about Fridge and Microwave

There was definitely some bad design choices in that house. Since they only show the areas of renovation, it is hard to know what the whole house looked like. It is also hard to know if the other house was too noisy or inconvenient for the buyer. The houses and construction costs are higher now so the budget limited the options. Unfortunately the kitchen design was the only way they could get a dishwasher and microwave in and still open it up a bit. Stove and fridge had to go where they were placed. First time I accidentally burned myself on the cup rod, it would be in the trash!😂

The Kitchen Cabinet got Trolled

Those cabinets were awful! And that kitchen design was not good – but I guess they did the best with what they had. The best part of the house was the exterior – it turned out adorable!

Erin Napier revealed the Design Choice are not theirs

While viewers may be quick to criticize Ben and Erin Napier for the design choices showcased on “Hometown,” it’s essential to consider that much of the design direction comes directly from the homeowners themselves. Erin Napier has previously mentioned that homeowners fill out an extensive questionnaire outlining their preferences, including specific details like paint colors and design styles.

This means that many of the unique elements incorporated into each renovation are a reflection of the homeowner’s desires and tastes. Therefore, what may appear as unconventional or impractical design decisions to viewers could actually be precisely what the homeowners envisioned for their dream home.

While the Napier couple certainly brings their expertise and creative flair to each project, they ultimately strive to bring the homeowner’s vision to life. So, while criticism may arise, it’s important to remember that the final result is a collaborative effort between the designers and the homeowners, tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of those who will inhabit the space.

Viewers noticed Loud Background Music

It sounds like Hometown has encountered some backlash over its audio mixing, particularly with the volume of background music. It’s not uncommon for viewers to be sensitive to audio balance, especially when it comes to dialogue clarity versus background music.

While music can add ambiance and emotion to a show, it shouldn’t overshadow important dialogue or become distracting. It might be beneficial for the production team to take this feedback into consideration and adjust the audio levels accordingly in future episodes. Balancing audio elements is crucial for maintaining viewer engagement and satisfaction.

Ben and Erin Napier Responds to Rude Comments online

In a recent Instagram video shared on Tuesday, Erin Napier, star of Home Town Takeover at 38, took a direct stance against social media trolls. Seated in the passenger seat of a vehicle, she updated fans from Sebring, Fla., where she’s currently filming season 3 of the HGTV series. Despite expressing excitement about the ongoing project, Napier felt compelled to address the influx of negative comments regarding the homes she’s renovating for the show.

“It’s been really disheartening to see some of the comments on my Instagram lately,” Napier shared candidly. Her husband and HGTV co-star, Ben Napier, echoed her sentiments, describing the comments as “nasty.”

The couple’s frank acknowledgment sheds light on the toll that online negativity can take, even for public figures. It underscores the need for greater civility and kindness in online interactions, especially when critiquing personal endeavors like home renovations.

Erin emphasized the real impact of online negativity, stating, “We design these houses for people who truly live in them, and they genuinely read your comments.” She clarified that while the criticisms don’t personally affect her, they do affect the homeowners. Ben chimed in, adding, “If you can’t think of something nice to say about these people’s homes…”

Erin reinforced the message, acknowledging that while she remains unaffected by the negativity, the residents of the homes featured on the show are not immune to it. She urged followers to be kinder and more considerate in their comments, reminding them of the power of their words and the potential to hurt others. She concluded with a call to action, encouraging everyone to “Do better, okay? Be sweet.”

Ben pointed out the unfortunate reality that some online trolls purposefully aim to inflict harm, stating, “That’s the saddest thing about social media.”

Erin then addressed those who engage in hurtful behavior directly, stating, “And if you’re one of those people on social media, unfollow me now.” She offered to assist them in doing so, emphasizing her commitment to maintaining a positive online space.

In closing, Erin expressed gratitude towards those who leave supportive comments, encouraging them to continue being themselves. Ben extended an open invitation to visit them in Florida to those who spread positivity.

The video was captioned with a poignant message: “as my mama would say, y’all act like you’ve got some raising. ❤️.” This highlights the importance of civility and respect in online interactions, echoing traditional values instilled by upbringing.

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