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Is Mina Starsiak Hawk Pregnant with 3rd Kid?

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Image of Mina Starsiak with her husband Steve Hawk and kids

The Good Bones host, Mina Starsiak, is not only famous for her television appearance, but the 38 years old is also an outstanding realtor and founder of ‘Two Chicks and A Hammer.’ The star has been hosting the HGTV-based ‘Good Bones’ since 2016.

On the show, she and her mother, Karen, renovate old properties around Indianapolis.

In 2022, as Mina has started a new sequel, ‘Good Bones: Risky Business,’ the show followers are awaiting her pregnancy; there have been murmurs that the TV presenter is expecting a third child.

But is this true? Or has the news evolved into a sensation without foundation? Let’s find out without any hassle.

Mina Starsiak’s Marriage: Her Husband

There are cases where a person has either a promising career or a great family life.

But this HGTV host has been blessed with the best in both contexts. Some people are gifted in real, and talking about the blessed, Starsiak is definitely the one.

According to the source, Mina Starsiak is married to Steve Hawk since June 2016. The pair initially met via Facebook in 2013.

Image of Mina Starsiak with her husband Steve Hawk

The star remembers their first date as a disaster because Steve ignored her while his friends teased her. However, as she found Steve incredibly charming, she agreed to exchange numbers and meet the next day again.

Likewise, the couple didn’t have a smooth way to marriage as they once broke up.

However, they got back together, and in 2015 Mina was flaunting her adorable engagement ring to her Instagram followers.

Now, talking about Steve’s career, he is a personal trainer and the owner of HawkFot personal training firm.

How Many Children Does Starsiak Have?

Mina Starsiak shares 2 adorable kids with her husband, Steve Hawk. The duo had their first baby, Jack Richard Hawk (son), in 2018.

Later after 2 years, in March 2020, they had their second child (daughter), Charlotte Drew Hawk.

The ‘Good Bones’ host often shares cute pictures with her children on her social media handles.

Image of Mina Starsiak with her kids

She posted a family video in one of the posts and wrote, “I chose to share my life with you all. And I chose to share it ALL. That’s what has felt right for ME. The whole package.”

Is Mina Starsiak From ‘Good Bones’ Pregnant Again?

Unfortunately, the rumors surrounding Mina’s 3rd pregnancy are a hoax. In fact, Mina will never be pregnant again.

As per the online source, Mina revealed in 2020 about being done having kids. She informed her fans that she had tucked her tummy and Steve was getting snipped, referring to vasectomy.

The Hawk couple is happy with their small family of 4. So, any rumors surrounding Mina’s latest pregnancy are false.

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