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Atz Kilcher Wiki-Bio: Net worth, Age, Children, Wife, Ex-wife.

Atz Kilcher

Emmy award-winning reality tv show “Alaska: The Last Frontier’s” star Atz Kilcher may be the father to singer-songwriter Jewel, but he also happens to have a net worth of about…(wait for it…) Seven million dollars! Now, unless by chance you’re(…i don’t know, Oprah?), that amount of wealth is pretty impressive. Or maybe, (just maybe) it wouldn’t be too far off to acknowledge my perception in regards to wealth are based on self-experience, and my friends, (which are mostly stagnant and fixed on multiples of 1) more or less.  From Alaskan native farmer to famous Alaskan Celeb farmer with a staggering net worth in the millions! Even singing the show’s theme song with songstress daughter Jewel. Let’s find out more on Atz Kilcher’s wiki biography. Get to know more about this wife, ex-wife, children.

Atz Kilcher Net Worth and source of income

The 70-year-old Alaskan native has done quite well for himself over the years solidifying a comfy net worth of approximately four million. It is safe to mention that Atz reigns the primary “breadwinner” in his marriage. A very large portion of the family net worth is a product of the inherited Kilcher family property which is about 613 acres of land setting it right around $800,000.

The Kilcher family are also said to own another 207 acres of land apart from the $800K homestead which (including the homestead) adds approximately $3.6 million. Now please, by all means, correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that co-starring with his family on discovery network wasn’t such a bad decision either. If by chance if they hadn’t been in the show, I am Sure Atz Kilcher Net Worth wouldn’t be such huge.

Atz Lee Net worth in 2017: $7 Million.

Atz Kilcher's net worth is $7 Million
Atz Kilcher’s net worth is $7 Million

Most of us would probably agree with that, right? Especially, taking into account that “Alaska: The Last Frontier” attributed to a generous portion of his net worth, estimating his annual salary to from the series to be in the neighborhood of $350K. Atz is one of the highest paid stars on the series.

The reality show’s patriarch is also known to big a skilled machinist though, at this time I am unable to say how much this attributes to his net worth. All in all it just so turns out that the family net worth is set to exceed an astonishing $7 million.

Atz Kilcher’s age:

How old is Atz Kilcher? So just how old is reality tv star Atz Kilcher? Atz Kilcher was born in Homer Alaska September 2, 1947. So that would set him at the ripe age of 70.

Atz Kilcher Married life and divorce with First wife, Lenedra Carroll

There is no doubt in my mind that all the attention resounding from his alarming success is no siren entertainment enthusiasts and celebrity groupies findable to ignore.

However, this married show dad seems unfazed. With previous wife singer/author/manager Lenedra Carroll, Atz fathered Jewel Kilcher, son Atz Lee Kilcher and Shane Kilcher (all of whom you can find co-staring right alongside him on the show). Both Lenedra and Atz were Mormons.

Atz Kilcher wife Lenedra Carroll in red hat and white shirt
Lenedra Carroll, first wife of Atz Kilcher

Source: Youtube

However, Atz Kilcher was excommunicated for an affair. During his marriage to Lenedra Carroll, Atz had an affair with a woman named Linda even producing a child out of wedlock.

Not exactly sure if this was the thing that sealed the couple’s fate but in 1982 the marriage was ended when Atz and Lenedra Carroll filed for divorce. However, there’s no reason for any single ladies out there to add them to their eligible bachelor’s list just yet as you’ll recall from the show he is totally into co-star Bonnie Dupree.

Alaskan family man Atz Kilcher is now married to second wife, Bonnie Dupree

Atz Kilcher now is happily married to Bonnie Dupre who is also among the reality show cast roster. The couple met in Alaska. No child yet and far as I know nothing about children through the grapevine, but things could change…I guess( or not).

However, wife Bonnie is not the only addition to the Kilcher homestead as it just so happens the matriarch entered into marriage with Atz already having two children of her own, daughter (Hannah Schwiesow) and son (Karl Schwiesow).

Atz Kilcher and his second wife Bonnie Dupree
Atz Kilcher married his second wife Bonnie Dupree

Source: Discovery

Atz Kilcher Children

Because of their reoccurring presence on screen in “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” we know already Atz Kilcher to have fathered three children. Son Shane Kilcher (born May 6, 1971) Son Atz Lee Kilcher ( born August 26, 1977) age 40. And of course daughter Jewel (born May 23, 1974) age 40. He also has a son(during the affair in his first marriage) Nikos Kilcher (born March 1984) age 33.

Atz Kilcher Family: Bonnie Dupree and her children
Atz Kilcher with his Children and wife

Source: Pinterest

Atz Kilcher as a musician

Even more…still clearly displaying no apparent shortage in reputable skill, he, along with others in the family (perhaps most notably his daughter (Jewel) also happen to be musically inclined.

Atz’s mother was a classically trained singer even making it a point to teach her children creativity. With such an upbringing it comes as no huge shock that the male star followed suit in pursuing a music career. His come out with two albums Spirit Filled Air (2008) and Voices of the Valley (2007)

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