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Jewel Kilcher Family: Know Her Mother, Father, Brothers and Other Siblings

Jewel Kilcher is the second born child of Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Jewel Kilcher. You know her from her role in the sixth season of the last frontier or her presence in the pop industry. Her fans were quite excited about her television appearance. This article is an outlook on her family’s background and biography. Get info on her mother, father, brothers, as well as other siblings.

Her Life before Becoming a Pop Star

Jewel Kilcher was born on 23rd May 1974. As we speak, she is 47-years old. She was born in Utah, the same place where her parents were living at the time. She has always felt ‘abandoned’ by Lenedra Carroll, who left her father’s homestead after separating.

The divorce happened when Jewel was only eight years old, and although they tried to mend the relationship by making her mother her manager, the difference proved to be a hard nut to crack.

Currently, Jewel lives in Nashville, TN, with her son, Kase Townes Murray. She has since become an international singer who majors in pop and country music.

Things You Should Know about Jewel Kilcher’s Father Atz Kilcher.

During her birth, her father was a scholar at Brigham Young University. Her father hails from Alaska. At the time of his marriage to Carroll, Atz was a singer and a TV personality.

Atz Kilcher met his ‘would be’ wife in Homer. The two dated for some time then tied the knot later in the 1960s, although the exact date has not been disclosed. Here is more about Atz Kilcher.

Jewel Kilcher (right) and
her father Atz Kilcher(left)

He is the firstborn son of Yule and Ruth and was born in Homer, Alaska, on 2nd September 1947. This makes him 74 at the time of writing this article. He is the eldest of the family’s eight children. Moreover, he currently lives in his homestead with his second wife, Bonnie.

Atz’s parents had moved to the US in a bid to escape the effects of the Second World War. After his separation from Lenedra, Atz Kilcher took to drinking, so much so that he allegedly ended up abusing his children. Later, he got married to Bonnie Dupree, who is the biological mother of Nikos.

Atz Kilcher rose to popularity for being the founder of ‘Jewel,’ particularly after becoming an outstanding pop icon. Later, he built a foundation for himself when he starred in Alaska, the last frontier. This is a reality show on the Discovery channel.  Atz is the father of Shane Kilcher, Jewel Kilcher, Atz Lee Kilcher and Nikos Kilcher.

He is a man with considerable wealth to his name. From his role on the reality TV show, Kilcher took home an annual salary of $350k, making him one of the best-paid stars on the reality series. Thanks to his family homestead and the income drawn from the show, Atz Kilcher is a man who has a net worth of approximately $7 million.

Know Jewel Kilcher’s Mother.

Jewel’s mother is known as Lenedra Carroll. She is known to be a warm-hearted lady whose warmth has touched many but sadly, not her family. She is talented in many ways and has taken up different roles as a writer, a business lady, a singer, and the ex-wife of Atz Kilcher. Here is more about her.

Photo of Jewel Kilcher's mother
Lenedra Carroll, Mother of Jewel Kilcher.

Lenedra was born and raised in Alaska. She was brought up along with three other siblings. She comes from a humble background, but this did not limit her potential. Additionally, she is the daughter of Arva Carol and Jasper Jewel Carroll.

Lenedra Kilcher had a notable presence in the entertainment industry as a singer. She also managed a vast entertainment enterprise that remained internationally recognized at one time. With her determination to be successful, Lenedra has won the hearts of many people.

Among the other things responsible for her rise to fame is her family. First, Lenedra was married to Atz Kilcher, who, as already mentioned, was also a musician.

The Kilchers were also very discreet about the reason their union ended. The two got married in the 1960s after dating for some time, although they later separated in 1982. After her separation from Kilcher, Lenedra has not dated any other man. Well, at least not publicly. Lenedra, or ‘Nedra’ commonly referred to, has a net worth of $1.3 million.

Before their separation, Atz Kilcher and Carroll Lenedra had three children. Please keep reading to know Kilcher’s siblings and learn more about them.

Details on Jewel Kilcher’s Brothers and Other Siblings

As already mentioned, Jewel Kilcher is the second-born child of Atz and Lenedra Kilcher. Shortly after her birth, Jewel Kilcher’s family moved to Anchorage in Alaska. It is here that her parents were blessed with their youngest child Atz Lee. He was born in 1977, making him 44 currently.

Her eldest brother is called Shane, and he was born in 1969. Presently, he is 52. Aside from her blood brothers, Jewel also has a half-brother named Nikos.

Jewel and her brother Atz Lee Kilcher
Jewel and her brother Atz Lee Kilcher

Unlike the other children, Nikos was mainly raised in Oregon. His birth came after a brief affair between his father and mother (Bonnie). However, the two finally got together when Nikos was a young adult and after the separation of Atz and Lenedra.

Jewel Kilcher and her siblings are popular as they have all been featured in the entertainment industry. Shane and Atz Lee are parts of the reality series cast; Alaska; The Last Frontier. Jewel herself took up many traits from her mother; she is a writer, a singer, business lady, among many other things.

Jewel Kilcher's Brothers Atz Lee and Nikos Kilcher
Atz Lee and Nikos Kilcher

Despite having touched many people somehow, Lenedra Carroll does not have a good relationship with her children. They somehow blame her for abandoning them when they were still young and probably when they needed her the most.

Atz Kilcher indulged in alcoholism and became abusive, but later, he established a better relationship with his children.

Summary of Jewel Kilcher’s Family

Name: Jewel Kilcher
Mother: Lenedra Carroll
Father:  Atz Kilcher
Siblings: Shane Kilcher, Atz Kilcher, Nikos Kilcher

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