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Yule Kilcher Wiki, Net Worth, Children, Age, wife Ruth Kilcher, Family Tree 2022

Yule Kilcher

Yule Kilcher was the founder of the Kilcher family in Alaska. Sources say that he came to Alaska in 1936 and started living there. This is where he’d establish the Kilcher homestead outside Homer back in 1941. The Kilcher family would go on to star in the TV show “The Last Frontier.”

Because of this, the family has been in the spotlight ever since. Let’s find out more about Yule’s net worth. Also, we have everything you need to know about his married life, wife, and family.

Yule Kilcher Net Worth and Source of His Income

Yule built his homestead in 1941 and started farming. Most of his income came from the farm and the natural resources around his homestead. At the time of death, Yule Kilcher’s net worth was $100,000. As such, it could be argued that he was a successful farmer. Everything he owned, he left to his family. This includes the farm, which was his most valuable asset.

Yule Kilcher Married Life, Wife, Family

Ruth Webber was also really adventurous like Yule, joining him in Alaska. They spent 29 years together in a happily married life. For some reason, the couple later decided to end their marriage life, and in 1970, they separated.

Beautiful family picture of Yule Kilcher
Yule Kilcher with his family

Yule and Ruth Kilcher had eight children. Life in the wild was really tough – and Yule heavily relied on his family to help keep the farm running.

His granddaughter, Jewel Kilcher is a Grammy-winning singer, and she is the most recognizable face among the Kilchers. He had the chance to witness most of his grandchildren and to spend time with them.

Short bio

Yule Kilcher was born in 1913 in Switzerland. He grew up there as well, and in 1936, set out for a peaceful place to live in. Later on, he moved to Alaska, where Ruth Webber joined him in 1941.

Soon enough, they got married, and they established the Kilcher Homestead outside the town of Homer, besides Kachemak Bay.

Yule Kilcher was mainly a farmer who would work hard to make a living and survive in challenging terrains. He was also a journalist by passion, and he was popular among the people of Homer.

Moreover, he also served in the state senate from 1963 to 1967. During this time, he was a member of the administration in Homer. His homestead was popular among singers, military, and various people. They would often stop and enjoy the hospitality offered by Yule Kilcher and his family.

He died in 1998 in Homer Hospital. The cause of his death was pneumonia.

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