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Shane Kilcher is injured in an accident. How is he now? what happened? 2022

Shane Kilcher news of Accident Net worth hospital

Shane Kilcher is an American television personality that stars in the show the“The Last Frontier.” It is a show set within the American state of Alaska and centered on the Kilcher family, and he’s undoubtedly one of the most famous faces within the show. Recently, he is in the hospital after an accident, Check out what happened.

Shane Kilcher Broke his Back in an Accident. How is he now?

A comment and video were shared on the facebook page of the television show Alaska: The Last Frontier, informing the public of the reality actor’s accident, that Shane fell from a ladder while working on his house, and broke his behind vertebrae back.

Since this concerns a reality show, most of its actions are real, if not all. So the show Life on the Alaskan frontier carries a constant risk of injuries.

Alaska itself has a very wild environment, and not everybody can survive or do with it. The news came from the homestead implying Shane took a hard fall while doing some work on his new house.The post said more details about the incident would come later.

The video shows he was in intensive care unit with nearly all members of the big Kilcher clan standing close to his hospital bed, (ICU) in Homer, Alaska.

Shane Kilcher in hospital after
Shane Kilcher in hospital after an accident


A very worried Kelli shares some facts, that they don’t know what will be the outcome of that injury, and that Shane Kilcher has always been the tough guy. It is a horizontal fracture with two-thirds through the bone.

Some parts of the clip show Shane on his feet and working on the cabin, but Kelli says, “He can’t move.”

His parents; wife, father, and mother

Shane Kilcher’sspouse is called Kelli Kilcher, and both have been on the show “The Last Frontier” together, and both have become very popular. In Alaska, for you to survive you really need to find the will alongside your true love. They are both happy to have each other’s back.

Shane and Kelli Kilcher's facebook status about Shane Kilcher health
Shane and Kelli Kilcher’s facebook status about Shane Kilcher health

He is a brother to Atz Lee Kilcher and Jewel Kilcher and is the son of Lenedra Carroll and Atz Kilcher. His parents have been separated for a very long time now.

When his parents separated, his life was not easy. His sister Jewel, once said their father Atz was very abusive to them all.

Wiki bio

Shane Kilcher turned 45 this 2017; he was born and raised in Alaska in the Kilcher homestead near the city of Homer. He schooled Homer High School and also did Homer Senior High School with good grades.

He was part of the Volleyball team Alaska Anchorage Seawolves and even played for them in so many tournaments and junior leagues.

He spent most of his life adolescence and maturity in Alaska, and in the past times, he has been working to construct a homestead near Homer for his wife Kelli Kilcher and him.

Rumors are saying that this couple is not likely to star in the next season of the TV Show; The Last Frontier, because of misunderstandings and partly because of the illness of Kelli Kilcher.

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