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August Kilcher Wiki-bio: net worth, mother, age 2022

August Kilcher is the son of Otto and Charlotte Kilcher. The Kilcher family has been starring in the reality TV show “The Last Frontier” for some time, and he is also part of the cast.

The Last Frontier is a reality show based on the homestead of Kilchers – featuring the wilderness of Alaska and the family who is fighting against all the odds to survive and make a happy living.

August is a third-generation Kilcher. Consequently, he has appeared in several episodes of the show.

Alaska the last frontier August Kilcher net worth

August Kilcher’s net worth is not substantial – it is estimated to be $15,000 dollars. Most of this is a reflection of his work on television.

August Kilchers' net worth is $15000
August Kilcher’s net worth is amazing

August is not as established as the rest of his family. This is why his net worth is not as impressive as the rest of his family.

August Kilcher – Parents and Siblings

He is one of four siblings. Otto Kilcher and Charlotte Kilcher raised four sons – Levi, Eivin, Torrey, and, August. Most of his family are regulars. Otto and Charlotte Kilcher are the most common faces on the network. Moreover, Elvin Kilcher and his wife Eve also appear in the series. In contrast, August only featured in a handful of episodes before moving to Oregon, where he presently lives.

August Kilcher happy with parents: Otto and Charlotte
August Kilcher with parents

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Short Bio

August was an Electrical Engineering student. He moved out of Homer in order to study and pursue his dreams. Consequently, he got admitted into Oregon State University. He stayed in Oregon right up until he graduated. Most recently, he is slated to make a more permanent return on the show.

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