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Epic! Hometown Takeover Season 2 will Bring Ben and Erin, Dave and Jenny Marrs, and 10 other HGTV and Food Network Hosts. Release Date, Location.

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Image of HGTV Show Casts

Brace Yourselves, Audience! as the most awaited HGTV show is coming back on your screens with its latest Season. Yes, we are talking about “Home Town Takeover” Season 2.

While the official premiere date of Season 2 is finally out, i.e., on 30th April 2023, fans had to wait almost 2 years for it. Home Town Takeover initially premiered with Season 1 on May 2021 and ended in June by renovating the entire town of Wetumpka. But, when it didn’t come back by June 2022, fans began to ask if the show was canceled.

However, the show’s host, Ben and Erin, reassured their fans in July that the show would return by early 2023. Despite the delay in the new Season, HGTV made it worth the wait by bringing lots of big surprises for the fans.

Recently, HGTV announced that it wouldn’t just be Ben and Erin on the show, and other big celebrity hosts from HGTV and Food Network are coming on the show to help Napiers restore the town of Fort Morgan.

So, who are these other guests? Remain with us to find out everything about “Home Town Takeover” Season 2.

When is Home Town Takeover Season 2 Releasing? It’s Location

“Home Town Takeover” recently announced that Season 2 would air on Sunday, 30th April 2023. While Season 1 involved the restoration of Wetumpka, Alabama, this season, the show’s location is in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

The location was fixed last year, and the show’s hosts, Erin and Ben Napier, announced their plans to refurbish the small town of Fort Morgan in Colorado. So, the viewers had been eagerly waiting for updates ever since.

Likewise, the hosts had also shared a little sneak peek and behind-the-scenes in October last year so that the audience may know what to expect in Season 2. So, now as the official date for its premiere is out, don’t miss out on the chance to witness the big transformation of the small town.

Casts of Home Town Takeover Season 2: Who Are They?

Season 2 of “Home Tale Takeover ” will be exciting as it involves not only Ben and Erin but 10 more fun hosts from HGTV and Food Network. So, all these talented stars will be uniting to make Fort Morgan, Colorado, a better place for its residents as well as visitors.

As renovating a whole town is a huge and overwhelming responsibility to take, Erin and Ben Napier, who have 2 little girls, had no plans to return to Season 2. The mother said the takeover life was incompatible with family life as they had to leave their little girls for a long time.

Image of Ben Napier and Erin Napier

So, Erin mentioned that though Season 1 of Home Town Takeover was an excellent adventure for them, they may only want to do it again once their girls are big enough. So, to help the Napiers, HGTV planned to bring some other HGTV friends with project Fort Morgan.

After that, Erin stated, “Struggling small towns can do the hard work to become healthy again. It’s difficult, but nothing great is ever easy,” says Erin. “And while it is scary to take on a project of this scale, it helps so much to have a team to help carry the load.”

So who are the 10 big helpers of Ben and Erin Napier on Home Town Take Over? Let’s have a look.

Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs from “Fixer to Fabulous”

So, as announced last year, Dave and Jeny Marrs are joinings Ben and Erin Napier on the show as co-hosts. While other stars will appear as guests, Dave and Jenny will assist the couple throughout the Season.

According to Dave, he grew up in a small town in Colorado, and being a part of “Home Town Takeover” Season 2 is very meaningful to them. Likewise, he added, “We’re so honored to be able to help the families who give back to their neighbors and the small business owners who need a boost.”

Image of Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs

So, as many of you may already know, Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs are the husband-wife duos who refurbish antique houses in their hometown Bentonville, Arkansas, on “Fixer to Fabulous.” Jenny is the designer, while Dave is a craftsman, builder, and contractor. They have 6 kids.

The pair has been on HGTV since 2019, and they just wrapped up the 4th Season of “Fixer to Fabulous” on 7th March.

Jonathan Knight from Farmhouse Fixer

Jonathan Knight is a musical personality and real estate investor who has lately started hosting TV shows too. Currently, most of us can witness Mr. Knight on HGTV’s “Farmhouse Fixer,” which first aired in 2021 and has 2 seasons.

Jonathan restores and renovates worn house historical houses without destroying their aesthetic value, along with Kristina Crestin. In addition, the man has also taken part in another HGTV show, “Rock the Block,” Season 4, where he is competing with 3 other home renovators.

Image of Jonathan Knight

Now, speaking of his appearance on Home Town Takeover, he will be seen helping Dave and Jenny to renovate a home for a single mother. Likewise, HGTV says Knight will also help Dave add a new seating area in Fort Morgan’s famous coffee shop.

Jonathan lives in Massachusetts with his husband, Harley Rodriquez.

Molly Yeh from Girl Meets Farm

Molly Yeh is another guest star who will join the show to help create a new food menu for the town’s coffee shop. Yeh is a blogger and published author of the cookbook, “Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm.”

With the popularity of her book, she was invited to host the cooking show, “Girl Meets Farm,” on Food Network. The audience could witness the 33 years old Molly cooking Midwestern farm cuisines on her farm on the border of Minnesota-North Dakota.

Image of Molly Yeh

The show premiered in 2018 and wrapped up with Season 4 in 2018. She resides in Minnesota with her husband and 2 little girls.

Ben and Cristi Dozier form Building Roots.

Ben and Cristi Dozier are another power couple on HGTV who present the show “Building Roots.” Before their TV appearance, the duo founded a property building and designing firm, “Root Designs Company” in 2004.

As they design houses, commercial buildings, and even destination properties, this experience landed them a chance to be on TV and host “Building Roots.” In addition to home restoration, they also own a coffee shop, “The Root House Coffee+ Shop.”

Image of Ben and Cristi Dozier

Ben and Christi reside in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, with their 4 kids. Now stay tuned to know how the couple helps in the restoration of Fort Morgan on “Home Town Takeover.”

Darnell Ferguson from Superchef Grudge Match

Mr. Ferguson is an eminent chef and restaurant owner who hosts the Family Network’s famous cooking show, “Superchef Grudge Match.” It is a new cooking battle program that is premiering its first Season in 2023.

While Season 1 still has some new episodes on the way, the show recently announced that Season 2 will air in early 2024. Darnell has judged many culinary shows, such as Chopped and Guy’s Grocery Games. He owns many restaurants like The Drippin’ Crab and Superhero Chef.

Image of Darnell Ferguson

So, while we are still determining Darnell’s part on the HGTV show, we assume he will help in the opening of some restaurants in Fort Morgan. At present, he lives in Alabama with his wife, Tatahda Ferguson, and 8 children.

Carmeon Hamilton from Reno My Rental

Hamilton is a skilled interior designer and blogger from Memphis, popularly known as the winner of “Design Star: Next Gen on HGTV.” At present, she can be seen presenting HGTV network’s “Reno My Rental.”

Image of Carmeon Hamilton

The show premiered in 2021 and differed from other renovation programs on HGTV as it involves renovating the rental property according to the renter’s desire and budget. So, we assume Carmeon will be helping Ben and Erin to renovate the apartments and rental spaces of Fort Morgan on “Home Town Takeover’s” Season 2.

She lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lil Jon from Lil Jon Wants to do What?

Home Town Takeover seems to bring the most unique guests on for its second Season. Many of you may recognize Lil Jon, aka Jonathan Smith, as the Grammy Award-winning singer, rapper, and producer, but can you believe the musician has expanded his skill toward home renovation?

Image of Lil Jon

Yes, Lil Jon has been cast by HGTV to host “Lil Jon Wants to do What?” with Anitra Mecadon. The audience enjoys watching how they convince the homeowners to have an unbelievable transformation to their homes.

So what will Lil Jon do on “Home Town Takeover?” Is he giving ideas for any musical centers, or will the hosts have him get some mindblowing, outside-the-box reno ideas?

He resides with his wife Nicole and son Nathan in Georgia.

Ty Pennington from Rock the Block

Who does not know Ty Pennington? He is a renowned TV presenter and woodworker who has been on multiple home improvement shows like “Battle On The Beach,” “Extreme Makeover,” “Home Town Kickstart,” etc.

Image of Ty Pennington

Currently, he has been hosting the famous HGTV program, “Rock the Block,” which is on Season 4 with 4 new competing teams in 2023. So, having an expert like Ty with you can always go right.

We wonder how he will help the home renovators in “Home Town Takeover” Season 2. Ty lives with his wife, Kellee Merrell, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jasmine Roth from Help! I Wrecked My House

Jasmine Roth is a builder, designer, TV star, and also the founder of Built Custom Homes. At present, viewers may recognize her as the presenter of HGTV’s “Help! I Wrecked My House.”

Image of Jasmine Roth

Like the show’s title, Jasmine and her crew fix the DIY disasters of homeowners. So maybe she will be seen fishing some such home tragedies with Ben and Erin NApir or Dave and Jenny Marrs on Home Town Takeover” Season 2.

She lives in a self-designed home in California with her husband, Beth Roth, and daughter Hazel.

Page Turner from Fix My Flip

Turner is a real estate broker and a home renovation expert who made her television debut with the show, “Flip or Flop Nashville.” Likewise, she was also one of the guest judges on “Rock the Block.”

Image of Page Turner

Recently she has been one of the competitors on “Rock the Block,” Season 4. However, the HGTV audience mostly remembers her from “Fix My Flip.”

On the show, she is seen helping home renovators fix their mismanaged budgets, schedule, and even some dull designs. So maybe she will help the home renovator on “Home Town Takeover,” Season 2, to stay on track while carrying out the vital restoration of Fort Morgan Town.

Page resides in Los Angeles.


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