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Richest Storage Wars Stars and their Net Worth. Shocking Revelations.

The reality TV show has brought considerable wealth to these pickers.

With over 15 seasons and counting, Storage Wars has witnessed some truly remarkable discoveries. Cast members like Darrel Sheets have amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars from individual storage units, suggesting that these collectors are immersed in the profitable world of antique flipping.

Although the financial details of the cast members remain largely undisclosed, a lawsuit filed by Dave Hester in 2012 shed some light on their earnings. While precise net worth figures may be missing, it is evident that some members have become multimillionaires, while others enjoy comfortable wealth.

Here is an overview of the approximate net worth of each Storage Wars cast member, showcasing their financial success in the industry.

Emily Wears – $100,000

Wears, the youngest auctioneer on Storage Wars, achieved the impressive feat of graduating from auctioneer school at just 17 years old. While she made her appearance on the show during seasons 10 to 12, she has since relocated from California to Idaho, where she now operates her own online auction business.

Wears resides with her husband, a professional rodeo cowboy, and their two children, embracing a fulfilling life outside the spotlight of the reality TV series.

Edwina Registre – $180,000

Following her stint on seasons 10 to 12 of Storage Wars, Edwina Registre has maintained a low public profile. She continues to maintain a close friendship with Shana Dahan, even starring in one of Dahan’s husband’s films.

Additionally, Registre collaborates with Shana on a joint YouTube channel. While working full-time as an insurance broker, Registre’s appearances on the show suggest that her net worth likely exceeds $180,000.

Dusty Riach – $350,000

Information regarding Dusty Riach’s financial status remains scarce, despite his extensive experience in reselling. As a musician, Riach manages the Dusty Shed eBay account.

Following his appearances in nearly ten episodes, he felt confident enough to take a break from television for a year and embark on a tour with his band.

While our available data is limited, it is reasonable to estimate that his net worth was approximately $350,000 prior to his touring endeavors.

Mark Balelo – $500, 000

Renowned for his assertive bidding approach, Mark Balelo, also known as Rico Suave, gained recognition in the auction industry for his ability to contribute substantial amounts, such as $50,000, to auctions.

Apart from his appearance in the second season of Storage Wars, Balelo’s wealth derived from multiple business ventures, including The Game Exchange. Tragically, his life was cut short in 2013. At the time of his passing, his estimated net worth exceeded $500,000.

Gunter Nezhoda – $800,000

Despite his less frequent appearances on Storage Wars compared to his son, Gunter Nezhoda managed to accumulate a notable fortune during his lifetime.

As a bassist, photographer, and actor, Nezhoda’s exact net worth remains somewhat elusive, unlike that of his son, Rene. However, considering his illustrious career, it is reasonable to assume that he had a substantial nest egg before his unfortunate passing in 2023.

With regard to his appearances on Storage Wars alone, Nezhoda’s estimated net worth would be around $800,000.

Kenny Crossley – $1 to $2 Million

Kenny Crossley, known for his roles as a former Sheriff’s deputy, singer-songwriter, and Storage Wars alum, has accumulated a considerable amount of wealth throughout his career. Although the exact figures are difficult to determine, his net worth is estimated to be over one million dollars. Crossley’s diverse professional endeavors have contributed to his financial success and solidified his status as a high-achieving individual.

Shana Dahan – $1.3 million

Shana and her partner Edwina brought captivating energy to their appearances on Storage Wars during seasons 11 and 12. Following her time on the show, Shana has maintained a relatively low profile.

Currently, she serves as the Marketing Director for Black Raven Films, where she collaborates with her husband, actor Adam Bulbourn. In addition to her professional commitments, Shana operates her own YouTube channel, Shana Emily, and is a co-host of ThriftersAnonymous alongside Edwina Registre.

Rene and Casey Nezhoda – $1.5 million


Even though the Nezhodas made their debut on Storage Wars in the fourth season, their impact on viewers was lasting. Rene’s substantial wealth prior to joining the cast, coupled with his extensive knowledge of antiques, made him a captivating and entertaining addition.

Adding to the dynamic, his wife Casey frequently appeared on the show, further enhancing their on-screen presence. As partners, the Nezhodas jointly operate the popular thrift store, Bargain Hunters, located in Poway, California.

Ivy Calvin – $1.8 Million


Ivy Calvin, a former linebacker for California State University, MMA fighter, and successful business owner, has become a fixture on Storage Wars since season 3.

Utilizing his expertise in treasure hunting, Ivy has built a considerable fortune through his antique store, Grandma’s Attic. With his sharp eye for valuable items, Ivy has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of storage auctions, contributing to his ongoing success and financial prosperity

Jarrod Schulz – $2 million

While Brandi Passante continues to be part of the Storage Wars cast, Jarrod Schulz’s involvement in the show has come to an end due to his alleged domestic abuse allegations. Schulz has focused his attention on his businesses, including Outlaw Apparel and the Rush Bar and Grill located in Lake Forest, California. Following his breakup with Brandi, Schulz has moved on and is currently in a relationship with a bartender working at his establishment. Due to the charges against him, Schulz has been removed from the Storage Wars roster.

Brandi Passante – $2 million

Storage Wars became synonymous with the dynamic “Young Gun” couple, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz, who brought fierce competition to the show. While the couple separated in 2018, they had already built their fortunes.

Following their split, they both continued to make appearances on Storage Wars, but the strain of their rivalry had a negative impact on Brandi’s mental well-being. Inspired by her own experiences with domestic violence, Brandi has become a vocal advocate for the charity Women’s Own Worth.

Dave Hester – $4 million

Dave Hester, a prominent figure in Storage Wars, has achieved financial success over the years. Despite his legal dispute with A&E over pay structure in 2013 and a brief absence during the 4th season, Hester returned to the show from season 5 onwards.

While he previously owned resale locations, he has shifted his focus to online reselling after his physical stores closed down. With a busy schedule listed on his website,, it’s clear that his wealth is set to keep growing.

The Dotsons – $4.5 Million

The auctioneer power couple, Dan and Laura Dotson, have played an integral role in the success of Storage Wars.

Their familiar faces and expertise have made them fan favorites. Since their appearances on the show, their business, American Auctioneers, has experienced tremendous growth, going from around 300 auctions per year to an impressive 3000.

In addition, they ventured into the online auction world with the launch of in 2015. With Dan Dotson also exploring opportunities in producing entertainment and their frequent cameo appearances on talk shows, their financial success seems destined to continue, especially with the steady income from Storage Wars.

Nabila Haniss – >$10 million

Nabila Haniss, though making irregular appearances in seasons 2 and 3 of Storage Wars, made a lasting impression with her outspoken remarks and involvement in the infamous Paris Hilton lawsuit.

Haniss gained significant attention when she sold explicit items of Hilton’s that were acquired through an auction, leading to a legal dispute. While the initial sale reportedly earned her a substantial sum of 10 million, the lawsuit was eventually settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Haniss continues to run her auctioning business and has invested in real estate properties throughout Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Barry Weiss – $10 Million

Prior to his appearance on A&E’s Storage Wars, Barry Weiss had already amassed a considerable fortune through his successful career. For over 25 years, Weiss dedicated his efforts to building a prosperous produce company alongside his brother.

However, his passion for antiques eventually took center stage. Despite his impressive wealth, Weiss admits that he earns less than his co-stars due to his reluctance to part with many of his beloved treasures.

His deep pockets provide him the luxury of indulging in his passion without the primary focus being financial gain.

Thom Beers – $25 Million

While not a familiar name to many fans, Thom Beers holds a significant role as the narrator of Storage Wars and has made his mark in the television industry.

As an accomplished American television producer and voice-over artist, Beers has an impressive portfolio of over 40 shows.

His extensive career has undoubtedly contributed to a substantial fortune.

Furthermore, Beers is married to the president of Amygdala Music, a company known for producing soundtracks for popular shows like Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers, adding another dimension to his successful ventures.

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