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Darrell Sheets Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Weight Loss 2022

Darrell Sheets

American television personality Darrell Sheets is famous for his role on the American reality show ” storage wars”. He is commonly known as the gambler on the show, this is a result of his strong personality and executioner attitude during bidding. Sources say that Darell had been involved in the storage lockers business for more than 3 decades before joining storage wars.

Born on 13th May 1958, it’s clear to state that Darrell had an interest in a collection from a very tender age. Through his collections and active participation in the auctions, Darrell has accumulated a decent bank account.

In addition to this, he also makes a reasonable amount of money from the show. Currently, he is considered one of the stars of the show.

Darrell Sheets net worth, salary, and source of income.

Net Worth: $6 million.

As an active member of Storage Wars Darrell has appeared in more than 170 episodes since its premiere in 2010. During an interview, Darrell talked about how he once collected a letter by Abraham Lincoln, a rare collection of comic books, and 4 paintings by Pablo Picasso. This is about as good as it gets in the world of antiques.

His storage collection skills combined with his tactical bidding traits have seen him earn very expensive collections during the auctions. In one of the episodes of the show, he made a $3600 bid on a particular locker. Upon winning the bid it was found that the locker contained a collection of Frank Guttierez which was worth $300,000 upon valuation.

This was a great achievement on his part as the collection ended up being the largest finding in the show’s history.

Other than the earnings from his findings, Darrell is also subjected to an annual salary of $300000 which also plays a major contributing role in his net worth.

Darrell Sheet Married Life, Wife, and Kids.

Darrell Sheet has managed to keep his relationship affairs hidden from the public eye. He is known to have been married, though the details of his ex-wife remain hidden.

Brandon is known for helping his father in the storage business, he has even been featured on the Storage Wars show working alongside his father. Brandon is actively involved in the storage hunting business and even accompanies his father to various auctions.

Currently, he is in a relationship with Kimberly Wuerfel, the two met in California and developed their relationship from there. Darrell and his girlfriend are currently living together with their four children; 2 from Darrell’s first marriage and 2 from Kim’s first marriage.

Family Pictures: Darrell Sheets, his two wives, son and daughters
Darrell Sheets with his wife and children

Source: Heavy

Wiki, Bio, Age

Name Darrell Sheets
Birthday (age) May 13th, 1958  (63-years old)
Birthplace Covina California USA
Nationality American ( white ethnicity)
Occupation Reality television personality (storage wars) and storage hunter.
Girlfriend Kimberly Wuerfel
Children 4
Height 5’10 ft
Weight 197 lbs

Darrell Sheets Weight Loss.

In 2016 Sheets decided to drop his more than 300 pounds weight. According to him, he tried several methods to drop some pounds off his body but despite hard work and exercise, he wasn’t seeing any good result.

He then took help of Nutrisystem to drop a significant amount of weight.

“My joints hurt. My body hurt. I was tired of exercise with no results. Plus, I had to get away from eating cheeseburgers and making bad choices on the set,”

says Sheets.

“Nutrisystem was the easy answer.”

With the Help of Nutrisystem Darrell Sheets’, weight loss dream came true as he successfully went being 197 lbs from 315 lbs. Isn’t that amazing. He shared his joy on twitter.

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  1. Vonda Smith 2466 Midway Road

    Hi, I just wanted to say that my grandson and myself really like watching you on Storage wars. He always says is it time to watch Mr Darrell. I hope he gets a good locker tonight. He really knows what to look for. My daughter, his mother , passed away about 4 years ago and I’m raising him.( would have it any other way). He’s 11 years old now. She passed away with the big C. She was a school teacher. But anyway, He was 5 years old. He talks about I wonder if we could find all that good stuff around here. We live in Mississippi. I really thinks he wants to do what you do. He has been digging stuff out for us to have a big sale. His school is going to Washington . So he is trying to have a storage yard sale , Just wish us Luck. Buy the way you have a wonderful looking family. Good luck this year. V. Smith & B.B. of Carthage Mississippi.

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