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Storage wars Star Mary Padian Wiki, Net worth, Married, Husband, Boyfriend

Mary Padian

The American TV star and business owner Mary Padian is known for her appearance on Reality show “Storage Wars”.

She is the owner of Mary finds Shops. Padian discovered her interest in antiques in 2010.  She first began as video blogs before proceeding to the online shop.

According to her website, she is depicted as a treasure finder who stores vintages furniture, trinkets and arts she has collected for sale. Let’s find out about Mary Padian’s wiki type bio including, net worth. Also, get more details about her married life and  husband.

Mary Padian with her client of 'Storage Wars: Texas' Moe Prigoff
Caption: Mary Padian and her client Moe Prigoff

Source: Pinterest

Mary Padian’s Net Worth.

As a reality TV star and a business owner, Mary Padian’s Net Worth increases with every sale she makes and every episode she appears in. Her appearance on the Original Storage Wars series is said to earn her $450,000 per season.

Mary’s business of finding and selling antic collections such as vintage furniture and trinkets is also a flourishing business. She is a relentless businesswoman who is determined to take her business to the next level.

Cumulatively, Mary Padian’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Going by her belief, “If you have good taste, you can do anything, for it’s not a question of value, it’s a question of trust’’, she has set the pace for everyone who wishes to follow his or her passion.

'Original Storage Wars' star Mary Padian
Caption: Mary Padian in Original Storage Wars series

Source: Youtube

Mary Padian Married to a husband?

Well, we do all expect to find answers about our favorite actor/actress. Like are they single? or maybe married? And in most cases, we do find the answers.

Look at the magazine, social media, and websites at some places you’ll get your answer. But to our surprise, this lady has been really cautious about leaking her personal affairs to the media.

Let’s say she likes her secrets. So for those fans out there seeking to know about Mary’s life, boyfriends, and other personal details have been  A Saucerful of Secrets.

We dug deeper but still couldn’t find her related to any marriage relationship. Our best guess is she isn’t married and doesn’t have a husband.

Mary Padian Boyfriend and dating life.

Mary Padian’s love life has not been in the limelight so much. No history is told of her college or early boyfriend or any love affair. It came as a surprise when during one of the seasons of her reality TV show, she introduced her boyfriend. Expressing her joy and humor the storage wars actress said,

“I have been looking for love since I moved to California. Who would have thought I had to pop back to Texas to find my perfect man. This is Dylan isn’t he dreamy?”

This happened when Dylan had accompanied her to one of the Auctions in El-Monte.

Mary Padian Wiki: bio, family, age, height, weight.

The 5.1 ft. American Padian was born on 24th August 1980 in Dallas Texas, which makes her 41-years old. She is the daughter of John Gerald and Teresa Ann Padian. Additionally, she is of mixed ethnicity since her father is Irish and her mother is Lebanese.

She has a Grand Father and Grand Mother in her family.

Her mother is the sister of the famous Texas attorney Baddy Sassin. Despite having only one brother Luke Padian, Mary’s extended family is very large. In fact, she is believed to have 42 cousins. This explains her desire to go back to Texas after being away for quite a long time.

We found a picture of her brother Luke on her Instagram account.

Career journey.

The American businesswoman, Mary Padian, is an alumnus of the University of Texas. She graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism. After her graduation, she secured an internship with D magazine and later proceeded to Architectural Designs as an Assistant Editor.

At Architectural Designs, she was mentored by Paige Rense who was the Editor in Chief. It was while she was in Architectural Design that she discovered her passion for finding abandoned collections.

In 2010 after her mentor retired, Mary Padian decided to go back to Texas and open her own collection shop. It was then that she met Moe Prigoff, who used to bring her collections from storage auctions.

Her interaction with Moe bore a friendship, and they began attending the auctions together. Moe introduced her to the Storage Wars series as a guest star in the first season.

She later appeared in the fifth season a number of times. In the sixth season of Storage Wars, she was now cast as a full member of the series.

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