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What happened to Moe Prigoff from storage wars? his wiki bio, net worth

How is Moe Pigroff from storage wars
Dr. Morris Prigoff, better known as Moe Prigoff is a podiatrist and proud owner of two successful businesses. Additionally, Moe is a co-star on the Hit reality series, Storage Wars Texas. The show first aired in December of 2011 and Moe was a series regular who was loved for his flamboyant personality.
As a result, he became a favorite to many. Dr. Morris is a graduate of Syracuse University.
He then left to practice medicine in Cleveland and has been actively practicing for over 40 years. Celebrities and athletes are among his clientele including athletes from the Dallas Hockey Team and basketball team.
Moe Pigroff from storage wars complet his graduation from Syracuse University

Caption:- Moe Prigoff from storage wars completed his graduation from Syracuse University

Who is Dr. Moe?

Dr. Moe is a very busy man; with two up and running businesses, he is also a big part of Storage Wars. He is also a published author on numerous podiatric papers and studies and is also an active lecturer.
He is keen on fashion and an avid collector of antiques, Moreover, he is the proprietor of an art collection, which can be found on display at his gallery and his boutique shop ‘River Regency Modern.’ It is located along North Riverfront Blvd in Dallas Texas.
Moe Prigoff has been a collector of antiques for over 30 years and has developed a good eye for getting the best deals. His hard work paid off handsomely as Moe has an impressive bank account. Currently, Dr. Moe Prigoff’s net worth is estimated at $4 million. Sources say that he has accumulated his wealth over the years from auctioning antique furniture, art pieces, and other antique items at his shop and his boutique.

What Happened to Moe Prigoff? Why did he leave Storage Wars? Where is Moe Prigoff now and what is he doing after leaving the show?

He was a series regular of Storage Wars in Season 1 alongside other cast members like Ricky and Bubba, Jerry and Lesa, Victor and Walt. Season two, however, marked the departure of Jerry and Lesa and the addition of Jenny and Mary. By the third season, an executive decision was made to remove Moe and Victor from the show.
Moe Pigroff from "Storage Wars" his Net Worth is $4 Mllion

Caption:- Moe Prigoff from “Storage Wars” his Net Worth is $4 Million

After his departure from the show, Moe decided to shift his focus back to his other passions, which were business and medicine. He currently lives with his wife in Texas, who although supportive of his hobby, gradually became annoyed with the fact that there is a lot of junk in their backyard.

His married life.

Moe Prigoff has been married twice. His first marriage took place in 1988 after he proposed to Nancy M. Larson. It didn’t last long, and Moe remarried in 2002. This time, he chose a woman named Michela Y Sanchez, who was 43 years at the time. They had a 17-year age difference as Moe was 60 back then.
Michela Sanchez Prigoff is a University of Texas Arlington campus graduate who runs a business called Beyond Beauty Esthetics. It is based in Dallas. Moreover, she is a licensed aesthetician and massage therapist who operates from her store in Texas.

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