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Dave Hester Wiki: Net Worth, Wife, Married Life, Kids, Bio

Dave Hester

Dave Hester, “The Mogul”, is a TV personality, auctioneer, and auction hunter. He is popularly known for his appearance in the “Storage Wars” show. Dave has been involved in auctioning at charity events and the storage auction business for over 25 years now.

The Golden Pool painting by Jack Wilkinson Smith, a California impressionist, remains one of his most valuable finds. He proved that he was one of the best in his field when he bought the painting for $750 and sold it for $155,000. He is CEO/Owner of Dave Hester Auctions.

Despite being a businessman, he is also a humanitarian. Here’s everything you need to know about Dave Hester’s Net worth, wife, and married life in his Wiki-like biography.

Is Dave Hester Married? Who Is The Wife?

Dave Hester is married to a woman named Donna. Though he often posts pictures and talks about his wife online, there isn’t a lot of information available regarding her bio. From all accounts, the two have been married for several years now.

With Dave’s success in television and business, it comes as no surprise that Donna is viewed as a celebrity wife. Dave and his wife Donna also have a son named Dave Jr. Like his father, Dave Jr. was a recurring member of Storage Wars. From the show, we learned that Dave Jr’s greatest ambition is to become a traveling auctioneer.

Dave Hester Net Worth

Sources estimated that Dave’s net worth is close to $4 million. His primary source of his earning is from appearances in the “Storage Wars” TV show and his business activities. At 57 years old, there is a chance that he will maintain his career as a TV personalityexpand. With the increase in popularity and success, Dave Hester’s net worth is speculated to increase in coming years.

Dashing Dave Hester from TV shows 'Storage Wars'
Caption: Dave Hester earned decent money from ‘Storage Wars’

Source: TV Guide

Being a millionaire with a huge bank account, Dave has bought a 1,263 sq Foot House in Westminster, CA. The house was built in the 1980s,, but he bought it in 1985 for $180,000. It is presently worth near half a million US Dollars. The home is equipped with modern furniture and nicely decorated.

Family, Kids

Dave has an only child, a son called Dave Jr. He has a brother, and his mom was born in Mexico. His father is a train collector and military man. He grew up around antiques and is often seen at auctions and garage sales with his parents, who purchase valuable items to supplement their income. This successful auctioneer enjoys fishing and loves charity work. He cherishes his family and spends quality time with them.

Wiki, bio

Dave Hester was born on 23rd July 1964 in California. He is a popular TV personality and businessman. Dave is primarily known for performing in the show “Storage Wars,” which commenced in 2010. The show is for folks that purchase the contents of storage units that have been left unused.

The show is still airing and has a high-quality reputation. This man is known for his aggressive nature and several kinds of beef with other cast members. As stated, Hester is a businessman who works tirelessly to assist himself and keep his entrepreneurial activities.

Initially, he managed “Newport Consignment Gallery” and “Rags to Riches Thrift keep.” However,, he was not able to continue and needed to shut them down. Despite this, he successfully runs his own auction house, ‘Dave Hester Auctions’.

At age 14, he started attending auctions himself- buying and selling to military shops in Orange County, California. Due to his vast knowledge in the antique collection, he was picked for the “Storage Wars” show and has been quite successful on the show.

Dave was dismissed from “Storage Wars” in 2012. Consequently, Hester filed a lawsuit in December 2012 and stated that he was wrongfully dismissed. Furthermore, he claimed that “Storage Wars” was staged as items were planted in the store.

Thereafter, the case was resolved in July 2014. After the lawsuit was settled, he returned to show in 2014. The next year, Dave got into an altercation with fellow “Storage Wars” stars Dan and Laura Dotson. His confrontational nature is one of the reasons he was booted from the show.

Dave has his own catchphrase, “YUUUP!” which is imprinted on items like hats and  andT-shirts. He admitted that he recorded a lot of sales on these items.

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