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Parker Schnabel Illness: What happened? Health Update

Parker schnabel Illness

Gold Rush fans were worried sick when they were presented with the idea that Parker Schnabel may need to it out his first-ever season in the Gold Rush franchise.

The current and ongoing season 6 of Gold Rush: Parker’s Revenue teased that Parker may have to sit out because of sickness.

  1. Parker Schnabel Terribly Ill

We were able to learn that Parker caught a very serious case of altitude sickness which is understandable since he is in South America visiting some of the highest-located mine sites in the world located mostly in Bolivia and Peru.

Discovery surely used it for a promotional clip for the May 5, Wednesday, episode titled ‘Bolivia or Bust,’ where the narrator states, “When traveling above 8,000ft too quickly, you can develop altitude sickness” to thrill the fans.

Things got so serious that Parker even needed to be put on an IV drip since altitude sickness must’ve made him vomit out all the fluids and prevented him from consuming any more.

Parker’s altitude sickness was so severe that he had to be placed on an IV drip during the South America trip.

Tyler Mahoney and Fred Lewis putting pay into the trommel

Dr Diego Lazarzaburu, after checking up on him, does state, “If he doesn’t improve I’m making the call… the trip is over…”

However, the team carried on their mission and will likely do so even without Parker if they can.

  1. Parker’s Illness Update

It seems our speculation was correct since there has been an update on Parker’s condition.

A clip posted to Discovery’s official Facebook page reveals Parker’s condition in another check-up by Dr. Diego.

The doctors first leave after checking up on him and leave him to rest after finding out he has a fever. But his vital signs are still stable.

They return the next day to check up on him again and Parker tells them how he’s already feeling better.

They take his temperature and it has already reduced but he still feels very swore.

His team then tells him how they need to make a decision immediately about what to do next.

His team later discusses how they cannot carry on if Parker is incapacitated and they may even have to drop everything and go back home even if they don’t want to.

Image of Parker Schnabel

Fortunately, Parker seems to have discreetly peeped his head out of the staircase.

“Speaking of the devil,” Tyler Mahoney jokes as cameraman, Dan Etheridge exclaims, “He’s Risen from the dead!”

“How are you doing?” Mahoney asks

“I’ve been better,” he responds as he makes his way to the table.

So, they ask him to make the decision and despite his weakened state, he gives a strong answer as expected of Parker, “F*@$, Yeah!”

They then take out the map to discuss where to go next as the clip ends.

So, Gold Rush fans will definitely be excited.

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