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Parker Schnabel Breakup with Girlfriend Ashley Youle: See What Went Wrong!

Parker Schnabel Breakup with girlfriend Ashley Youle

Parker Schnabel is a 27-year-old miner and reality star on Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush. Thanks to him and a few other cast members, the show has generated quite a buzz. It presently boasts millions of views per episode. With over 200 episodes to his name, Parker is one of the most extended recurring members. Since the second season, fans have watched Parker grow into the successful gold miner, businessman, and millionaire he is today. Read about Parker Schnabel’s Breakup with Ashley Youle.

Why Did Parker Schnabel Breakup with Girlfriend Ashley Youle?

After announcing that he had broken up with his girlfriend, Parker went on to add that it was his fault.

He revealed that he couldn’t make Ashley a priority, adding that he deserved better. All the while, Parker continued to shower Ashley with good praises as he had always done in the past.

In short, Parker admitted his faults instead of pointing the finger at his ex, Ashley Youle, for their Breakup.

Probably one of the wise life lessons the late John Schnabel, his grandpa, taught him, as we would sometimes see on Gold Rush while he was alive.

But whatever the reason for their Breakup, maintaining a relationship as a gold miner can be tricky, considering one is usually away for long-continued periods.

Picture of Parker Schnabel and Ashley Yule

Even Parker’s co-star Todd Hoffman once said spending six months away from home tends to be tough on a marriage.

And Peter himself, back in 2016, as he spoke to Maxim, the international men’s magazine, stated it was hard to sustain a relationship since he spends most of the year with middle-aged men.

Parker and Ashley Youle’s dating life before Breakup

In the seventh season, Parker introduced a blonde-haired young lady named Ashley Yule as his girlfriend. She appeared in 25 episodes in that and the following season.

Fans thought they were such a good match that they at one time asked Parker when if he was going to marry Ashley.

Sadly, they are no wedding bells around the corner since Parker in the ‘Win Big or Die Trying’ episode revealed he and Asley had broken up!

Parker and Youle met while he was in Australia. He says they genuinely got along nicely to the extent he invited her to North America for the summer.

Ashley Youle helped out on the mining grounds by driving trucks, fueling, and wherever she was needed.

Parker also appreciated that she would know to keep off when he was in a bad mood.

Speaking of bad moods, Parker was often noticeably irritable in season eight as he sought to find 5000 oz. of gold.

A particular gold measuring scene featured Parker snatching the bowl of gold from her as he hurriedly poured it on the weighing scale.

Did Ashley finally get tired of his mood swings? Or what happened?

Ashley Youle Wiki-bio

Ashley Yule is an Australian veterinary nurse. The 29-year-old was born on March 6, 1994.

Up until a few years ago, she was Parker’s girlfriend. Besides that, there’s not much else about her personal information.

She does, however, love to dance and draw, according to her social media.

Parker Schnabel ex-girlfriend Ashley Yule

Ashley managed to bring a different kind of fun and excitement to Gold Rush. Fans, the cast, and the crew can all attest to this.

Even at one time during the 7th season, the camera operators bet a bottle of whiskey on as to who’d be the first person to film Parker and Ashley kissing.

Although Ashley Yule was ready and willing to help the cameramen achieve this goal, Parker was not, and therefore the bottle of whiskey remained untouched for the rest of the season.

Chris Doumitt also enjoyed working alongside Ashley in the gold room and wore one big smile when she returned for season eight.

Picture of Ashley Yule mining gold in TV show Gold Rush

However, for the rest of the season, Ashley made very few appearances that, included her weighing gold and driving a truck.

In the last scene, she appears in, Parker Schnabel’s former girlfriend hugged Dozer, Parker’s dog, goodbye.

I guess it’s goodbye then, Ashley. Keep dancing, drawing, and just being the awesome you.

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8 thoughts on “Parker Schnabel Breakup with Girlfriend Ashley Youle: See What Went Wrong!”

  1. So very sad . I loved seeing Ashley on the show. You were such a great couple together. Ash was such a happy beautiful girl and she will be truly missed as the show wont be the same without her. If i was you i would beg for her to come back . Im going to miss seeing her beautiful smiling face .

  2. Way to go Parker you just got ride of one thing gold can’t buy but your to blind to realize that. Maybe one of these years you will come down to earth and realize you can’t treat people like shit.

  3. It’s parkers stupid temper that made her leave is my guess ! Now she will have so many offers i’m sure she will have a lot of chances to be on another show very soon.

  4. Parker is not exactly a good looking guy… maybe a 4 on the old 1-10 scale (and that’s being generous).
    And Ashley is at least a 9. That doesn’t add up at all, unless you figure in the ‘famous millionaire ‘aspect.
    Anyone seriously think she’d have been with him if he was just a nobody working a run of the mill job?
    In one small way, it WAS a good match… they’re both gold diggers.

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