Dave and Jenny Marrs shares Heartbreaking Adoption Journey.

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Dave and Jenny Marrs Kids

People have been watching the famous television show named Fixer to Fabulous. The show is hosted by two TV personalities, Jenny and Dave Marrs.

The couple is known for being two of the most influential home renovators in their country. They did not limit their kindness in houses but also to young children in the world who do not have parents.

People are eager to know how they juggle the life of being television hosts and parents.

In this article, we will know more about the journey that the couple went through to build a family that is full of love, hope, and inspiration.

Keep reading to learn more about the Wikipedia-type biography, children, age, and journey of Dave and Jenny Marrs.

Who are Dave and Jenny Marrs?

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs

Dave and Jenny Marrs are married couples who work together in designing, constructing, and renovating houses and living spaces.

Dave Marrs has been a long-time American craftsperson and helps her wife on the TV show Fixer to Fabulous to fix and build great historic homes for people in Arkansas.

On February 26, 1980, he was born in Kiowa, Colorado, the United States.

On the other hand, Jenny Marrs is a proud mother of five children and a talented interior designer for the television show.

She was born and raised in Florida, the United States, on January 24, 1979.

Jenny Mars pursued the profession of being an interior designer and has landed jobs that made her credentials strong.

The most exciting part of Jenny’s journey toward designing is that she has no design experience since she graduated with a degree in marketing and public relations during college.

However, there was no available information about the name of Jenny’s university in college, and we will try to update this article once the host has shared information about it.

Moreover, Dave enrolled at Colorado State University from 1997 to 2001 and graduated.

In some of their interviews, the couple shared that they have established a blueberry farm in Arkansas to help abandoned teenage boys in Marondera, Zimbabwe.

Indeed, the two have kind hearts that genuinely want to help others through financial and emotional support.

Fixer to Fabulous career of the couple

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs in Fixer to Fabulous TV Show

Dave and Jenny Marrs in Fixer to Fabulous TV Show

The fantastic journey of the couple started with renovating homes in Arkansas.

The specialization of the show is to rebuild and give life to historic homes that were not given attention for the past years.

The couple always adds an American Flag whenever they finish every project they work on because they want to honor and respect all the people who served the country. People viewed Dave and Jenny’s kindness too much for this complex world.

They have been a source of hope for people whenever they appear on television series and in interviews on any social media platform or media outlets.

The series on HGTV started to air in November 2017, and it was named first “Almost Home.” however, the plan of appearing on television shows and other platforms was not on the couple’s bucket list.

They did not expect to be part of the showbiz industry as they wanted to live everyday life with their kids, but the HGTV producers were quick to approach them and sent an email which Jenny ignored as she thought it was just spam mail that was not supposed to be in her inbox.

The show has received positive feedback from their watchers, saying that it was a fantastic show and renovating historic homes was new to their eyes. The show’s rating has been constantly high and continues to rock the world of home renovation.

However, after having a successful track record, HGTV changed the name to “Fixer to Fabulous.” Jenny’s keen eye for designs made the show more lively, and the ideas that she wanted to do to the house were made possible by his loving husband, Dave.

The viewers shared their thoughts about how perfect Dave and Jenny were for each other.

Dave and Jenny’s Rocky but Amazing Love History

People have been asking how the relationship between these two started, and our team will give you more information about it.

When the two were beginning to build their own lives after graduating college in 2002, they met at a firm.

Jenny is a bit older than Dave, so when Dave applied for Newell Brands’ Rubbermaid, Jenny was already working in another department.

The two never imagined that they could take things to a different level as Dave’s job in the company requires him to travel most of the time, and since then, they have been conquering the world by being in a long-distance relationship.

After three years of working for the company, Dave decided to find his passion by leaving the company and looking for opportunities to be a builder and renovator of houses.

It was not easy as Jenny had to shoulder the expenses for a while since she has a steady position in the company and had continuously received her salary.

People talked about how dramatic the proposal of Dave is to Jenny as he proposed to her at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. 2005 was when the TV hosts decided they were meant for each other. They tied the knot in Florida, where Jenny spent most of her childhood.

The Couple’s Unforgettable Journey in Adoption

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs' children

Dave and Jenny Marrs’ children

It is no secret that the couple was planning to adopt when they had been advocating for it ever since they were known in the industry.

Moreover, one of the main reasons they accepted being the hosts of Fixer to Fabulous is because they wanted to disseminate that adoption should always be an option if you plan to build your own family.

They believe that children worldwide want to experience what it is like to have parents that will love and accept them for who they are.

One of the couple’s five children is Sylvie, and she was adopted. She was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and was initially adopted by Jenny and Dave on November 12, 2012.

The brutal battle began when the government of Congo issued a statement saying that children who were adopted could not leave the country because their exit letters were suspended.

Jenny explained in an interview that she was waiting for the moment to meet Sylvie finally and has repeatedly been checking her emails to get the date of Sylvie coming home but what she received was heartbreaking news.

Jenny became emotional and needed to calm down as she was pregnant with Charlotte during that time, and only Dave was the one who went to Africa multiple times.

The craftsman stated that he did everything to try and convince the government to bring Sylvie home, but there was no luck. He waited outside the U.S. Embassy in Congo for a long time and constantly contacted representatives, but none of them worked for the couple.

The Fixer to Fabulous couple finally had a halt when they found out that they could at least move Sylvie into a foster home where their friend worked as a physician.

Dave was quick to accept the challenge of visiting Sylvie three times, and they would arrange a facetime with her every day.

In July 2014, Sylvie was finally given a go-signal to be home with Dave and Jenny. She had a foster mother in Congo who helped her travel to Arkansas. Sources also said that it was beneficial to the couple since Sylvie only knew one language at that time, and it was French.

They said she was exposed to things she had never seen before and had to learn a lot about their culture to complete the mental preparation of moving in with the Marrs family.

The new lifestyle, temperature, people, and country became difficult for their daughter to adjust to.

Dave and Jenny Marrs’ Five Adorable Children

Image of Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs with their kids

Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs with their kids

Keep scrolling to know more about the children of the famous home renovators! We have read the news about the couple having a huge family and going through many difficulties to bring their adopted child home.

The couple often shares pictures of their children on social media, may it be playing, eating, or doing recreational activities together.

There is no doubt that they did an incredible job raising their sons and daughters.

In addition, Dave and Jenny’s other children have received the same amount of love and care from their parents.

Nathan and Ben

Image of Dave and Jenrry Marrs' sons, Ben and Nathan Marrs

Dave and Jenrry Marrs’ sons, Ben and Nathan Marrs

They are the oldest children of the famous television couple. Being born prematurely could be a challenging situation, especially if you are not ready to handle the complications. Jenny was known to have a high-risk pregnancy and had to rest to ensure that she safely delivered her babies.

When she gave birth to her two angels, the Florida native gave them a special gift, a hat that symbolizes her whole pregnancy journey to the twins. She shared that she was very proud and happy that the twins came into her life and could not ask for more.

The twin brothers also played a vital role in the couple’s life when they started their careers as home renovators. They accompanied their parents to the home, where they were tasked to demolish and fix it.

They saw a whole new life with the twins as they took a tour inside the old house. Jenny was full of inspiration when she shared the story. She never runs out of ideas when the topic is about her family because she loves her family more.

Dave and Jenny Marrs’ Adopted Daughter Sylvie Marrs

Image of Dave Marrs with his daughter, Sylvie Marrs

Dave Marrs with his daughter, Sylvie Marrs

She is the couple’s adopted child and is adjusting to her new surroundings. Many media outlets have released news about the couple’s harrowing journey during the adoption of Sylvie. However, they overcame the issues and successfully added her to the family.

The family shared how close Sylvie is to her twin brothers. They would often spend their time together and play different games to ease their boredom inside the house.

Indeed, it was a blessing for both the couple and Sylvie to have each other as they made each other’s lives delighted.

The daughter of the couple has learned new skills thanks to her parents. She could use these when she grows up and build a profession around them.

Cooking and baking are the new hobbies of Sylvie; Dave influenced her when it comes to experimenting with recipes and baking pastries that would add more flavor to the family’s life.

There were pictures on social media wherein she was cooking delicious meals for her siblings and parents. Moreover, her talents were not limited inside the house as she is also athletic and started to play basketball for a local team.

Indeed, Dave and Jenny inspired many people through their complicated but hopeful story with their daughter, Sylvie.

The couple showed the world that if you have the courage and bravery to combat all the hardships that life gives you, you will be able to overcome them and be a sparkplug to the people around you.

Charlotte Marrs

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs' daughter, Charlotte Marrs

Dave and Jenny Marrs’ daughter, Charlotte Marrs

The youngest daughter of the family is Charlotte Mars. Like her older sister, Sylvie, Charlotte loves to spend time with his father.

She would often join her older sister and Dave when they had a cooking or baking session.

The youngest sister, Sylvie, is also an animal lover. She loves to take care of animals and talks about having her pet when allowed to.

Dave posted a picture of him and Charlotte on social media having a father-daughter getaway.

The two enjoyed it as they rode bikes and tried to race with each other, went to the beach to have a relaxing vibe on the weekend, and ate delicious food together.

Luke Marrs

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs' youngest child, Luke Marrs

Dave and Jenny Marrs’ youngest child, Luke Marrs

The adorable youngest member of the family is Luke Marrs. The couple stated that the young man is starting to show signs of loving construction and even said that her interest in it was beyond his father’s.

Luke radiates energy to their home by showing a cheerful personality and making funny faces in pictures and videos.

The couple’s youngest son never fails to make the family laugh and be the spark of joy for his siblings whenever they feel bored or sad.

Dave showed on his social media account that he was so proud of Luke, and he is excited about the path that Luke will be taking when he is all grown up.

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