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Dustin Hurt Wiki Bio, Net Worth, Married: What Happened to Dustin Hurt? 2022

Gold Rush Dustin Hurt

Dustin Hurt is an American actor who has appeared on Gold Rush for some of its episodes. It is a reality television series that is still active on the Discovery Channel. The series revolves around some people in the mining industry. They strive to mine Gold in the Alaskan terrain, which is as dangerous as beautiful. Learn about Dustin Hurt’s wiki-bio, including his net worth, age, and wife.

What happened between Dustin Hurt and his father, Fred Hurt?

Well, feuds and conflicts are part of life in our modern society. The Dakota family could escape without one or two family issues. Dustin Hurt and his father, Fred Hurt, had a severe misunderstanding that resulted in an exchange of blows.

We could not understand what led to the crop up of the issue, but the issue was a big one, given that it resulted in a disagreement. The good news for now, however, is that they have reconciled and are back together, father and son like before.

Gold Rush Dustin Hurt with is father Fred Hurt

Caption:- Gold Rush Dustin Hurt and his father, Fred Hurt

Source:- Facebook

Dustin Hurt and his wife. Their married life.

Dustin Hurt is a member of the Dakota family, which comprises several individuals. Dustin Hurt is married to Arin Alhum Hanson. The couple wed a few years ago in a private wedding with just family in attendance.

However, little is known of Dustin Hurt’s wife as she hasn’t been in the limelight for too long. As such, Hurt’s not sure whether the couple has any kids or not. But given that they haven’t been together for too long, it is highly likely that they don’t have any kids. They may, however, be considering having a child in the near future.

Net Worth 2022

Through his appearance on the show, Hurt has made a fortune for himself. He earns a good salary from the show through his appearance across various episodes. Currently, Dustin Hurt’s net worth is approximated to be over $1million. Dustin basically makes his money through his career in acting and his appearance on reality tv.

It is worth noting that his net worth is subject to increase, given that he is still active in the mining industry. Moreover, he could Hurt’s on television if called upon.

Wiki Bio

Dustin Hurt is a member of the Dakota boys. He is the son of Fred Hurt and has several brothers. Together, they call themselves the Dakota boys. It is not clear when he was born, but we know that he was raised in Alaska. Additionally, Dustin is a husband and father.

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  1. Dustin so badly wants someone to respect him. I’ve never in my life told another man that he needs to see a psychiatrist, but Dustin needs to do so before he gets the shit kicked out of him. He acts like a 10 year old bully with a lot of douchbag mixed in. Not the way to earn another mans respect.

  2. you no you treat people like shit i would slap you right in your mouth you treated me like that . and the way you treat your dad , you only have one dad your a asshole

  3. I truly hope his poor attitude and lack of respect for other people is just an act for TV. No human being should be as much of a d-bag as this guy. Maybe some undiagnosed mental issues. I feel bad for his family

  4. I don’t understand how in the hell you assuming a**holes can be narrow minded so much as to use those kind of judgmental statements based on Dustin from the “TV” show Gold Rush! Don’t you think it’s worth knowing all the facts about the “man” Dustin Hurt? I know you shouldn’t be crying or complaining with as many assumptions about Dustin you are making… unless you’re privileged enough to know every detail about the “real lives” of Fred and Dustin.

  5. Really?So if its on T.V, its true. ?? I missed the Dakota Boys. And really like White Water. If you dont like the Hurts, dont watch. Simple. Just hope they pay back Todd, soon. He is the total douche of all the shows. I hope he finds another proffesion, and pays all his crew. Oh well, thats my spin

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