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Meet Dave Marciano wife Nancy and 3 Kids. His net worth, age, family in wiki bio 2022

Wicked tuna Dave Marciano wife Angelica, net worth, age, family wiki bio

Dave Marciano brought his experience and skills to “Wicked Tuna” of National Geographic. The show is about commercial fishing off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts, among the places with a rich history of fishing in the United States. Dave brings his attitude, personality, and competitiveness to the show, making it the best reality TV show ever produced by National Geographic. There is so much to learn about Dave Marciano. This article reviews his net worth, family life including wife and kids, career development, and wiki-bio.

The show “Wicked Tuna,” what is it all about? Tuna fishing?

Basically, the shows share some of the challenges that commercial tuna fishers face, from finding this difficult species to knowing how to hook the finicky of tuna, to how to reel in the heavy, and the catch eventually. While it is hard to catch tuna fish, one tuna can cost as much as $20, 0000.

In addition, the show shows the competitive and stubborn nature of tuna fish. Although the captains and their crew are friends on land, they become strong rivals while catching tuna fish in the Atlantic. It is all about the winner-take-all mentality.

Wicked tuna Dave Marciano Net Worth
Caption:- The show Wicked Tuna is all about fishing.

Net worth and salary  

At a young age, Dave loved to fish with his father and family on a regular basis. His first achievement was when he was only seven when he caught his first fish. It was in his teens that he caught his first tuna, in New Jersey.

According to reliable sources, Captain Dave Marciano’s salary per episode stands at $8300. And his net worth stands at $1.5 Million.

Wicked tuna Dave Marciano's Net Worth source of income
Caption:- Wicked tuna Dave Marciano’s Net Worth is $1.5 Million.

Wicked Tuna’s Dave Marciano is married to Wife Nancy and has 3 Children: A Daughter Angelica and Son Jason Marciano and the youngest daughter Eva Rose.

Along the way, Dave Marciano met his now beautiful wife, Nancy. He married his wife in 1990. Together, they are blessed with three gorgeous kids. The first born is called Angelica; she is currently in college.

picture of wicked tuna's Dave Marciano and his wife Nancy in Fishing trip

The second born, Jason Marciano, is a high school student and works with his father on the boat, especially during school breaks and summers. The youngest of the kids is called Eva Rose; she is in elementary school.

Picture of Dave Marciano's two children, a daughter Angelica and a son Jason Marciano.
Caption:- Wicked Tuna Dave Marciano’s kids.

Dave Marciano’s wife Nancy and kids love to fish as well, and Dave says he has the best family time doing that. In fact, his wife holds a record for catching a striper in Massachusetts. His wife has been fishing with her father since she was a young child, her older brothers, and her husband as well.

Wicked tuna cast captain Dave Marciano with his wife Nancy

Dave Marciano career development, his tuna fishing career, and television shows

Wicked Tuna’s Captain Dave  Marciano attended the Gloucester High School, and throughout his school life, we used to fish and work on a Yankee Fleet Boat. However, he did not have any special interest in school because he knew since he was young that he wanted to become a fisherman. Therefore, he spent most of his time on the boat than in school.

The company he worked for offered him whale watching and fishing trips and sooner he learned a lot there. He became friends with the staff and soon after graduation, he was offered a permanent position and later became a captain.

Because he yearned to make more cash than he did when he was a captain, he bought his boat after three years and started working. This was a very smart move because this not only made him a lot of money but made his name known all over.

Wicked tuna Dave Marciano birth place date of birth age
Caption:- Wicked tuna Dave Marciano is currently 55Years old.

Source:- Facebook

The producers of ‘Wicked Tuna,’ a show aired by National Geographic Channel offered him a job, and he joined the series in its 6th season as a cast member.

Wiki bio

Name Dave Marciano
Date of Birth 1965
Age 55
Residence Massachusetts
Marital status Married to Nancy
Kids Angelica, Joseph, Eva Rose
Profession Fisherman
Net worth $1.5 Million
Salary $83000

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