Wicked Tuna Brad Krasowski is Married. Know his Wife, net worth and, age in wiki type biography

Wicked tuna cast brad Krasowski net worth, wife, Married life, age wiki biography

Let’s find out about Wicked Tuna’s Cast and Captain of a boat “Fish Hawk” Brad Krasowski’s wife Heather, children, net worth, salary, career, and so much more.

Brad Krasowski spent most of his early life in Manasquan, New Jersey where he often fished in the Atlantic Ocean for anything, be it sea bass, tuna, bluefish, or porgy. During his teenage years, he travels all over the East Coast in search of the big ones, and this brought him to a man who would become his close friend, employee, boss, the “ Wicked Tuna,” Paul Hebert, the rest is history.

Brad Krasowski is Married to Wife, Heather and they have 2 Children.

Brad is a married man. His beautiful wife is called Heather. Together they have two kids, a son and a daughter named Brad and Emma respectively. Together with his family, they enjoy seafood and prefer to include seafood in every meal.

Wicked tuna cast brad Krasowski wife Heather he keeps his private life in dawn

Caption:- Wicked tuna cast brad Krasowski is married to wife Heather and have two kids Brad & Emma

Brad Krasowski has been a very secretive person when it comes to his wife, kids, and personal life. Most celebrities would share the picture of their family on social media like Facebook and Twitter. But this guy from Wicked Tuna has managed to seal off everything about his wife and children.

Brad Krasowski Net worth

Many people have always wanted to know how much Brad is worth. Reliable sources claim that is net worth is more than $100k.  His net worth has grown mainly because of his fishing success as well as appearing on television.

He has appeared as a cast member of another ship previously on Wicked Tuna. As he continues to work, Brad Krasowski net worth is expected to rise.

Wicked tuna cast brad Krasowski is a successful person looking great in sun glasses

Caption:- Wicked tuna cast brad Krasowski’s Net Worth is around $100K


Brad has always been close to the coast since he was a young boy, and at this time, this young lad developed a strong passion for fishing. In an interview, he explained how deep he was into fishing even as a little boy. He said,

“I just think over the years, ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always thought about and studied and fished for every little fish under the sun, whether it’s a trout or a snapper or a bonita. And that’s all I ever really wanted to do, is catch fish and it’s just natural to me. … It’s a natural-born, innate ability.”

Brad Krasowski started fishing in the Atlantic Ocean for different fish species such as bluefish, porgy, tuna, and sea bass.

His love from big fish grow yonder, and he ventured into it, a move that saw him meet a man who would become a lifetime partner, Paul Hebert. Brad studied different types of fish and worked hard to own a boat. Also, he learned how to cook and served different types of seafood.

Wicked tuna cast brad Krasowski happy in his boat

Caption:- Wicked tuna cast Brad Krasowski have a very strong passion for fishing big and different fish.

Wicked Tuna Cast Brad Krasowski net worth started to grow as he improved on his craft. Also, his interest in tuna became stronger, and his name started gaining recognition, he was approached by the producers of Wicked Tuna.

The show Wicked Tuna is a reality TV show which focuses mainly on fishermen hailing from Gloucester Massachusetts who seek to catch Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in the North Atlantic Ocean. The show is like a competition where the fishermen battle it out, and whoever catches the most fish, wins.

Wicked Tuna has become not only the most popular show but also the strongest from National Geographic. The show has run for more than six seasons. Furthermore, the show highlights issues that affect the Bluefin Tuna, since there has been an increase in fishing for the species, and this has prompted the government to place regulations in an aim to preserve the fish.

Also, Tuna fishing is among the oldest fishing industries in the United States. However, for Brad, he made his cameo in the 5th season as a cast member of the Wicked Pissa under the guidance of Paul Herbert. Brad Krasowski net worth shot up steadily, thanks to his move to joining the next season of the show as a captain of his own boat known as The Fish Hawk.

His Wiki bio

Brad Krasowski was born on 20th September 1969; he is 49 years of age. His hometown is Asbury Park, New Jersey. He says that the largest tuna that he has ever caught is the one he got about five miles from the Asbury Park, the fish was over 1000 pounds.

Wicked tuna cast brad Krasowski age wiki bio birth place date

Caption:- Wicked tuna cast brad Krasowski is currently 40 years old.

Name Brad Krasowski
Ethnicity Caucasian
Wife Heather
Children Emma and Brad
Salary $68,000
Profession Fisherman

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