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Wicked Tuna Boats, Captains, And The Season Winners.

Wicked Tuna Boats, Captains, And The Winners

Wicked Tuna is a reality tv show that is about the tuna Fishermen that are found in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The fishermen are in the great business of fishing the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna that is found in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The series has been aired since April 1, 2012, on the National Geographic Channel. The show gives great insight on the issues that are now facing the Bluefin tuna as well as offering a great look on one of the oldest reads in history. According to the Howard T.Owens, the series is one of the most active franchises for the National Geographic. The TV show has just completed its 7th season in 2018. Have a look at all the wicked tuna boats, their captains and crews, and the season winners from season one to 7th.

Wicked Tuna Boats, Their Captains, And Crews

 Wicked Tuna Boat FV-Tuna.Com:

The captain of the Wicked tuna boat is Captain Dave Carraro.

The is the most hated of all the boats in all the Wicked Tuna boats. All the other teams do not like these boats. The boat was built in 2003 and it has a 38 foot high sheer Duffy that has been painted black. The boat is referred to as the black boat at times. Every fisherman that hunts for the Bluefin tuna in Massachusetts knows about this boat.

The reason for this is that it brings in one of the largest Tuna fish to shore. This makes all the other crews jealous. The other reason why the FV-Tuna.Com is quite popular is that the captain of the boat is known to give the wrong coordinates of the vessel and make other crews go on a wild goose chase at the ocean. Many fishers see the boat as a significant problem for their business. The paint job is held secret and is known to attract the giant fish somehow that it captures.

Captains, Crews of Wicked Tuna boat FV-Tuna.Com:

Wicked Tuna Boat Hard Merchandise

This boat is 36 feet and eight inches long. Built in 1984, this boat is a workhorse and has aged beyond expectations. This is because of the long hours it spends at sea. The ship is a full-time fishing boat and the source of income for the two men who make up it entire crew. The Hard Merchandise lacks the glamour of all other boats but has a highly qualified captain a by the name Dave Marciano.

Pin Wheel

The Pin Wheel comes from Rye, New Hampshire. It is lead by one of the youngest captains at sea by the main Tyler McLaughlin. The boat is referred to as the fish killing machine. The name Pin Wheel was coined by Tyler because of the hooked shape that the tuna makes when it is dying.

The Hot Tuna

This is the biggest boat in the fleet. It has been one of the top earners of all the boat from New England. The captain has the ability to find tuna and get them to lines. Captain TJ Ott has contributed a lot to the success of The Hot Tuna.

The Wicked Pissah

This is a custom designed boat that is 30 foot.  Owned and steered by Captain Paul, it has taken 40 years to make this exceptional fishing boat.

The Fish Hawk.

This is the newest vessel to join the Wicked Tuna fleet. The captain of the Fish Hawk is Brad Krasowski which is a Wicked Pissah former first mate.

Wicked Tuna Boat, Fish Hawk

List of Wicked Tuna Boats and Their Captains in Table.


Name Captain Seasons Specifications Dave Carraro Season 1- Calvin Beal 44 custom built by SW Boatworks
Hard Merchandise Dave Marciano Season 1- 36 feet and eight inches Novi Boat built in 1984
PinWheel Tyler McLaughlin Season 2- 45 Provincial Marine Commercial Fishing Vessel
The Hot Tuna TJ Ott Season 3- 45 ft stretched to 48 ft Dixon/series 60 Detroit
The Wicked Pissah Paul Hebert Season 5- Custom-Designed 30-foot Boat
The Fish Hawk Brad Krasowski Season 6-

Former Boats in Wicked Tuna.

The Bounty Hunter

The bounty hunter is made to have all the whistles and bell as well as all the comfort that are in a home. It is characterized by a clean deck, a great bed as well as great food. It is one of the most comfortable boats, but this does not matter in the game. What matters is the size of the tuna and the number it hooks. If it does not perform the owner will have to sell it with time. The captain is Bill Monte

The Odysea

This is one of the smallest of all the boats. The captain of the boat is Ralph Wilkins who says that the size of the bat does not matter. He says all that matter is having people to guide you on how where to go for the tuna. Ralph works as a team with the captain of the Bounty Hunter who happens to be his best friend he says that their friendship has made them more potent in the game.

The Lily

This is one of the best harpoon boats that is captained by Bill Muniz who has been nicknamed Hollywood. The fishing method referred to as harpooning is an ancient method that has a modern twist. The harpoon boat has spotter plane that is used to track down schools of the Bluefin tuna. It can carefully select the perfect position to get on tuna with a sing harpoon shop. This is a very technical method to fish and is done within very short seasons of the Bluefin migration for the waters in Canada. This is usually from June to Mid-July. The pressure for this boat is, therefore, more intense because of the time frame.

Lisa and Jake

The captains of this boat are Captain Herbert and First Mate Bruce Hebert. Paul joined the Lisa and Jake after serving for a long time on the FV-Tuna.Com after his longtime friend Captain Dave Carraro fired him. Paul has had an impressive performance in his short time in the season and has earned respect from his peers.

Wicked Tuna Former Vessel 'Lisa-and Jake'


The boat captains are first mate Grebe Gibbs and Greg Chorebanian who have had a steady catch of the Bluefin tuna. Their main aim is to silence captain holy wood of the Lilly.

The Erin and Sarah

The captain of this boat is Captain Pete Speeches who has great stores form his fishing career.

Kelly Ann

The captain of this boar is Captain Paul who now has a new boat as well as the new crew. The crew is eager to prove itself to the rest of the fleet

Wicked Tuna Winners: (From Season 1 – Season 7). 

Season 1 Winner(2012)

The winner of season 1 was with Captain Dave Carraro

Season 2 winner (2013)

Season 2 was won by Pin Wheel commanded by Captain Tyler McLaughlin with a total of 16 fish caught

season 3 winner (2014) went on to win the 3rd season still lead by captain Dave Carraro, and they had found 15 fish.

Season 4 winner (2015)

Hard merchandise upped their game and won this season. Commanded by captain Dave Marciano, they cause 18 blue-finned tuna

Wicked Tuna Season 5 (2016) and 6 (2017) Winner. won both of these seasons and in both seasons lead by Dave Carraro having caught 22 and 18 fish for the respective season.

Wicked Tuna Season 7 Winner (208).

The winner of the most recent season was Pin Wheel having caught 19 fish.

Wicked Tuna Season (1-7) winners in the table.

Season Winner Captain Total Fish caught Runner-up Captain Total Fish caught
1 (2012) Dave Carraro $85,950 Unknown Hard Merchandise Dave Marciano $61,000 Unknown
2 (2013) Pin Wheel Tyler McLaughlin $100,861 16 Dave Carraro $96,978 14
3 (2014) Dave Carraro $126,403 15 Hard Merchandise Dave Marciano $61,904 8
4 (2015) Hard Merchandise Dave Marciano $102,690 18 Pin Wheel Tyler McLaughlin $99,876 16
5 (2016) Dave Carraro $104,785 22 Wicked Pissah Paul Hebert $104,611 19
6 (2017) Dave Carraro $98,580 18 Pin Wheel Tyler McLaughlin $98,561 15
7 (2018) Pin Wheel Tyler McLaughlin $103,936 19 Fish Hawk Brad Krasowski $103,361 18

In wicked Tuna series, the winner is determined by the total worth of the fish they catch. Looking at the chart one thing is clear, the boat has 4 wins making Dave Carraro the most capable captain of  all with 2 consecutive win in 2016 and 2017.

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