Wicked Tuna Cast Tyler McLaughlin: Wife, Married, Girlfriend Net Worth, age in wiki bio

Wicked Tuna Cast Tyler McLaughlin wife married life net worth, age wiki bio

Tyler became famous when his dad’s fishing boat was named “The Pacifier.” This is because when he was only 2, he used to go out for fishing escapades with his father, a move that kept him quiet all the time. Today, together with his mates, Alex Whitney and Adam Moser aboard the Pinwheel. Tyler is a quiet individual even when on fishing trips as he seeks to compete against the other Gloucester crews by catching the biggest fish in the Atlantic. The game is extremely dangerous but interesting.This article shares some interesting facts about Tyler McLaughlin including his net worth, wife, and career.

Tyler McLaughlin Married to wife? Or dating girlfriend?

Although many people have a misunderstanding that Tyler McLaughlin is married. But the truth is, he is dating a girlfriend, Savannah Tarpley. In addition, he is very active on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter. When he is not fishing, Tyler loves to play tennis to maintain a great condition and since he misses some action.

Although he hasn’t shared much info about his girlfriend, Savannah Tarpley, he hasn’t hesitated to flaunt their relationship in social media like Facebook. Capt. Tyler McLaughlin has shared some pictures of his girlfriend, Savannah Tarpley.

Tyler McLaughlin & his wife Savannah Tarpley with fish the caught

Caption:- Tyler McLaughlin with his lovely wife, Savannah Tarpley

This Wicked Tuna star hasn’t shared any married plans yet, but when the right time comes, we’ll let you know about Tyler McLaughlin’s wife and married life.

Wicked Tuna Cast Tyler McLaughlin with wife Savannah Tarpley

Caption:- Tyler McLaughlin loves his wife, Savannah Tarpley

Cаrееr dеvеlорmеnt and joining National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna

When he finished his schooling, his dad signed the lease for a boat, and he became good in fishing faster and became one of the youngest captains to catch Bluefin tuna. He became the captain of the boat known as Pinwheel; he fished with his friends. He earlier worked with a bigger crew but chose to work with only a few people.

Due to his success, the producers of National Geographic’s reality TV show “Wicked Tuna” invited him to join the biggest show on TV. However, before he joined the show, his net worth was mainly because of his work.

Captain Tyler McLaughlin happy with fish he caught

Caption:- Wicked Tuna Cast Tyler McLaughlin is captain of boat Pinwheel

Wicked Tuna is a show that focuses on tuna fishing, the oldest industries in the world. In the show, different groups battle each other to determine who will catch the most fish in the Atlantic Ocean.

The fishermen focus on the Atlantic Bluefin. In addition to that, the show shares some issues in the industry such as the dangers that the tuna fish face and how the government-controlled fishing of the Bluefin to stop its population from reducing and becoming instinct.  

Tyler joined Wicked Tuna in its second season and won the tournament, where he made   $100,861 worth of haul.

The show also has another spin-off show known as Wicked Tuna: North versus Southern, which has some of the initial show fishing in the banks of North Carolina. However, the show was later renamed Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks and has been active for the third season now.

Net worth and salary

Tyler McLaughlin has a net worth of $400,000. The money comes from his success as a fisherman, as well as his appearance on the television show the Wicked Tuna. However, Tyler’s net worth is expected to rise since he is still working had in the show, and doing some fishing as well.

Tyler McLaughlin Net Worth Source of income

Caption:- Tyler McLaughlin’s Net Worth is estimated to b around $400,000

His Wiki Bio

Tyler has had some encounter with the police recently. He was charged with a misdemeanor assault when he got into a fight with another fisherman.

He punched the man in the eye several times. The victim hurt his nose so bad. However, he disappeared before the police showed up. However, he later availed himself to the police station.

Wicked Tuna Cast Tyler McLaughlin was born in

Caption:-Wicked Tuna Cast Tyler McLaughlin was born in 1989.

Tyler is a competent and outspoken, and yet cocky. When he has a fish on the deck, he lovers to push other people’s buttons just as to brag. He won the American Red Cross First Responder Award in 2015, for a rescue he did earlier.


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