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Was Kate Chastain Arrested? Why? (2022)

Kate Chastain is a television personality and stewardess aboard a yacht. Her popularity soared after she began featuring on Below Deck, a reality show on the Bravo Network. Read to know why Kate Chastain from Below Deck was arrested.

It has given him the chance to work with the likes of Kevin Dobson, Ashton Pienaar, and Lee Rosbach. Her celebrity status has also brought her a lot of social media fanfare.

She boasts over 400,000 followers on Instagram, for instance. Most recently, Kate Chastain was in the news for an entirely different reason. She found herself in trouble with the law and reportedly landed in jail. Find out what happened in this review.

Kate Chastain Arrested.

On the 15th of June 2016, it was reported that Kate Chastain found herself on the wrong side of the law. Police were called in, and Kate was taken into custody following a reported fight with her then-girlfriend Rocio Hernandez. This was back in Florida, along Melbourne Beach.

The Sheriff’s Office at Brevard County reported that the stewardess was charged with assault and battery. This came after she allegedly charged at her girlfriend, strangled her, and reportedly bit her across her arms and legs. All this is classified as serious domestic abuse.

The police also reported that Kate Chastain and girlfriend Rocio Hernandez had been drinking before the incident happened. During the incident, Kate tried to kick her girlfriend out of their home.

After she refused to go, Kate then reportedly assaulted her again, even pulling her hair this time. Kate’s girlfriend also claimed that the stewardess also held her nose and mouth, resulting in suffocation.

Image of TV Personality, Kate Chastain arrested due to domestic violence to a misdemeanor

TV Personality, Kate Chastain arrested due to domestic violence to a misdemeanor

This was also not the first instance of abuse. Kate had allegedly assaulted her then-girlfriend a few other times before.

Rocio Hernandez was afraid to go to the police at the time because she was afraid no one would believe her. This was because Kate Chastain, being a television personality, was a reputable figure in society.

To, sum it up Kate Chastain was arrested for an assault.

The aftermath of the Incident.

After being booked and arrested, Kate Chastain was then only released after she posted a $ 5,000 bond. To her credit, Kate did not deny some of the allegations. She did, however, state that people were quick to jump to conclusions, and that her side of the story was not told.

On her tweeter account, Kate reached out to her fans, thanking them for the continuous support. It was a humiliating time for the stewardess, but she promised her fans that she would bounce back.

Kate stated that the truth would shine through in the end once she got a chance to tell her side of the story.

The charges Kate Chastain faced were later downgraded from domestic violence to a misdemeanor. The aftermath left Kate with a lot of life lessons.

She went on to say that she was more wary of dating, and people in general as the result of her previous relationship. Kate and her ex-girlfriend are no longer in contact. Looking at what happened, we can’t blame them.

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