Eddie Lucas Wikipedia, Biography, Girlfriend, & Age

Eddie Lucas is an American television personality famous for appearing in the reality television series, Below Deck. In a short period of time, Eddie became the crew’s favorite and fans loved him as a deckhand in the first season and bosun in the second and third seasons.

Eddie did not return for the fourth season and as per Captain Lee Rosbach, he left because he was having relationship issues with his girlfriend, back home.

Now, after leaving the reality series, Eddie from Below Deck is living a low-key life and hasn’t revealed anything about his professional career and work-life. He is just simply enjoying roaming around and vacationing with his girlfriend.

Image of Eddie Lucas Interview After Below Deck

Eddie Lucas Interview After Below Deck

Is Eddie Lucas Dating A Girlfriend Or Is He Married?

By far, every Below Deck’s fans agree that the most cringeworthy moment of the television series’ finale was when Amy Johnson made a weird move on Eddie Lucas; even when she knew, he was dating someone. However, Eddie follows a very strict policy of never getting romantically involved with any co-workers.

While many prefer to share their relationship and affairs in the media, Eddie is just completely opposite. He does not choose to publish his personal life on television or online. However, Eddie from Below Deck admitted that he is still together with his long term girlfriend Amy.

Image of Eddie Lucas And His Girlfriend Amy

Eddie Lucas And His Girlfriend Amy

Amy is the same girl he dated before he worked on Below Deck. The duo’s relationship survived strong waves of long-distance troubles and is still together.

Image of Eddie Lucas' Girlfriend Amy

Eddie Lucas’ Girlfriend Amy

It is not precisely known when and how they started dating, but they surely are deeply and madly in love with each other. Their vacation pictures posted on social media accounts are proof that they lead a healthy relationship.

Eddie Lucas’ Net Worth & Current Involvements

As mentioned above, Eddie came into the spotlight for appearing in Below Deck. He almost disappeared from the television after the third season of the show and hasn’t outed what he does now for a living.

Image of Eddie Taking Orders From Captain Lee 

Eddie Taking Orders From Captain Lee

Though Eddie Lucas’ net worth is not disclosed, sources claim he received $35 thousand from Below Deck. However, his net worth, house, and cars are still under curtains.

Eddie Lucas’ Wiki-Bio, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, and more!

Eddie has not mentioned his birthdate and birthplace, but he looks like he is in his early 30s. However, as per Bravo TV, Eddie from Below Deck grew up on the East Coast, where he attended boarding schools. He explored recreational diversions on the Chesapeake and Buzzards Bay. As per the former Below Deck star Eddie, he loves to ski and fish.

Image of Eddie Lucas Fishing

Eddie Lucas Fishing

He also took advantage of any of the offered outdoor educational opportunities that included a degree in Adventure Education from the Green Mountain College.

After education, Eddie Lucas from Below Deck became proficient in rafting, scuba diving, and rock climbing. He once survived a car accident, after which he started living his life to the fullest and appreciating everything he has.

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