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Who is Kate Chastain’s Girlfriend in 2020 after breakup from ex-girlfriend Ro Hernandez? (2022)

Image of Who is Kate Chastain’s Girlfriend in 2019 after breakup from ex-girlfriend Ro Hernandez

Kate Chastain is a yacht stewardess on the show below deck who started her life at sea at the age of 24. Being bi-sexual, she has dated both men and women. Most of her former flings are directly linked to the reality show “Below Deck” she is part of. Kate was romantically involved with a woman named Ro Hernandez back in 2016. However, this relationship imploded after an incident at the couple’s home. Police were called in, and it resulted in the pair breaking up. Find out who Kate Chastain is dating at the moment.

Kate Chastain’s girlfriend now in 2020.

After her very public and explosive break up with Ro Hernandez, we learned that Kate moved on with her life. She continued dating a few people afterward in an attempt to move on from her ex. This is understandable as the previous relationship had left a bad taste in her mouth.

Kate Chastain from “Below Deck” stated that it had left her feeling mistrustful of every potential love interest. This is because she feels like her side of the story was not told during her highly publicized split with her ex-girlfriend Ro Hernandez. This may be one of the reasons that there has been no mention of Kate dating any other women after Ro.

Image of Kate Chastain with her girlfriend Ro Hernandez

Kate Chastain with her girlfriend, Ro Hernandez

It wasn’t surprising that Kate Chastain would then go on to be linked with some of her male crewmates instead. Perhaps Ro had turned her off women.

It was reported that she had a fling with Ben Robinson, who also worked on the same yacht. By 2018 however, Kate Chastain was linked to another crew member. This was Josiah Carter.

The steward joined the rest of the cast of below deck during the show’s sixth season. Eagle-eyed fans noticed how close the pair have grown over the years.

Image of Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson

Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson

Kate Chastain’s split from ex-girlfriend Ro Hernandez.

On the 15th of June 2016, it came to light that Kate Chastain had been arrested. Police answered a call in which domestic abuse was reported. A fight had broken out that Monday and Kate were charged with strangling her then-girlfriend, Ro Hernandez at their Melbourne Beach, Florida home.

Reports from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office also reported that Kate had bit her ex-girlfriend multiple times when the latter had refused to leave home. When this had not had the desired effect, she pulled her hair as the story goes.

Kate faced a serious battery charge and subsequent jail time which would have undoubtedly ruined her career.  However, the charges were dropped to a misdemeanor after a plea bargain with the DA’s office. After the incident, Kate Chastain and Ro Hernandez would not have any contact with each other again.

Kate Chastain came out swinging on her social media profile. She thanked her fans on her twitter page and lamented the fact that her side of the story was not being heard. Kate also said that the whole experience had put her off relationships and that she will be more cautious in the future.

Ro Hernandez wiki, biography.

Ro Hernandez is the former girlfriend of Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain. The pair’s relationship ended on severely sour terms. So who is Ro Hernandez?

Ro is a former football star, coach and television personality. She was born in Spain and is a proud native of the capital, Madrid. Ro once played professionally for SF Nighthawks, which is a renowned women’s team.

Kate Chastain from Below Deck even rose to ranks within the team, eventually becoming the captain. Because of her Puerto-Rican heritage, she was approached by the national team but turned down the chance to represent her mother’s native country.

When her time as a football player came to an end, she went on to work as marketing at NSfit. She even served as the organization’s director for some time.

Owing to her previous career as an athlete, Ro Hernandez still had a lot to offer in regards to fitness. This would see the former superstar become a fitness trainer at a certain stage in her life.

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