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Tina Pierce Wiki-Bio: Married, husband, age, net worth. 2022

Street Outlaw's Tina Pierce

Tina Pierce is the ultimate racer in the television show Street Outlaws. She has always wanted to be a racer since she was a young girl. She has featured in many episodes of the Street Outlaws and her prowess behind the wheel has earned her both fame and fortune in the show. She is the fastest woman in Oklahoma City.

Street Outlaw’s Tina Pierce is Married. Meet her husband, David.

Tina Pierce is married to his longtime sweetheart David who is also a racer. The couple has been married for quite some time now and has had a fruitful and satisfying relationship in their marriage.

The couple share common characteristics and their careers are the same. This may be, explains their long-term and satisfying romantic exposure as they are often behind the wheel together.

Tina Pirce and her husband David have one child. Their daughter, Kyndall was born on 14th June 2014, and both the doctors and Dave, her husband had a difficult time convincing her to quit racing while she was pregnant.

However, Tina Pierce, despite her pregnancy even raced while she was pregnant. Well, isn’t that weird?

Tina Pierce with Husband David, Daughter Kyndall a complete happy family

Caption:- Tina Pierce with Husband David, Daughter Kyndall a complete happy family

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Tina Pierce has had a fruitful career in her racing field. Since her childhood, she always wanted to go faster, and her journey to racing started when Tina was just 8 years old when her father bought her a motorbike. She could ride so fast and could keep up with her older brothers and friends and even past them.

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Her husband has been very supportive of her career. For instance, in 2008, her husband built a 1995 Mustang with some chevy motors, and she absolutely loved it. Driving it, she made tremendous improvements, and her racing speed increased tremendously.

Anyone got any connections????????? This would be totally awesome to drive!

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She has appeared in Street Outlaws season 2 and was destined to appear in season 3, but her pregnancy deterred her from shooting the show.

She has raced with several notable people in the Street Outlaws including Big Chief. She is determined to make a debut with OKC being in the top ten of fastest women.

Tina Pierce’s Net worth.

It is not clear how much Tina Pierce is worth. But according to her career in racing, she must have made a fortune for herself and her husband, David. According to reliable Information, Tina’s net worth is estimated to be roughly over $500,000 with a greater accumulation coming from racing.

The support that Tina Pierce is getting from her husband in her racing career is awesome. We have been able to determine her net worth in response to this because her husband has been the main pillar behind her. In fact, they own a fleet of racing cars together which they have been able to buy and maintain over time.

Her husband, who doubles up as a motor vehicle fabricator can build cars and adjust them to suit the desirability of Tina Pierce.

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Tina Pierce Wiki Bio.

Tina Pierce was born and raised in Oklahoma. Her dream of racing began when she was a little girl. As a youngster, it is reported that she always wanted to move faster. As a result her father, a mechanic who was fascinated by her little girl’s behavior often took her along to watch car racing and deal with cars.

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She has made a debut in the reality television show Street Outlaws and has earned herself the title of the Fastest Woman in Oklahoma. She is married to Dave who is also a racer, and they have one daughter called Kyndall.

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