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Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Wife Tricia Day. His Age, Net worth, Jail in Wiki-Bio

Jonathan Day or popularly known as JJ Da Boss gained fame from Street Outlaws, Memphis; an American reality television series on the Discovery channel. Know About Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Wife and Net Worth in wiki type biography. Also, see why JJ Da Boss was in Jail.

The show sheds light on the inside look of American fast street car racing. JJ showcases his legendary skills behind the wheel with his team in Memphis as they try to beat the stiff competition offered by other racers such as Ryan Martin and Big Chief.

Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss married to wife Tricia Day.

This Street Outlaws star is a total family man. JJ Da Boss is married to Tricia Day, also a street racer on the show Street Outlaws, Memphis. Their exact date of marriage is unknown as they seldom share about their personal life. Little information is known about Tricia prior to the series. However, she also has a passion for racing just like her husband.

JJ Da Boss’ Wife Tricia Day started racing at a very young age and has never stopped since then. JJ also started racing at the age of 10, and the two seem like a perfect match.

According to a reliable source, not only did the couple date for long before tying the knot but have also stayed together for long. JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia Day has been happily married for over 10 years.

JJ Da Boss and his wife, Tricia Day

Tricia is a mom to 11 children and 5 grandchildren altogether.  When JJ is not posting about racing, he posts about his family on social media platforms. In March 2016, he shared a picture on Instagram about the latest addition to the huge and ever-growing family. His children and grandkids are always supporting him when he is at No Prep events.

Tricia is popularly known by her street racing name ‘Midget’  and is part of JJ’s racing team that consists of family members and close friends. The 40-year-old couple is always spending time together or in the garage. With the years of experience with cars, she helps out with fixing cars or polishing them.

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JJ Da Boss Net worth and salary

With his appearance on all 9 seasons of the show Street Outlaws, JJ Da Boss has made a great name for himself. His partnerships with other experienced drivers such as Precious Cooper aka the Queen of the Street and his wife Midget, have made them a force to be reckoned with in the racing world. The racing career has Given JJ Da boss quite an impressive net worth.

The team rarely loses challenges and money during bets on drag races that they compete on. It is because of this that other street racers fear to compete against him.

JJ Da Boss

His lifetime of racing and as a cast member and television personality on the show has earned him a lot of wealth. It’s very hard to determine his exact net worth owing to the number of bets he makes both on and off the show.

He is always buying, trading and selling precious racing cars.  However, as of 2018, JJ Da Boss Net Worth was estimated to be over $1 million. He is proud of owner of several cars including his first 66 Chevy II Nova.

JJ Da Boss Jail. See What Happened.

Jonathan Day has a had a run on the wrong side of the law. The 45-year-old born in St Joseph Hospital in August 1973 has always been an outlaw as a child.

His career as drag street racer has not always been successful, and sometimes he didn’t have money to enter the championship races. He, therefore, had to make some tough and questionable decisions that landed him in federal prison. He was incarcerated for a duration of 8 years and 1 month with the reasons for his incarceration unknown.

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The time he spent behind bars helped reform him tremendously and now runs a successful business of buying, fixing and selling old cars.

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9 thoughts on “Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Wife Tricia Day. His Age, Net worth, Jail in Wiki-Bio”

  1. I hope jj da boss Memphis crew come back on the air he’s about family and true friends not who has the fastest car in the group..really enjoyed watching him and doh boy and the old heifer race u my opinion jj ur group is the best of all time.. love yas all hope to c u on tv again soon

  2. JJ and wife do not play by the rules of true sportsmanship, always jumping the start and getting away with it, that’s why no other teams will race them!

  3. I love to watch your team race and I love the closeness you all have.I wish you would come back on tv.I look forward to seeing you on the tv again

  4. JJ is a good guy he never backs down will race anybody i dono half the shit he says most of the time while trying to lock it in but fuck it if it helps him then good for him keep on gassin that b**** down the strip bro

  5. Timothy Wayne Brown

    Doughboy wrecked because he was looking back to see how far behind his opponent was, when he did that it caused him to swerve and then it was to far out of control to recover. I hated to see that. JJ I wish u and your family the best. My son and I hope to get into racing. IF WE DO LOOK OUT WE WILL BE THE GREENEST MEANEST UNDEFEATEDEST THAT THERE EVER WAS.

  6. I recently watched a JJ da boss bio program & it’s endeared me that much more to them! JJ & Tricia’s story of how they met, his time in jail, growing up, hardships of his family life ect. couldn’t have been easy to share. I admire him for doing so! Absolutely love Memphis street outlaws ( even though I don’t always agree with their shady ways). The thing is the crews racing them… they know it’s out and still wish to beat him at his own game. Which seems ; quite honestly, seems an impossibility! Go JJ & Midget!

  7. Man I like J J. This dude is for real. A great street racer lots of friends good looking wife. I look forward to going to one of his races to meet him.

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