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Alisa Mote: Kye Kelley’s Ex Wife, What is she doing after divorce? Her wiki-bio 2022

Alisa Mote: Kye Kelley's Ex Wife

Many people in the world are fans of speed sports including the racing of any kind. While mainstream racing like formula 1 horse racing takes up most of the fan following and TV time, there are other raw forms of racing like Street racing.

Meet one of the great racers from ‘Street Outlaws’ who make a living from racing cars out on the street. Also, take time to learn about his ex-wife, Alisa Mote, and what is she doing now?

Alisa Mote married Kelley since 2015 and divorced in 2017

If you do not know much about Kye Kelly’s personal life, then you probably have never heard about his former wife, Alisa Mote.

Don’t worry because we are here to update you with all the information to the formerly married couple.

It is not very hard to understand how even many of his fans don’t know about his married life as it was short-lived.

Although making Kelley her husband at the end of 2015 and bearing a daughter seven months later the couple ended up taking a divorce ending their relationship in 2017.

The couple had already split sometime before that. They shares a daughter named Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley, who is already a little over one year old.

Alisa Mote with her ex husband Kye Kelley and child

Alisa Mote with her ex-husband Kye Kelley and child

What is she doing now? Married again? or dating a new boyfriend?

With an end to their relationship, Alisa also seems to have put a lot to all things concerning her ex-husband, Kye Kelly as she has left the media attention completely. She likes to keep her private life a well-kept and does not even flaunt herself too much over the social media.

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So we are not sure what she is up to as of now. We may not be able to say much about her current status in dating life and boyfriend but she looks just okay by herself accompanied by her daughter as per a few snaps found of them recently.

Accurate. So many selfies

Posted by Alisa Kelley on Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kye Kelly is dating new girlfriend Lizzy Musi

Her ex-husband, on the other hand, has already started dating somebody already.

Kelley’s new girlfriend is Lizzy Musi. Lizzy Musi is a smoking hot lady who also likes to drag race and is the daughter of reputed engine builder Pat Musi.

There was a long-running rumor that an affair with Lizzy is what caused Alisa and Kye’s marriage to crumble but it has not been confirmed by either of them.

Anyway, things don’t look so good for Lizzy and Kye as well since they split recently in April 2017.

Kye Kelley's is Dating Lizzy Musi

Caption:- Kye Kelley’s is Dating Lizzy Musi

Source;- Facebook

Her career:

We are not sure what Alisa Mote does for a living but her former another half on the hand is a well-known man. Kye Kelley is one of the top ranking racers from the show ‘Street Outlaws’.

He drives a superb car, a 92′ Camaro that he nicknamed ‘The Shocker’. Since his arrival in the show, Kye has been a formidable rival for other racers who have continuously challenged him. But Kye seems to only focus on himself and on winning.

Alisa Mote Wiki-bio

Coming to Alisa’s wiki-bio, like we have already shared, there is no personal information displayed about her on the internet.

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If she has anything common with ex-husband Kye though then she would be hailing from Southern Mississippi just like him.

Kye Kelley hailed from a very small town of McComb in Sothern Mississippi that didn’t even have a wall mart.

However, that would hardly stop Kye from leaning in to be interested towards racing since he was 14 years old.

Ever since he got his driving license he started with racing dirt bikes and moved on to faster and faster car.

He is the leader of the New Orleans Racers and also opened a performance shop in his hometown.

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