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Shervin Roohparvar Net Worth, Age, Job, Girlfriend, Gay. 2022

Image of Shervin Roohparvar Net Worth, Age, Job, Girlfriend, Gay

Forget the rumored tale that good looks and brains are a parallel road because Shervin Roohparvar is vastly proving this analogy as wrong. Otherwise known as AlphaSherv, Shervin is a hunk of Iranian America popularly known for TV show appearances. His fame cropped in 2016 after he featured in Shahs of Sunset (a reality TV show that focuses on the luxurious lifestyle of the cast members). Besides acting, Roohparvar is a competent entrepreneur, and you don’t want to miss his entrepreneurial side of life.

While this article attempts to explore Shervin Roohparvar’s net worth and job due to his diverse income sources, it also discloses Shervin Roohparvar’s girlfriend or if he is gay as some rumors indicate. The article does not stop at this as it also touches on Shervin Roohparvar’s age and birthdate.

Shervin Roohparvar Net Worth & Salary.

It is disappointing that Shervin Roohparvar’s net worth is yet to be disclosed to the public. However, reliable sources indicate that his net worth may be above a million. Some credible sources claim that Shervin Roohparvar’s net worth from the series is estimated as being close to 4.6 million.

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Additionally, he has various nightclubs which are generally full to capacity on a daily basis. Furthermore, Shervin is also the founder and current CEO of multiple technology companies based in Silicon Valley, California.

Married or dating a girlfriend? Or is he gay?

With his masculinity, you must be interested to know Shervin Roohparvar’s girlfriend or is he is indeed gay. Well, the dope Shahs of Sunset star is not gay, and neither is he married. However, he is partly taken since he is currently dating Annalise Vanessa Carbone- an epitome of beauty and also a cast in the same show. They live in different countries hence a long distant relationship. Fans of this show will admit that even in the series the two appear as a couple.

Image of Shervin Roohpavar with his girlfriend Annalise Vanessa Carbone

Shervin Roohpavar with his girlfriend Annalise Vanessa Carbone

Could this setting be the reason for their eventual relationship off-screen? Perhaps yes. Their dating life has been a somewhat normal one with the usual relationship insecurities, but in their case, it is because both of them are people with attractive looks.

In one of the seasons, their breakup was evident. As of now, luckily, things seem to be moving smoothly between Shervin Roohpavar and his girlfriend as no scandal has transpired. Whether this is real or just for the show to protect their individual brands remains a hard nut to crack as no information has been revealed concerning this matter.

Shervin Roohparvar Age, birthdate

He is an August baby. Particularly, Shervin Roohparvar’s birthdate is on 21st August 1980. Yes, he is, therefore, waiting to celebrate his 42nd birthday in a couple of months. His appearance is, however, nothing compared to his age. He looks pretty much younger which justifies why most ladies his age and even younger ladies have a crush on him. Given Shervin Roohparvar’s age, it would not come as a surprise in case he decides through his girlfriend to have a child or even children of his own any time from now.


Roohparvar was born in Iran, but he is American. Shervin currently resides in the United States of America. Although his weight is not known, the TV personality has a height of 6 feet. His good looks have made him attract a large fan base of over 100k followers on Instagram. In fact just a day after appearing in Shahs of Sunset, he got 80,000 followers.

You will be shocked to know that he pursued and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in plastic surgery. In spite the fact that AlphaSherv was a guru in the field, his passion is rooted in entrepreneurship and information technology. This justifies his establishment of business across various regions and the development of his first IT Company with his roommate in college.

The star is from a traditional family and he does not seem to have any regrets about this whatsoever. One of the things you are likely to notice about Shervin is his respect for all human beings irrespective of their social class. His parents, more so his father is responsible for the development of this character in Shervin as he inherited this virtue along with virtues of hard work, honor, positive attitude, and responsibility from his father.

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