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Mercedes Javid ‘MJ’ From Shah of Sunset Age, Net Worth, Husband. 2022

Image of Mercedes Javid 'MJ' From Shah of Sunset Age, Net Worth, Husband

Mercedes Javid, otherwise known as MJ, is a mediator at Iranian Estate. If you don’t remember her room at this angle, you know her from the Bravo reality show, Shahs of Sunset. This is because she is among the queens featured in the show. Although MJ in new in the industry, she is doing an excellent job.

Are you interested to know MJ’s age, or do you want to know MJ’s net worth? Keep your cool because you are just on the correct page. Here, other than touching on MJ’s of Shahs of sunset net worth and age, you will be provided with more content about her Husband Tommy Feight and career.

Mercedes Javid’s Net worth, Salary

The exact quotation of MJ’s net worth is enormous. According to online sources, MJ from Shahs Of Sunset’s net worth is $5 million. Mercedes’s net worth must be either the two or somewhere between the two figures. Whichever the case, it is evident that she has an enormous net worth hence wealthy pretty.


Mercedes MJ Javid Considering Surrogacy for Second Baby |


If you were keen on the previous section, you would notice that MJ of Shahs of Sunset has two primary sources of income: The reality show and her real estate career. The salary she earns from both sources is yet to be made open to the public for obvious reasons. Although she makes some good cash in Shahs of Sunset, much of her earnings emanate from her real estate career.

MJ from Shahs Of Sunset is Married To her Husband, Tommy Feight.

Guys, do not lose your precious sleep because of MJ of Shahs of Sunset because she has long been taken. But who is the lucky guy? Well, the man who won this race happens to be Tommy Feight. The two tied the knot on April 21st, 2018. Their wedding did not come as a surprise since the two had been dating since 2017. They are a perfect confirmation that social media relationships work out because the two met on social media exchange contacts, and one thing led to the other.

Are 'Shahs of Sunset' star Mercedes Javid and husband Tommy Feight  divorcing?

The two are yet to have children, but with the love Javid has for kids, you will hear of a pregnancy announcement sooner than later because Mercedes cannot wait to rock that baby bump. Although no significant scandals have rented concerning the couple, Javid believes that Tommy married her not because he had feelings for her but because of her money.

How old is MJ from Shahs of Sunset? Her age, birthdate

August 16th, 1972 marks the birthdate of Mercedes Javid. Meaning MJ’s age is 49 years, and actually from celebrating her birthday. Yes, she does not look young, but they say you can be immature forever with money. It could be that money makes her remain glowing and youthful, but it could also be the effect of her gymming activities because MJ adores keeping fit. Perhaps you should imitate this part to get a fit of remaining forever young, especially for women, as beauty is a crucial factor.

Wiki-Bio, Career

Mercedes Javid is a white Persian born in Tehran Iran but currently hoods in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Shams Javid and Vida Javid who are divorced but live in the same house. Not much is known about her siblings. MJ measures 5 feet 4 inches and 75 kilograms, about height and weight.

Javid attended her high school at Beverly Hills High School and later joined California State University, where she successfully obtained her bachelor’s degree in English Literature. However, her passion was in real estate, hence her current career field. Acting is something she tried out, and there is no doubt that it suits her well. It has not only made her earn some extra cash, but it has helped her gain fame and earn a large number of followers on various social media platforms.

If she is not engaged in her real estate business and television filming, she is probably involved in some running or swimming activities as the two are her hobbies. If you plan to invite MJ of Shahs of sunset for dinner, consider preparing some seafood since this is Mercedes Javid’s favorite dish.

Image of Mercedes Javid MJ

Birthdate-16th August 1973

Education- Beverly Hills High School, California State University

Husband- Tommy Freight

Career- Real estate business, acting

Net worth- $5 million

Children- None

Weight- 75 kilogram

Height- 5 feet 4 inches

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