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When it comes to the fight for the freedom of homosexuality, the name Reza Farahan will rent the air. This guy does not only believe but advocates for freedom of persons belonging to the LGBT community. His primary motivation is derived from his early childhood prejudice because of his sexual nature.

But who is this guy anyway? If you are a true fan of “Shahs of Sunset“, an American TV show, then you must know him. He is one of the outgoing cast members in the series. The life of Reza of Shahs of sunset is not recognized by many, but you’ll be able to discover Reza’s husband, Reza Farahan net worth and more about his life nowhere else but here.

Reza Farahan from ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Net Worth, salary.

The first and obvious source of income of Reza is from his acting career showcased in the series Shahs of sunset responsible for his fame. Apart from this, he ventures into real estate which earns him pretty much good cash. Although the star rarely discloses anything about his finances, reports from Celebrity Net worth estimate Reza’s net worth as being close to 8 million dollars.

Image of Reza Farahan net worth is $7 million

Reza Farahan net worth is $8 million

Reza Farahan Age, Birthdate.

You know a situation where you can look at someone and guess his age correct or even if it’s wrong their age is close to your answer? Well, this trick does not apply with Reza of Shahs of sunset. Perhaps because he hits the gym and tries as much as possible to keep fit and stay younger. Given today’s date, you can comfortably argue that he is days into his new year. This is because Reza Farahan came into existence on 5th of August 1973. If your mathematics game is cool, this means you got it right because yes he is 48 years.

Married life with husband Adam Neely

Yes, this incredible actor is married but to his fellow guy as he is naturally homosexual. Reza Farahan’s husband is Adam Neely and there in every aspect the best gay couple in town. The marriage between the two occurred in November 2015 after Reza surprised his partner with a wedding ring during their vacation to Palm Springs California. Although at some point in the show Reza canceled of their wedding, the two seem to be back together and enjoying life after they were spotted kissing and getting a little bit cozy on the Miami Beach. As of now, it is only the two in their marriage and no kids. In the near future, they may, however, decide to adopt a child, but this is yet to be known or discussed.

Image of Reza Farahan husband Adam Neely

Reza Farahan husband, Adam Neely

Reza Farahan’s Husband Adam Neely’s short bio

Although he currently resides in the Bronx, New York Reza’s husband comes from Silver Springs, Maryland. He schooled in California State University. Just like Reza Farahan, his husband Adam Neely is a TV personality. His introduction into TV sets has nothing to do with his husband. You are probably thinking its Reza who inspired Adam into TV appearances. Well no! He was inspired by a friend who also happens to be his former neighbor. He spends most of his time creating YouTube content for his subscribers and is professionally a bassist, composer and music educator. He is also excellent at editing TV shows. Particularly he took part in editing some of Ryan Murphy’s shows.

Reza Farahan Wiki-Bio, Age.

Reza Farahan is the son of Manoochehr Farahan born in Tehran, Iran. He completed his high school studies at Beverly High School and graduated in 1955 from San Francisco State University. About the ethnic community, Reza belongs to the Iranian ethnic group but shares a dual nationality of both American and Iranian. From his name, there is no doubting that he is Muslim although sources also indicate that he is Jewish.

Ideally, Reza Farahan from “Shahs Of Sunset” has always been big-bodied, but in December 2016, he resolved to burn down some calories in an attempt of reducing some of his ways. Although people expected positive results as he was seen continuously hitting the gym, the results came earlier than expected. By 30th March 2017, Reza of Shahs of sunset had lost incredible amounts of weight which amazed his Instagram followers and complements well with his height.

Birthdate-5th August 1973

Education- Beverly High School, San Francisco State University

Husband- Adam Neely


Net worth-$8 million

Height-1.76 meters

Weight- N/A

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