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Lilly Ghalichi Net Worth, Age, Husband Dara Mir, Wiki-bio. 2022

Image of Lilly Ghalichi Net Worth, Age, Husband Dara Mir, Wiki-bio.

It all went down on 6th May 2017. If you desired to put a ring on her finger, sorry guys, perhaps, Lilly Ghalichi from “Shahs of Sunset” is finally taken. With all the beauty Lilly Ghalichi bears, you must be eager to know the lucky guy that married her.

Was it Dara Mir, who she had been dating and even engaged to for quite some time, or it is just another lucky handsome or her ex-boyfriend Ali perhaps? Keep it here to find out this and Lilly Ghalichi’s net worth and more about her career and personal life.

Lilly Ghalichi Net Worth, Salary.

Fans of Shahs of sunset know that the show was one of its sources of income of Lilly. The then Shahs of sunset queen also owns a brand titled Ghalichi Glam which makes her second source of income. Want to rock some top-class lashes and air extension? Then Ghalichi’s Glam is the place to shop.

The exact salary of both of her sources of income is yet to be made open to the public. However, Lilly Ghalichi’s net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Lilly Ghalichi Age, Birthdate

The eye-catching TV personality Lilly Ghalichi confirms the notion ‘queens are born in April’ as her birthday falls on 30th April. She was born in 1983 hence 39 years of age this year (2022). All exaggerations put at a standstill, Lilly still looks 21. So what playing the magic? This is not known for sure, but speculations are that her beauty line and passion for glam could be playing the trick. Whatever it is, she needs to tell it out soon so that you all out here can be on the same lane as hers.

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Lilly Ghalichi is Married to her husband, Dara Mir.

Image of Lily Ghalichi with her husband Dara Mir

Lily Ghalichi with her husband, Dara Mir

Her husband, Dara Mir, happens to be the lucky man who wedded Lilly Ghalichi at Beverly Hilton Hotel. The two began their official dating in March 2016, and in August the same year, Dara was bold enough to propose to her empress Lilly. Their marriage did not come as a big surprise to her Instagram followers because days before her wedding, she showed off her gown designed by Ryan &Walter.

On 26th March this year, Lilly Ghalichi announced her pregnancy on Instagram. It is interesting that Lily and her husband Dara Mir were neighbors for quite some time but never realized it until Lilly wanted an extra parking car space, and Dara offered to help. They began dating, and although their relationship may be having challenges, this is one of the unique celebrity relationships because the scandals are left out of the media.

Lilly Ghalichi’s Husband Dara Mir’s Bio, Net Worth, Career

Not much is known about Dara Mir. The little information is that he is also an expert in entrepreneurship and owns his own business. His net worth and other information have been kept from the public.

Lilly Ghalichi Wiki-Bio, Career

Lilly, born in Houston, Texas, is the daughter of Sadegh and Forough Ghalichi, a Persian Muslim. She has two siblings; Yassamin, her sister, and Mohammed, her brother, seen on the show severally alongside Lilly. Although she is swamped in fashion and design, Lilly Ghalichi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law in 2008 from Loyola Law School. It is not the only degree that Lilly possesses. She attained her first degree (Business) in 2005 from Texas, which explains her entrepreneurial skills.

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Lilly Ghalichi is no longer part of the Shahs of Sunset. However, Lilly is grateful for the show as it is her fame and increased net worth. The star is a fashion designer, attorney, and blogger, apart from acting. In the business line, she is not only known for her cosmetic brand mentioned initially but also for her lingerie swimwear titled Swimgerie.

She is phenomenal in every aspect that why in 2014, she hosted a show ‘How to look like a boss.’ Do not get shocked if you hear people referring to her as Persian Barbie because, yes, she popularly goes by this name.

Birthdate-30th April 1983

Husband-Dara Mir

Education- Loyal Law school

Profession- Blogger, TV Personality, Attorney, and Fashion designer

Net worth-$50 million


Height- 5 feet 6 inches

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