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Is Pompa From Iron Resurrection Sick? Details

Discovery and its subsidiary channels have gained popularity for their reality-based shows that explore various niche subjects. While shows like “Deadliest Catch” focus on the adventures of crab boat captains, there are others like MotorTrend’s “Iron Resurrection” that cater to viewers interested in the world of auto repair mechanics.

“Iron Resurrection” offers viewers the opportunity to witness remarkable transformations, much like the popular show “Pimp My Ride.”

The series follows the skilled team at Martin Bros Customs in Austin, Texas, as they work their magic on dilapidated vehicles, turning them into fully restored masterpieces.

Their expertise often results in turning scrap heaps into pristine automobiles.

The success of “Iron Resurrection” also rests on the engaging and enjoyable hosts. The show is led by Joe Martin, his wife Amanda, and their friend Jayson Arrington, who have been part of the series since 2016, according to IMDb.

However, beloved cast members such as Cato, Shorty, and Pompa left the show before Season 4, leaving fans speculating about the reasons behind their departures.

Cato and Shorty left the series to prioritize spending more time with their families and focus on their other business endeavors.

So what happened to Pompa?

Another star of the show Iron Resurrection Pompa left the show which led 100s of fans asking the whereabouts of Pompa. Although nothing official information came neither from the show nor from the Pompa himself for years, now there’s a piece of information about what really happened and the real reason why he left the show has come to light.

One of the fans commented on his Instagram photo that tells about his health status; the fan wrote,

“I’m sorry you are going through this, Pompa, High Blood Pressure isn’t something easy to deal with; I have been a patient of BP for 11 years now, and i have to constantly keep myself reminding things i can and cannot do, things i can eat and can’t eat. As long as you are looking out for yourself, you should be fine. Take care. The show isn’t same without out”

Although unofficial, we believe Pompa left the show due to his health issues so he could focus on healing himself.

The fact that the other two cast of the show, Cato and Shorty, had revealed their reasons and are still active on social media, and Pompa just vanished from the show and the social media kind of hints towards his health issues and inability to work.

Also, the fact that Pompa was seen hitting the gym and fitness clubs for dropping weight is a solid base to verify this, as the first thing one needs to do after being treated for high blood pressure is to drop weight.

Whatever the reason is, we hope Pompa from iron resurrection is safe, and someday we might get to see him doing his magic on the show.

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