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Amanda Martin: 15 Facts you didn’t know about Iron Resurrection Cast

If you’re a fan of Iron Resurrection, then you’ll love getting to Amanda Martin. Here are 15 facts you may not have known about her.

If you’re a fan of the show Iron Resurrection on the Velocity Channel, then you’re already familiar with the amazing work of Amanda Martin. But there’s more to this talented artist than meets the eye. Here are 15 facts you probably didn’t know about Amanda Martin.

1.   Amanda is a dog lover.

Amand Martin is an avid dog lover; not implying that she does not like other animals though. Amanda loves all animals and holds kindness for every being but she has reserved a dedicated vacancy within her for the furry pet.

She has shown via her Instagram posts that she really loves spending quality time with her furry friends. The dogs on her Instagram have also become quite famous.

Image of Amanda Martin with her dog

Her love for dogs does not limit to only playing with them, she is also an active participant in raising funds to help the less fortunate dogs.

2.   She is an ex-bank employee

Amanda is famous for being a TV star but most people are unaware of the fact that she was a top banking executive before all the name and fame. She had a reliable career that also paid quite well, however, she decided to take the risk and leave her reliable career for a career as a TV personality.

Image of Amanda Martin

Reportedly, she left her banking job when her idea for Iron Resurrection was accepted by Velocity Network. Amanda had a long career in banking, spanning over a decade.

She was appointed in the position of Vice President for two different banks, Pioneer Bank and Wells Fargo.

3.   She believes in positivity

No matter what life throws your way, always remember to stay positive. It might not be easy, but it’s worth it.

Amanda believes that when you’re positive, good things happen, and you attract more good vibes and people into your life. She also believes that you feel happier and healthier and you are more likely to achieve your goals if you stay positive.

According to her positivity is a state of mind. It’s a choice. You can choose to focus on the good or the bad. It’s up to you. But why not choose to be positive? Why not choose to see the good in every situation?

Some people might say that’s naïve. They might say you are setting yourself up for disappointment. But she believes that’s the wrong way to look at it. When you’re positive, you’re open to all the possibilities. You’re not closed off by negative thoughts.

4.   Her only TV appearance is on Iron Resurrection

Most viewers might expect that she has done a bunch of other shows as well cause she is just so natural when the camera rolls. She acts like she has a plethora of experience under her belt.

However, that is not the case at all. She has not been a part of any other TV show or movie. Opposite to most people, Amanda is not chasing stardom and doing multiple shows after her first one.

Image of Amanda Martin

She has kept her cool and is taking it easy. Amanda has not revealed any plans on working on any upcoming TV show.

5.   She runs a rescue program for Pit Bulls

As per her Instagram bio, she runs the So Cal Pit Bull Rescue, a non-profit organization. The organization specializes in aid of mistreated, neglected, and hurt pit bulls.

Image of Amanda Martin and her dog

The organization runs on donations from the US and the rest of the world. It seems that she has set up a PayPal account for the donations. In addition to that, she has also set up a Venmo.

6.   She has a website for merch is the official website for merch related to the TV show Iron Resurrection. Fans of the show can buy a bunch of stuff including apparel, brass knuckles with the Iron Resurrection logo embedded in them, Camaro Balncer, Coil Wires, etc.

They offer apparel for both men and women, and most of them are hoodies in black. In addition, they also sell headwear, car parts, and various accessories.

The website also features a dedicated gallery section where you can view snaps of cars they have customized in the show. In addition to that, there is also a ‘events’ section where you can see the upcoming events where the Iron Resurrection crew will be appearing.

Event organizers can also book them for the events from the same section. Next is the ‘build submissions’ section where fans and followers can submit their own customized cars and bikes for like-minded people to see. But, unfortunately, they are not accepting any build submissions at this time.

7.   She is into fitness

Amanda is 48 years old as of September 2022, however, she is so in shape for a woman her age. The reason behind it is her passion for fitness, she likes to stay physically active.

Even when filming for Iron Resurrection, she did not stray away from her daily exercise. Despite the long filming hours and working on cars, she managed to get an adequate amount of exercise.

8.   She hails from Texas

Born on the 11th of December, in the year 1973, Amanda Martin was born Amanda Jill Keathley. Amanda was born on Texan soil, particularly in Red Oak.

As of September 2022, Amanda is residing in Johnson City, Texas. Amanda Martin holds American citizenship and her zodiac is Sagittarius.

Her sexual orientation is straight and she follows the religion of Christianity.

9. An active individual in children’s cancer research

Along with her husband, Joe Martin, Amanda is parenting three beautiful kids at the moment. Unfortunately, one of her kids was diagnosed with cancer which sparked a fire within her to learn more about the deadly condition.

Image of Amanda Martin with a kid

After she got to experience such a devastating condition first-hand, she got motivated to learn about cancer in children. Following that, she has supported raising funds for different children’s cancer research hospitals.

Moreover, she has even donated herself to St. Jude’s hospital.

10. She is an outdoor person

Not only does Amanda enjoys working and customizing cars, but she also enjoys the natural experience. When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, there are few people who can match his enthusiasm of Amanda.

Image of Amanda Martin

For Amanda, being outdoors is about more than just getting some fresh air – it’s a chance to connect with nature, and to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether she’s hiking through the woods, fishing in a river, or simply taking a walk in the park, Amanda loves nothing more than spending time in the great outdoors.

And it’s not just the physical activity that she enjoys – she also loves the peace and quiet that comes with being in nature.

11.  Amanda prefers privacy

In an age where social media dominates and everyone seems to be sharing every detail of their lives online, there are still some celebrities who prefer to keep their lives private. One such celebrity is actress Amanda Martin.

Amanda Martin, who stars in the hit TV show Iron Resurrection, is notoriously private when it comes to her personal life. She rarely posts anything about her private life on social media and has even said in interviews that she prefers to keep her personal life separate from her public persona.

While some might see this as being aloof or unapproachable, Amanda Martin says that it’s just her way of maintaining a healthy balance in her life. She doesn’t feel the need to share every detail of her life with the world and prefers to keep some things to herself.

12.  Amanda loves adventure

Amanda loves being outdoors and she also loves to involve herself in different adventures. She loves a bit of adrenaline. Amanda likes being out of her comfort zone to try something new.

13.  Amanda pitched the idea of Iron Resurrection

Amanda, along with her husband, Joe, pitched the idea of Iron Resurrection to Velocity Network. Fortunately, they were able to convince the executives to pass the show.

Image of Amanda Martin

After the idea was finalized, the production began and the show was a hit.

14.  Iron Resurrection is a legit business

There are some garages that only exist as a part of the show but not on Iron Resurrection. Before the show, Amanda’s husband owned the garage and was working as a mechanic and car customizer.

The exposure their business got from being in a hit TV show only made the business bigger. Iron Resurrection got to work with a couple of big names following their fame.

15.   The cast members are close friends in real life

During the airing of the 4th season of Iron Resurrection, fans pointed out that Joe Martin and Javier Ponce might not be on good terms. This idea grew on fans as Javier was not on the show. But the ones who thought so were so wrong.

In reality, Javier wanted to focus on his own garage located in Dallas, Texas. They are close friends to this day.

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