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Amanda Martin Reveals Iron Resurrection Season 7 Release date. Who left the show.

If you’re an enthusiast of classic cars and possess a keen interest in automotive craftsmanship, MotorTrend’s Iron Resurrection series is a must-watch. While numerous shows revolve around garages restoring vintage cars, Iron Resurrection stands out for featuring a dynamic husband-wife hosting duo. What sets this series apart is its unwavering commitment to producing high-quality automobiles without succumbing to exaggerated on-screen theatrics.

In contrast to programs like MTV’s Pimp My Ride, which often prioritized flashy but impractical modifications resulting in cars that quickly fell apart, Iron Resurrection focuses on the genuine revitalization of vehicles. Unlike the superficial enhancements seen in Pimp My Ride, where features like cotton candy machines in the trunk or UFO landing pads on the roof took precedence over functionality, Iron Resurrection takes a holistic approach to transform supposedly irredeemable cars into renewed masterpieces.

As a production under the MotorTrend umbrella, owned by Discovery, Iron Resurrection distinguishes itself by meticulously improving cars from the inside out. The show eschews the melodrama commonly found in reality TV, particularly in the realm of automotive shows. Viewers won’t encounter explosive conflicts, frayed tempers, or plotlines involving attempts to sabotage each other’s work or vehicles. Iron Resurrection stands as a testament to genuine craftsmanship and restoration, making it a refreshing choice for true car enthusiasts.

Iron Resurrection Season 7 Cast

Iron Resurrection season 7 Cast

As for the cast and crew of Iron Resurrection, Amanda Martin and her husband, Joe Martin, are coming back, but we think you already knew that. Apart from them, you’ll get to see the fantastic work of Jayson ‘Shag’ Arrington.

Michael Zabonik is also coming back in the brand-new show with his magical wielding skills.

As you might already know, two of the fan-favorite cast of the show, Pompa and Cato who has left the show. While Pompa is enjoying his family life, Cato is working in his own garage.

Similarly, another cast of the show Iron Resurrection everyone recognizes but has left the show is none other than Shorty. But Javier “shorty” Ponce is doing really well with his own tv show, “Shorty’s dream shop.”

Shorty’s dreamshop is liked by many fans and was rated highest amongst the car restoration shows.

Iron Resurrection Season 7 Release Date:

Iron Resurrection cast Amanda Martin revealed that the fiiming of Season 7 is complete and the release date is set to 16th January, 2024. The Countdown is on.


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