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Iron Resurrection Cars Sales: Models & Prices.

Image of Iron resurrection casts

Iron Resurrection” is an exciting television program that takes viewers into the world of custom car restoration. The show premiers on Motor Trend Network and has been showcasing the outstanding vehicle restoration and customization skills of the Martin Brothers (Joe and Jason) and their team at Martin’s Rod and Custom.

Since 2016, “Iron Resurrection,” with its perfect mix of storytelling, creativity, and mechanical talent, has provided a fascinating and inspirational view into the vehicle restoration world.

Owning any Iron Resurrection cars is a dream come true for any car enthusiast, yet it remains out of reach for many. However, the show has now made over 10 of its custom cars available for purchase, and some are surprisingly affordable.

Now, Let’s examine these in more detail car models with their respective prices and a brief overview.


Price: $10,000

Iron Resurrection’s “1963 F100 Unibody Project” is a fascinating car that ideally provides vintage charm. The car has an operating 6-cylinder engine and a 3-speed transmission guaranteeing a reliable and smooth driving experience. Its interior is in excellent condition, ensuring comfort. Likewise, its body is mainly straight, which shows that it has been well-maintained throughout time.

One of this vehicle’s best features is its chrome wheels, which offer a sense of elegance, especially when combined with white-wall tires.

Hence, The 1963 F100 Unibody Project is the perfect option for people who value traditional and vintage automobile design at a reasonable price.

1923 Ford Phaeton T Bucket

Price: $12,500

This “1923 Ford Phaeton T Bucket” car is an authentic 5-passenger vehicle made entirely of steel. It comprises a customized Model A-style body with 40 juice brakes and a 9-inch Ford rear. The car has a classic Cowl steering design and a 302 engine connected to an FMX automatic transmission.

Likewise, it has a fashionable touch with the addition of new wheels in the artillery design and bias ply tires. The windshield has been chopped, and a steel hood top has made the car look more stylish.

However, though the original bumpers and running boards remain there, the extended wheelbase prevents their installation.

Nonetheless, the fuel tank is smartly placed under the back seat, minimizing the car’s interior space.

Hence, if you are looking for something vintage yet stylish, 19 is the best option.23 Ford Phaeton T Bucket

 1994 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 25th Anniversary

Price: $23,000

The 1994 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a new model in 1994 which is a rare vehicle with a great history and proper documentation. The car is in perfect condition with great care and only 4000 miles on its odometer.

Moreover, the car also has plenty of legroom, a fully functional engine, and a stunning, modern white appearance. The experts at Martin Rods and Customs garage claim that this specific vehicle is one of the rare vintage vehicles out there.

So, as the 1994 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 25th Anniversary is the perfect example of antique cars, don’t miss this opportunity to make this stunning car yours. 

1953 Chevrolet

Price: $25,000

The 1953 Chevrolet is a classic automobile that is admired for its stylish appearance and robust engine. As many car enthusiasts loved its original beauty, it has been restored by Martin Rods and Custom of Iron Resurrection to its initial condition of the early 1990s.

The car’s exterior features a two-tone paint job, wraparound windshield, and chrome accents.

Similarly, the interior of the car has features like a padded dashboard, leather seats, and a radio, making it luxurious and comfortable.

So this vintage vehicle has been restored to its original condition, preserving its authentic charm and historical significance.

1953 F100

Price: $18,000

The 1955 Ford F100 from Iron Resurrection is exceptional and attractive. This vintage beauty offers the ideal combination of elegance and performance with its Valarie front clip. It has a 302 AOD engine; it offers a thrilling driving experience.

Likewise, the vehicle features a distinctive 56-car dash, which enhances its classic appearance. This F100 stands out from the crowd due to the 4-inch cut that gives it a fierce and elegant look.

Moreover, it has been customized with an additional 62 Chrysler grille, canted headlights, a 9-inch rear axle, and air ride suspension installed in the vehicle’s back to ensure your ride is smooth.

1964 Ford F100

Price: $32,000

The 1964 Ford F100 is a vehicle that provides a vintage charm with modern technique. It has a 292 V8 Y-block engine with a C4 automatic gearbox, and a smooth, effortless shifting gear, giving it a strong performance.

Likewise, adding the electric power steering improves flexibility, while the Vintage Air AC guarantees comfortable rides even during the summer. The vehicle also has power

disc brakes, which provide dependable stopping force.

Speaking of its interior, it has a new red interior that goes perfectly with its dramatic exterior. The suspension has been entirely redesigned with a drop axle, improving the stability of the car. 

1961 Ford Sunliner

Price: $15,000

The 1961 Ford Sunliner automobile from Iron Resurrection is a remarkable piece of automotive history. This vintage beauty offers a strong and comfortable ride with a brand-new 390 engine and FMX automatic gearbox. It now has newly fitted brakes, which improves safety.

You’ll discover the plush XL 500 bucket seats and an elegant console inside the car. Likewise, its spotless white convertible top completes the car’s classic appearance, drawing the attention of everyone.

Nonetheless, the 1961 Ford Sunliner is proof of the outstanding engineering and beautiful construction of Ford’s golden age. 

1964 F100 Project

Price: $10,000

The 1964 F100 Project is an iconic truck that features a working V8 engine combined with a 4-speed manual transmission, delivering a solid and thrilling driving experience. Its interior is in good condition and provides a cozy and genuine feel.

The truck’s body is amazingly straight, suggesting minimal structural damage and giving a firm basis for the restoration effort.

 1958 F100

Price: $10,000

This 1958 F100 car from Iron Resurrection is known to have undergone a significant restoration that includes numerous outstanding improvements. This antique car has improved electrical performance and dependability with a brand-new American Autowire wiring harness.

Furthermore, all of the glass and rubbers have been replaced, ensuring a flawless and polished appearance. To improve handling and braking, the F100 now has a Sids dropped axle with power disc brakes, which provides better control and stopping force.

Likewise, a new aluminum radiator completes the improvements, improving the vehicle’s cooling efficiency for maximum efficiency.

 1960 Lincoln Continental Great Continental

Price: $15,000

The 1960 Lincoln Continental is a classic car that has stood the test of time. The car is admired for its stylish appearance, unique doors, and comfortable interior. It is a beautiful and elegant car that is a reminder of a previous era.

With the help of proper restoration, this remarkable historical automobile has managed to keep its original beauty and attractiveness despite the passage of time.

1965 Dodge D250 Crew Cab

Price: $10,000

The 1965 Dodge D250 Crew Cab is a vintage vehicle that has been upgraded with modern features. It has 5 lug wheels that improve its performance and adaptability. Powered by a robust 440 Mopar motor, this Dodge offers an exhilarating driving experience. Its automatic transmission ensures smooth gear shifts and effortless control.

Likewise, its automatic gearbox guarantees easy operation and smooth gear changes. One of this antique beauty’s most notable qualities is its robust cab, which explains its lifespan and durability.

The vehicle offers a nice fleetside bed providing adequate room for goods transportation. The 1965 Dodge D250 Crew Cab is a fantastic vehicle that gives old charm with modern modifications, making it an excellent choice for classic truck lovers.

1951 Pontiac Wagon

Price: $3,000

This beautiful car is a true gem for vintage cars that have been restored with a lot of hard-to-find parts since it has mounts made for a Chevy 350 engine, giving the ability to release even more power and performance on the road.

The car has some rust damage, which adds to its authenticity and allows you to restore it to its former glory. Nonetheless, with its excellent combination of uniqueness, construction, and assurance, the 1951 Pontiac Wagon is the most reasonable pick for both collectors and enthusiasts.

Final Words

Hence, “Iron Resurrection” Cars Sales offers a wide range of impressive models at competitive prices, serving the distinct interests of automobile lovers by offering a wide choice of spectacular cars. The costs are reasonable, considering the great value and expertise that goes into each vehicle.

If you are a collector, a car enthusiast, or simply someone who is mesmerized by the beauty of a well-designed automobile, “Iron Resurrection” Cars Sales is the best place to find your dream car.

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