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Jordan Belfort Net worth: How rich is the real wolf of Wall Street. 2022

You have probably heard of The Wolf of Wall Street. If not, then you are probably living under a rock. However, all hope isn’t lost for you yet. Get to dive right into the man behind the successful Box Office Hit and have a look at Jordan Belfort’s personal life. This includes Jordan Belfort’s current net worth, sources of income, businesses, wiki-bio and much more.

Who is Jordan Belfort?

Jordan Belfort one of America’s successful businessmen, motivational speaker, and a great author. He is also a former stockbroker that landed him 22 months in jail. He was found guilty of fraud and stock market manipulation duping several investors of their hard earned investments.

During his time in incarceration, he wrote and published his own two memoirs. These were bought and later came to be adapted as the movie The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort Net worth 2018: $100 Million.

Belfort is every businessman’s inspiration. Minus the embezzlement which he has paid for dearly, and you have an entrepreneur-oriented in profit generating methods. Jordan Belfort has a current estimated net worth of $100 million mostly from his businesses and investments.

He sold the rights to the adaptation of the book which amounts to a tune of $1.045 million according to Red Granite Productions. Other sources include touring the world as a motivational speaker on different topics including business-related niches.

While Jordan Belfort may be boasting of large net worth, he also boasts of a high debt to pay. The court ordered him to pay over $110 million to the 1500 investors he duped.

So far he has managed to pay only $13 million. He pays a monthly tune of $4000 to $5000. Based on these calculations, it’s probably going to take him over a century to repay all his investors.

House, cars, yacht, properties

Now that you know about Jordan Belfort Net Worth let’s see his luxury house and fast rides.

The entrepreneur currently lives with his girlfriend and fiancé Anna Koppe in California where he has his business set up. Before that, he was rumored to be living in a rented house in Brisbane Australia. The rumors were, however, finally laid to rest as he was only there for motivational appearances.

Jordan Belfort House, cars, yacht, properties

On the other hand, some of his property was seized and sold off to pay off his debts. These include his old Brookville home sold for around $3.4 million with the proceeds going straight to the debtors.

He even bought a yacht previously owned by Coco Channel and named it Nadine. The luxury boat now lies at the bottom of East Coast Ocean in Sardinia deep waters. This comes after failing to heed his captain’s warnings against sailing off during high winds. The boat was named Nadine.

He also owns the private helicopter-which he crashed, a jet, and a white Ferrari that he bought with his first Wall Street Bonus.

His current business

The Wolf of Wall Street Writer is currently engrossed in his work at Global Motivation Inc. He offers testimonials and promotes his seminars too. He uses his experience to persuade people through home-based study courses to help them reach their potential and become as successful as he is.

His fee per seminar goes for around $80,000. Back in 2014, his fee ranged from $30,000 to $75,000 depending on some factors. Some of them being distance, type of audience and much more. Since he is continuously working, we can assume Jordan Belfort Net Worth is going to increase pretty soon.


Name Jordan Belfort
Age 55
Profession Author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker
Spouse Engaged to Anne Koppe
Kids 2
Birthdate July 9th, 1962
Convictions  Money laundering, securities fraud
Net worth $100 million

 He was born on July 9th, 1962 to his parents Leah and Max Belfort who were both accountants. Raised in Bayside, Queens Jordan was a quick learner. His money making ways began in his early teenage years. He opted out of having a career in dentistry and ventured into sales by selling seafood and meat.

Business was not booming as such, and he decided to venture into a brokerage firm. He later started his own company called the Stratton Oakman that dealt with penny stockbroking. However, this was soon shut down after he embezzled investors out of their money.

Jordan Belfort

The entrepreneur was married to Denise Lombardo but got divorced in 1991. He later found love with Nadine Caridi and married her in 1991. They got two children together before they got divorced owing to Jordan’s abusive and drug abuse. Jordan Belfort is currently engaged to Anne Koppe.


Jordan Belfort is currently working to pay off his debt after spending 22 months in federal prison. He has changed his ways and is working on establishing his net worth using legal channels.

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