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Anne Koppe: Everything about Jordan Belfort Fiancé.

Anne Koppe Jordan Belfort Fiancé wiki bio net worth age

Box Office movies are always subject to critics. Its success is dependent on several factors, from the cast down to the cheesy scripts written by their scriptwriters and movie directors.

A Box Office hit that took everyone by storm is The Wolf of Wall Street. Not many know that the movie is an adaptation based on the memoirs written by American author Jordan Belfort.

However, we take away the focus from the already established author and look at his fiancé, Anne Koppe.

Who is Anne Koppe?

Many words can be used to describe her, including a mother, fierce fiancé, supportive, businesswoman, and much more.

Anne Koppe got recognition when she got involved with The Wolf of Wall Street’s author, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker, Jordan Belfort.

Life as Jordan Belfort’s Fiancé

Their relationship has been pretty exciting and has lasted for over a decade. It has had its trials and challenges just like any other, with the couple emerging more vital than ever. Never had she thought she’d fall in love with an ex-con but almost instantly fell for him when they met?

Anne Koppe Everything about Jordan Belfort Fiancé.
Caption:- Belfort and his partner

The couple met in 2008 and grew stronger with each passing year. They live together in their house in California. After his life in prison, Jordan described himself as lucky to have her in an interview.

“I made a mistake and I surrounded myself with the wrong people and one of the wonderful things about Anne is that she is very, very careful who we associate with.”

Adding on, he describes who she is in detail.

“She’s very ethical. When I met her I already was, but it’s just good to have somebody who’s so vigilant about this sort of stuff, about only associating with really wonderful people.”

Jordan Belfort’s Past Married Life.

Nothing much is known about Anne Koppe’s previous relationship and partner. But about out “Wolf of Wallstreet,” he had been married twice before starting the relationship with Anne.

Jordan Belfort’s first married life was with former wife Denise Lombardo from 1985 to 1991.

After divorcing Denise, Jordan Belfort married another woman named Nadine Caridi in 1991, and their married life lasted for about four years till they divorced in 2005.

Anne Koppe’s Net Worth and salary

Anne Koppe’s net worth and salary are unknown. She lives a private life and doesn’t want anyone meddling in her life. However, she is a businesswoman and follows in her husband’s accomplishments.

She helps him run his own private business, where he trains young business people. The firm is located in Hermosa Beach, California.

Jordan, on the other hand, has a net worth of $100 million, mainly achieved from his businesses. She also travels with him for his motivational speeches throughout the continents, including Australia.

Anne Koppe has a son named Bowen Boullianne from her previous relationship.

The entrepreneur is the mother of a son named Bowen Boullianne. Business runs in the family as the young man also plans to venture into the corporate world.

He pursued his Bachelor’s degree at Bond University after graduating from El Segundo High School in California. He is close with his step-dad as he helped him move into an apartment off-campus in Gold Coast.

On family and kids, Jordan has two kids named Chandler and Carter Belfort from his previous relationship with his former wife, Nadine Caridi.

The former couple divorced in 2005 after their marriage in 1991 owing to Jordan’s abusive nature and excessive drug use. Before that, he was married to Denise Lombardo in 1985 but broke up with her in 1991 after an affair with Nadine.


Name Anne Koppe
Age 52
Profession Businesswoman
Spouse Engaged to Jordan Belfort
Kids Bowen Boullianne
Birthdate Not disclosed
Birth Place Unknown
Net worth Not disclosed
Parents Bruce and Helen Koppe

Jordan Belfort’s fiancé was forced to defend the ‘wolf and her pack’ sometime in 2015 when her husband received hate for his crimes. She took to Facebook on a heated rant on October 2, 2015, to air her grievances following her mistreatment at Club Boutique in Australia.

She demanded the manager’s head be bashed in for holding her husband’s crimes against her. Jordan was sentenced to 22 months in prison between 2004 and 2006, having swindled innocent investors out of their money over two decades ago.


Details about Anne Koppe’s wedding to Jordan Belfort are yet to be announced. Even if they did, it is doubtful they would publicize it. The couple lives a low-key life and prefers all of it stays away from public scrutiny.

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