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Chandler Belfort: Wiki-bio, Age, Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know About Jordan Belfort’s Daughter. 2022

Facts about Jordan Belfort's daughter Chandler Belfort

When the name Belfort pops up, every one fast track to the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s a three-hour drag on a group of swindlers who conned a group of investors on their hard earned money through a stock brokerage firm. Many at times the focus has been on the convicted felons and sometimes even on the lives they ruined. Never seen before have they ever talked about their kids and what they went through. Here’s everything you need to know about Chandler Belfort, Jordan Belfort’s daughter.

Chandler Belfort is a Daughter of Real Life Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort and His Ex-Wife Nadine Caridi.

To get to know someone, you ought to start from the beginning, know their roots first then build up on that. The Belfort is not that huge of a family when it comes to the individuals but has made quite an impact in the stock market world as well as in the world of entertainment.

Chandler is the only daughter to stockbroker kingpin Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi. She is also the sister to her younger brother Charter. The youngster is also the granddaughter to Max and Leah from her father’s side of the family. Nadine’s parents are still in the wind. Not much is known about them.

Chandler Belfort with her family

Chandler Belfort’s Parents Divorced while she was still young.

To simply answer this question, it’s a yes, no, maybe and even sometimes. When she was younger, Chandler Belfort witnessed the woes her mother underwent with her father Jordan Belfort and his new found fortune. He was so abusive that it got to the point she filed for a divorce and separated from him. She took her kids and started a new life.

The moment of truth came when she was all grown up and had to choose a career path for herself. Was she going to take the same road as her father and become a renowned business lady in the corporate world? Before we answer that, here’s what her brother Charter chose.

Carter Belfort and Nadine Belfort

Recently in 2015, the young wold decided on venturing into stock brokering as his dad. We do not know why Carter chose this path, but we just hope he doesn’t end up like his father behind bars.

The youngest of the Belfort family broke away from the nest while living with her mother in Los Angeles and got his place at Gold Coast lair. His father even helped him move into the place. Guess the common phrase Like father like son applies here.

Chandler Belfort with Carter Belfort

Chandler’s career path.

Unlike her mother who was a famous model and her father- he doesn’t need an introduction at this point. The girl chose her unique career path never seen before in her family. What prompted this choice is hers alone to bear. We can only cover it when the story gets juicy.

She went for medicine. To be specific, she majored in Psychology, mental health, and counseling.

Chandler Belfort is a certified Academic.

Making the most out of her father’s fraudulent finances, she used the money to further her academic background. Although not much is known as to where she got her high school education, her college is no secret.

The young wolf enrolled at Muhlenberg college located in Allentown, Pennsylvania Area in 2012. Four years hitting the books certainly paid off when she graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Moreover, that wasn’t the end for her. Focused and sort of a bookworm, she went ahead to further her study at New York University where Chandler is currently studying for her Masters in Mental Health and Counseling.

Following closely behind her but on a different field, her brother is also undertaking a Bachelor’s degree at Bond University.


Even though the current president is persistent in building up a wall to separate the USA from Mexico, it’s not going to stop them from connecting with the culture. Among the many studies that Chandler Belfort undertook during her studies in Muhlenberg college, was a Spanish Class. She has definitely been certified in counseling while fluent in the speaking the dialect.

Jordan Belfort’s Daughter Chandler Belfort is Hardworking, independent and makes her own green

According to the information we also swindled off her linked in, she got a part-time job working as a research assistant. This was at The Social Cognition and Imagination Lab at Pace University. She served her time in 2015 for three months before switched up to Greater New York City Area.

Currently, she also works as a research assistant at New York State Psychiatric Institute where she helps out on mental related issues. Deeply rooted and loving her job, she has been there for over a year since 2017.


Chandler Belfort has proven that she can still be as successful as her father without having to use dubious means. Very little is known about Jordan Belfort’s daughter so far. We certainly hope more facts about her will be revealed as she grows up to become a renowned psychologist.

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