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Jordan Belfort’s First Wife Denise Lombardo: Where is she now and what is she doing?

Denise Lombardo is a household name for the fans and followers of celebrity Jordan Belfort. Jordan is a renowned American author, a successful stockbroker, and a highly sought-after motivational speaker who at one time spent nearly 22 months behind bars.

Denise Lombardo was once married to Jordan Belfort, and even though they are no longer together, many people, including you, are still interested to know more about her.

Here Is a Look at Seven Facts about Jordan Belfort’s First Wife, Denise Lombardo

  1. Her Birth Details; She Was Born And Raised In Ohio.

Although there are no fine details (well, any reliable fine details) about her exact birth date, it is known that Denise Lombardo was born on November 11, 1963. It is also known that she was born and raised in Ohio.

  1. She has attended Townson university.

Denise Lombardo

After her high school education, Denise Lombardo was enrolled at Townson University, where she pursued and graduated in Business Administration in 1987. She later pursued a bachelor of science and graduated with a degree in 1992.

  1. Her Employment History

After her graduation in 1992, Denise joined the modern medical systems from 1993-2000. She worked in the company’s sales department for around seven years. Later in 2006, she started working with the Smith and Nephew Company. Here, she stayed for close to two years before moving to the Home Depot Company.

  1. Jordan Belfort’s First Wife Denise Lombardo Is A Licensed Realtor

Several years into employment, Denise earned a real estate license under her name, and using this certification, she tried running a real estate company known as Prudential Douglas Elliman in 2000.

  1. She is the First Wife of Jordan Belfort

Despite having a professional career that was quite successful, Denise’s relationships have taken the opposite path. As earlier mentioned, she was once married to Jordan Belfort. The two got married in 1985, but the marriage did not live to see 1992. Her ex-husband Jordan was already having an affair with Nadine Caridi while still married to Denise.

  1. After Jordan Belfort, She Got Married Again!

I bet you did not know this too. Well, that’s how you know you are at the right place. After calling it quits with the first husband, Denise tried her luck again. This time she tied the knot with Mlady.

As we compile this article, we can say no signs of the second marriage going wrong. Well, this is our prayer, and we certainly wish Denise and Mlady a lovely marriage.

Jordan also got married to his second wife, Nadine Caridi, with whom they are also divorced now, and he has re-married again.

  1. Denise Got Married To Jordan When He Was Still Trying To Make In Life

As already mentioned, Jordan is an affluent stock market businessman. However, when he and Denise were getting to know each other, he struggled to establish himself in the industry. Eventually, he did become successful, and Denise always appeared like she was hiding in his shadow.

This is probably one of Denise’s reasons for keeping life about her and the second husband away from the limelight. Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife Denise is not on any social media platforms.

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