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Jay Paul Molinere Net Worth, Wife, Married, Girlfriend, Age, Wiki-Bio

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Image of Jay Paul Molinere of Swamp People Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio

It takes a particular set of skills and bravery to hunt and battle alligators as a career, and Jay Paul Molinere of Swamp People is no stranger to it. If you’re a die-hard fan of the show, you may have noticed that he is inseparable from his father, R.J Molinere, and now crews the boat.

However, that’s not all he is capable of. You’ll get to know more about his career, net worth, age, and Wiki-bio right here, and just to arouse your curiosity, did you know he is a two-time Golden Gloves Boxing Champion? Know if Jay Paul Molinere is married to his wife or still dating girlfriend Ashleigh Price.

Jay Paul Molinere’s net worth, Salary.

The History Channel has contributed a lot in placing Jay Paul Molinere’s net worth at $1.5 million. His appearances on the reality television series ensure he earns a salary cap of $100,000.

Moreover, since he has been a regular since the show’s second season, he is valued as a top price cast member.

Other sources that we hinted at included his boxing career and a little bit of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting. The Championships, tournaments, and events he won while boxing and MMA fighting had a price that contributed much to Jay Paul Molinere’s net worth.

The reality star also supplements his fortune from other hunts when it’s gator offseason. These include turtles, raccoons, shrimp, crabs, and crawfish. Not to forget the gator meat which is priced these days highly at restaurants with demand.

Jay Paul Molinere Career Info.

Jay learned everything he knew from his old man, R.J Molinere. He’s the one that introduced him to Boxing at the age of 6. Moreover, R.J went a little further to put him under the tutorage of his uncle, Elsie. The training paid off as he became a regional boxing champion and a two-time Golden Gloves Boxing Champion.

Image of Two times boxing champion, Jay Paul Molinere

Two times boxing champion, Jay Paul Molinere

The reality star also tinkered a bit with MMA fighting and became victorious. His dad, a former arm wrestler, happened to be friends with Troy Landry, one of the hunters on the show who introduced him to the show.

Jay Paul Molinere joined Swamp People alongside his dad and partnered up with him on the second season up to date. The father-son duo embrace old Native American hunting skills passed down from generation to generation.

Image of Jay Paul Molinere from Swamp People show

Jay Paul Molinere from Swamp People show

Jay Paul Molinere is Not Married To his Wife but Dating a Long Time Girlfriend, Ashleigh Price, and they Have Kids Together.

The buffed-up reality star always comes home to his girlfriend after a long day of hunting. His life is an open book with his girlfriend, Ashleigh Price, on the center stage. You can find her on her Facebook profile, where she shares lovely family photos.

Image of Jay Paul Molinere with his girlfriend Ashley Price and with their kids

Jay Paul Molinere with his girlfriend Ashleigh Price and with their kids

The couple is the parents of three beautiful kids. Jaydin, their firstborn son, has always been curious about boats and will undoubtedly take after his father. Their second born was a daughter named A’niyah Nikole, and their last born came into the world sometime between June and July last year.

Jay Paul Molinere and girlfriend Ashleigh Price’s relationship has always been perfect as portrayed through their family photos. We don’t know how long it’s lasted or if it’s ever going to lead to marriage, but one thing holds. They were destined for each other.

Swamp People Jay Paul Molinere Arrested?

Remember when we said that the Molineres were inseparable? Both Jay Paul Molinere and his father R.J were arrested after a physical altercation with the owner of a local convenience store back in August 2015. Reports suggested that the brawl occurred at Roland’s Mini Mart sometime in the evening.

The victim suffered a contusion, a broken jaw, and a black eye after he was hit in the head with a bottle. Sadly, we’ll never know the causal agent of the fight or who was at fault. However, the suspects were released on bond after their lawyers intervened.

Jay Paul Molinere, Parents, Family, Siblings, Wiki-bio, Facts.

Full name Jay Paul Molinere
Age 34
Date of Birth August 20th, 1988
Place of Birth Grand Bois, Louisiana,
Profession Reality TV star, Gator hunter, Boxer, MMA fighter
Net worth $1.5 million
Girlfriend Ashley Price
Kids 3
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Leo

R.J’s son was born Roland III Molinere on August 20th, 1988 in Grand Bois, Louisiana. His mother, Stacy Molinere works as a nurse practitioner as well as his sisters. Other sources indicate that he is the only child, but we came by this info via a Tweet he uploaded.

The father of three, Jay Paul Molinere is currently 30 years of age and enjoying his mid-life. He went to South Terrebonne High School and later the Fletcher Technical Community College to pursue a degree in Anesthesiology. However, he never completed it.

Paul’s childhood is also marked by a near-death experience when he fell off a jet ski and fractured his skull. The young lad went into a coma for three days but recovered fully from the ordeal to become a professional boxer turned reality star.


Jay Paul Molinere’s career has been filled with so much promise. From Boxing Championships to reality television – it’s no wonder his net worth is higher than his dad’s at the age of 30.

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