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Tommy Chauvin Net Worth, Married, Wife, Wiki-Bio, Age 2022

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Tommy Chauvin is an alligator hunter who has starred in the History channel series Swamp People with his stepfather Joe LaFont. Tommie has always treated Joe like his biological father.

The man was raised in a family of alligator hunters, born in Louisiana. He grew up learning the ropes of the trade and because extremely familiar with the swamp animals from his early years.

Tommy from “Swamp People” learned a lot from the family members already in the business. To him, hunting alligators was like a sport. Tommy Chauvin and Joe featured in season 2 in two different boats.

They made up after some days and co-hunted on the same boat. Tommy hunted alone in season 3 due to Joe’s back problem. He then continued to shine, attracting attention for himself and his family. Take a look at Tommy Chauvin’s Net Worth. More about his Married life and wife in wiki type bio.

Image of Tommy Chauvin with his stepfather Joe LaFont

Tommy Chauvin with his stepfather Joe LaFont

Short bio.

Hunting is a dangerous career, but Tommy has chosen not to have any fear about what he does. He has been an aggressive and fearless youngster who was full of energy from a young age preparing him for such a robust gator hunting career.

Who is Tommy Chauvin from “Swamp People”?

Swamp People’s history has brought many of its members to the limelight due to the high ratings and viewership. The series featured hunting stars such as Tommy Chauvin, amongst other famous gators such as Junior Edwards, Theresa Edwards, Randy Edwards, Willie Edwards, Jacob Landry, and Jay Paul.

The show regularly aired on Sunday nights, 10 pm American time, from 2010. The second season moved from Sunday night to Thursday night. During this season, it received record viewership, and its ratings soared. 

Image of Tommy Chauvin from Swamp People show

Tommy Chauvin from Swamp People show

It stayed in the same slot in its fourth season but was later moved to the 10 pm slot to give space to a new show, Pawn Stars. Season 6 ran for five months. However, in April 2016 Producer of “Swamp People” announced 8th season of the series had been ordered. 

Tommy Chauvin from “Swamp People” took over his family’s business and pushed it to the next level when he signed with the History channel Swamp People series. He put his best and rose to fame by starring in the series. He appeared as the lead cast member during one of the seasons.

Tommy Chauvin’s astronomical rise to fame was due to his impressive work of starring on this history channel. He built a fan base around him due to the energy and rush he brought to the show. This endeared the young audience to the show.

He has a breathtaking physique which also grabbed the eyes of the media and his fans. The girls could not fail to watch Swamp People catch a glimpse of Tommy Chauvin’s looks on the screens.

Tommy Chauvin married to a wife?

His fans and people are known to his professional life are always eager to know what happens behind the camera for Tommy Chauvin. Let us have a look at his life after the cameras.

Image of Tommy Chauvin married to wife Sarah Namer

Tommy Chauvin married to wife Sarah Namer

Tommy Chauvin’s wife is Sarah Namer. Unlike many celebrities, this couple is quite secretive about their dating and marriage life. Their marriage is a happy one. There are no details about any children.

Tommy Chauvin’s net worth.

The star is a passionate and energetic alligator hunter who follows his family’s legacy. Tommy Chauvin’s net worth is $300,000. His income is mainly drawn from his earnings gained from starring on the show, Swamp People.

Image of Swamp People cast Tommy Chauvin net worth is $300,000

Swamp People cast Tommy Chauvin net worth as $300,000

He also earns from his other hunting businesses besides reality television. Louisiana is known to produce some of the greatest hunters.

Tommy Chauvin Age, Wiki-bio, Parents, Family.

The American alligator hunter was born in Louisiana, United States. He is of the white American ethnicity. Tommy Chauvin is five feet and nine inches tall, which gives him a physique suitable for hunting alligators.

Image of Tommy Chauvin height is 5 feet 9 inches

Tommy Chauvin’s height is 5 feet 9 inches.

The parents divorced, with his mother remarrying Joe LaFont. Tommy Chauvin is very close to his stepfather, who he has co-hunted with on some Swamp People seasons.

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