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Dave and Jenny Marrs Traveling with Whole Family; Fans concerned if the Show is Canceled

In a recent Post by Jenny Marrs where we can see Dave and Jenny Marrs’ whole family at the airport going somewhere. Most of the time, Dave and Jenny Marrs moved to a different location for work, keeping children at work. So, what’s different this time is they are movie with the whole family’ which kept some fans wondering if the Marrs family is changing their location permanently, which could mean one thing among many; the end of the show.

So, there were many fans asking questions about the update on the post; one fan wrote;

“I have seen Jenny and Dave travel often for work purpose several times, but the whole family this time; I’m worried if the show is ending and they are moving to a different location, I really love this show, I hope they are bringing more episodes soon”

Another avid fan of the show who actually had been following the Marrs couple actually knew what was happening and answered the above fan, he answered,

“No, They aren’t moving anywhere permanently, they are actually taking the whole family as they will be staying there for quite a while as they are working on a new project”

And yes, that’s true, Dave and Jenny Marrs aren’t moving anywhere permanently, they are actually bringing something new, and that’s why the whole family are moving for travel and work propose, read below for more details

Jenny and Dave Marrs, the beloved hosts of HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous,” have always had a deep passion for travel, and now they are instilling that same wanderlust in their children.

Recently, in early June 2023, the Marrs couple thrilled their fans by announcing that HGTV had given the green light to their new spinoff mini-series called “Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano.”

This exciting venture will follow the Marrses as they undertake the renovation of a charming centuries-old villa located in the enchanting town of Greve in Chianti, Italy. Fans can anticipate doubling the excitement as both “Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano” and the upcoming season of the flagship show are scheduled to premiere sometime in 2024.

Keeping their fans updated on their adventures, the Marrs family took to Instagram on June 30 to share their latest journey. Hailing from Bentonville, Arkansas, the Marrses revealed that they were once again embarking on a trip to Italy to continue their work on the villa for their spinoff series.

This time, they were accompanied by their delightful brood of children, including their twin sons Ben and Nathan, who are now 13 years old, daughters Sylvie, aged 11, and Charlotte, aged 9, as well as their youngest son, Luke, who is 4 years old.

Together, the Marrs family is embracing this incredible opportunity to explore and restore a piece of Italian history while creating lasting memories in the picturesque surroundings.

“We’re headed back over the sea! ‚We will spend our summer continuing the work on the renovation in Italy,”

Jenny wrote in her post’s caption.

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs and their American Flag trademark

Dave and Jenny Marrs and their American Flag trademark

Jenny & Dave Marrs Are Vacationing in England

Before they touch down in Italy, Jenny confirmed that the family is planning to spend some quality time together elsewhere in Europe.

“There is still much work to be done, BUT FIRST, we will rest. We had a crazy few weeks leading up to this trip and I’m more than ready for a respite,” Jenny wrote, “And, you guys!! We are going to England!!!! London and the Cotswolds!!! My bucket list locations.

I commit to use an obnoxious British accent the whole time and to over share alllllll the photos in my stories. This very well may be a Griswold-style-epic-adventure and I’m here for it!!”

Fans flooded Jenny’s comment section with suggestions for family activities while they are in England.

“In London visit the Tower of London but be sure to take the Beefeater tour. Don’t miss it! Also the food in cafeteria there is good,” one user wrote.

“I love the Cotswolds! So beautiful! Be sure to go to Stonehenge! Try and get inner circle tickets! Have a great time!” another fan chimed in.

“Have an amazing time in the UK üá¨üáß make sure you get to see the sights. The Cotswolds are still one of my favourite areas here. You’ll love it & you’ll get some real English tea. Have a cream tea whilst you’re here too,” a third user added.

Fans Spot Dave Marrs Lookalike in Jenny Marrs’ Recent Post

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs with their kids in their antique farm house

Dave and Jenny Marrs with their kids in their antique farm house

Before embarking on their European adventure, the Marrses, accompanied by their trusty “Fixer to Fabulous” crew, successfully completed renovations on two houses.

Jenny took to Instagram on June 28, sharing a selfie featuring herself, Dave, and the camera crew standing proudly in front of a beautifully transformed home. The finishing touch was an American flag gracefully hung by the door, a symbol of their achievement.

Jenny’s caption playfully hinted at the significance of the moment, teasing their followers with the question, “Who knows what that means?”

“The House is ready for their owners to see all finished The Flag is the move in ready ” one fan wrote in the comments, while other users were pre-occupied with another detail in the selfie.

“Why does the guy behind Jenny look exactly like Dave? Lol” one user wrote.jenny

“The guy behind Jenny could be almost a twin for Dave” another user added.

While some followers speculated whether or not this Dave Marrs lookalike could be his brother, Jenny tagged his profile, sharing that he is their crew member, Sam, who has been working on “Fixer to Fabulous” for years now.

Marrs Family Gives Update on Day 1 of London Trip

As soon as they reached London and made a trip around the city, Marrs family revealed that they like everything about the place, Jenny Wrote,

London: Day One. We arrived early this morning and checked our luggage in at a dry cleaners (since we couldn’t check into our Airbnb until late afternoon). I was mildly concerned about leaving our stuff at a dry cleaners but it seemed legit (it was). We have one missing bag that didn’t make it on the plane from Atlanta. Some kiddos had tummy aches and some were mildly cranky from the long travel day here. We walked and walked and walked. It’s 8 pm and the kids are all sound asleep.

That’s just the reality of international travel with kiddos. But? The other side of the hard coin is that every single moment was worth it. We explored a beautiful new city and fell in love at every turn with the gorgeous architecture and the adorable red phone booths and the corner flower stands. The people are incredibly kind. The city is breathtaking and we laughed so, so much today. It was truly a great day. ♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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